“ you see the depths of my heart and you love me the same " 

chris tomlin / indescribable 


traditional mixed media; acrylic gouache / white india ink 

made while experimenting with techniques for a media analogue assignment. i’ve always loved this quote from Chris Tomlin’s "Indescribable”.

it always shocks and amazes me when i think how God can see the depths of my heart, and still love me unconditionally . just thinking about how he is a holy God and cannot stand sin, but still loves me and and loves me as MUCH as he does .. is just something that always catches me off guard no matter how much i think about it. 

…leaving me alone on that hard, cold slab–my only companion a young student nurse who had been ordered to hold on to my dick for dear life. She was obviously terrified, poor thing, for each time the nerves in her fingers twitched, I would cry out as the jagged wire sent a fresh spasm of pain through me. I slowly moved my head to one side to catch a glimpse of her. Behind her mask she looked really delectable–Oh God! Chris! Don’t even think it! If you get excited now, you fool, you’ll pass out for good.
—  Christopher Plummer (on passing kidney stones in hospital with the aid of a special wire inserted in a special place - as a result he couldn’t go on as Henry V that night and his understudy William Shatner took over)