indestructible factory

ladylibra66 replied to your videobbcamerica: It’s almost time… See you on…

I think that’s rather rude, to announce it a week b4 SDCC. It overshadows what will likely be the last con of those from s10. BBC, what rubbish & how dare you! 😞😞

I love the BBC. But they are rubbish at caring about the fans. The Doctor Who TV factory is indestructible. Nothing can stop it. We were always meant to find out who the next Doctor is… but this is too soon.

I have not stopped reeling from the amazing series 10. Us, fans, have hardly gotten any exit interviews or had conversations with the show runners on anything from what aired only a few weeks ago. Peter has only just gotten back to London. He’s described what filming in Cardiff every single day for months feels like. It takes him some time to get out of the haze of TV making bubble. The entire DW series 10 cast is prepping to visit us at SDCC.

Then this news drops and it feel like I have been stung by a wasp. Why couldn’t they wait ONE more week? One more week and they could have conquered the cosmos for all I care.