My Internship

Here I am at work!

Just kidding!
 I work for the Vietnam Women’s Union, which was established in 1930 and has 13 million members nation-wide from the central to communal levels.  It’s hard to get a real handle on the exact history of the VWU with all the political turmoil and whatnot, but I believe it began as an independent organization, and evolved into a quasi-governmental agency.  It’s such a long-standing organization that VWU frequently consults on government projects and is allowed to witness certain government procedures and sometimes participate in them.  It is largely funded by the Vietnamese government, but also but some international organizations. 
My fellow InDev student Lindsay and I work in the Law and Policy department, where so far we’ve developed a 5-year implementation plan for awareness-raising activities according to Vietnam’s ‘National Action Plan’, which is anti-human trafficking legislation, as well as begun teaching English to our co-workers.  We have separate projects as well: I’ve just finished the first stage in researching and reporting on mainstreaming gender equality into constitutional law.  Vietnam is reviewing it’s constitution, so Law and Policy is working overtime!  It has been a very busy 2 weeks.

The main building at work. The whole place is a complex of buildings just off a busy street- I actually have no idea how big the whole thing is.

The Law and Policy Department Building. Yes, we have a balcony.

Like Animals

I don’t just want sex, I want passion,
Your hands tangled in my hair,
Heavy breathing and sweaty skin.
I want your nails digging in my back
And your teeth sinking deep into my thighs.
I want you to lose control when you take me.
I want us to stumble over furniture as we try
But fail, to make our way to the bedroom.
I want a trail of clothes left behind us,
Leading to the spot where we finally give in
Devouring one another as if we are starving.

Xin Chào từ Việt Nam!

We made it!  After one brutal flight and one pleasant one we finally landed in Hà nọi.  The city is beautiful, definitely unlike anything I’ve seen, and somewhat spastic in terms of architecture, urban planning and traffic routes.  

We’re staying in a hotel at the end of an alley near Ho Chi Minh’s Masoleum- although we haven’t been there yet.  The rooms are nice and about $10 a night when it’s two to a room, I believe.  We’ve wandered a bit about the neighbourhood, led by our other Indevours who were already settled in the hotel.  

The food is amazing- although I can’t even say what any of it is called.  Lots of noodles, fish, and for breakfast I had fried eggs on a delicious bun with coffee (super strong, iced and with condensed milk) AND a tea (had to try both).  Everything is super-cheap, by Canadian standards, including the beer at about 35 cents a glass, if my conversion is correct (questionable).  

The heat here is oppressive- at midday in the sun it’s kind of like being in a hot yoga room.  The humidity is really intense, but we take comfort in that summer has ended, and it will only get cooler from here. 

More updates to come!