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Could you please ship me with vixx? I'm gentle, compassionate and wise. I love animals, I grew up on a farm so I have had a lot of exposure - especially horses. The feeling is indescribable when you are flying across endless fields with the wind flying through your hair. I'm courageous and bold when other people are afraid to act, but for the most part I'm really quiet, reserved, and introverted. I think a lot about life and love deep discussions on religion and philosophy.

In VIXX, I ship you with Lee Jae Hwan  :

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First off, Jae Hwan seems like a pretty open-minded guy in some ways and will like to venture out on all the things you love. Therefore, the two of you talking about religion and philosophy might be a touchy subject to some but with him it is not. He would allow you to go on with what you have to say fully indulging in your opinions and all that you know. A free spirited and free minded person is the best for him!! Prepare to have him whisk you away all throughout the day eating at different restaurants for breakfast lunch dinner and in between snacks. 

He can clearly see the love & passion you have for horseback riding and growing up on the farm! He will gladly accept you taking to him out on the farm and teaching him how to ride horses. Might take some time to teach him but maybe that’s because he wants to spend a lot more time with you doing something you love. 

What will be really sweet is how witty he will be with you always making you smile and cherishing every moment. Jae Hwan is a mood maker but in a great way! So you being bold will be compatible to how he is bold in a hilarious way. A lot of jokes will be exchanged between you two where it seems like an argument but it is more of play fighting. He will help you to have more fun and be  comfortable with him by always making you laugh and playing random games or dancing around. 

 And him writing you letters and poems practically every day especially when he is away on tours/promoting. From writing I love you to how he notices every sweet detail about you , he will write it down and send them to you! Plus he will show off about his amazing drawing skills as well!

I hope you like your ship! - Admin Banana 

Lost souls can always recognize each other — it’s as though the moment they meet, they attach themselves to one another in a kind of matrimony we’re incapable of understanding. An attachment that leads us on a quest to find ourselves, love ourselves, and accept ourselves. In many ways, love is unearthly and indescribable, and when it’s true, it passes each and every test in its path. Killian immediately saw the truth in Emma — he saw light and passion in her hidden behind the sadness in her eyes. And from that moment on, he fought to make sure she found a home.
|| OPEN ||

“No, don’t let go.”

There was only so much time left before he gave in to his indescribable desire
to cry, or struggled to fight it, and he was no longer able to speak. He therefore
had no time to beat around the bush regarding what he needed at that moment.
He squeezed his eyes shut, tightening his embrace around the other. 

Please, don’t let go.”

May 4th 2016 2:55 pm
open my mailbox to find a letter
a letter for me.
it smelt of love and hope,
hope id give you another chance
but little did you know, you never lost me.
through the hell you put me through.
every tear I cried was for lie you told.
and I had countless tears.
but fuck, do I love you.
I forced myself for a while to believe I didn’t.
but then I look at you, with the corky smile
I’ve grown to love
I love you the way the sun loved the moon,
a feeling that in indescribable.
and I miss you so much it hurts.
every bone in my body is breaking from the pain of fighting myself,
fighting myself from loving you.
scared of getting hurt again.
scared of losing you to someone else.
but I’m done.
I’m done running for happiness.
I want to smile until my cheeks hurt again.
I want to drive around for hours singing with cute love songs.
I want too feel your hands in mine, bc that’s when we made love.
I want too feel fireworks again.
I want to start over.
redo us all over again.
fall in love more and more with you every second I’m with you.
you are my future,
without you by my side I feel blind.
—  can’t breath this air without you here

Throwback Thursday: Sunbathing Goth, starring…me. Oh look, you can almost see my brain from this angle… Perfection. 

(Just to get rid of a few goth points, what I’m laying on is not a grave or anything, it’s just a random cross in the ground. The pic was taken in a mediaeval theme park and I have absolutely no idea why that cross ended up there.)

I’m trying to get into a mindset of continual positivity…to be honest things aren’t always as bad as they seem and things do inevitably get better // 📱🏃🏾✈️// (111/366) {Indescribable - Kierra Sheard}

#vscocam #757collective #shoottokill #mkexplore #shootermag #illgrammers #norfolkva #sevencities #maythefourthbewithyou (at Norfolk, Virginia)

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I was behind in school, there were papers to write and exams were coming up but still I was young; the grass was green and the air was heavy with the sound of bees and I had just come back from the brink of Death itself, back to the sun and air. Now I was free; and my life, which I had thought was lost, stretched out indescribably precious and sweet before me. (at Fuse Salon & Gallery)

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You Remember?

You Remember?

Do you remember? I remember.

The bitter sting of an adult’s hand

A punishment for a crime you had no concept of

You remember

The things that once were delicious somehow now taste wrong

Like a betrayal of what once was.

I remember


The wanting of wanting

The need to be a part of something

But never able to

Do you remember? Tears?

A sadness indescribable yet real


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Since last night, I have become utterly obsessed with Into The Wild. I watched the movie. I bought the book first thing this morning. And I haven’t been able to put it down. Today I was given the indescribable gift of being able to help someone in need. I literally had Into The Wild in my fucking hand and this woman was stranded in my city, where her friends left her, about an hour and a half outside of where she needed to be. I was able to get her an uber and send her on her way. I know in my heart that I was meant to be in that very spot at that very time, with a wide open heart. All because Alexander Supertramp inspired me, mind and soul.


5 months and hopefully many more to come. My love and the keeper of my heart, you are so important to me. Babe you’re so indescribable. Warm hugs in your arms, cute gestures, talking about anything and everything, and your beautiful smile imprinted in my mind. My cute, smart, sweet, nerdy, and just incredible love. I love you. (cp) 5/4/16

Red Water

The body was a mess: a battered, bloody mess. There was a lot of work to be done to get it ready for the funeral and Bones would not entrust the task to anyone else, even though he hadn’t been able to perform the autopsy on his best friend.

Jim’s torture by those blasted creatures had left an indescribable amount of wounds. M'Benga had had a difficult time pinpointing what actually killed him, there was so much damage. The bleeding in the brain from the blows to the head had probably done the job, combined with the massive blood loss everywhere else. Bones had nearly thrown up when they’d returned with the brutalized dead captain and barely conscious first officer.
Now he stood in silence over Jim’s corpse, preparing to do one last service for his friend.

He sighed heavily and began to wash Jim’s face, talking to him as he worked. “I’m sick that we didn’t get to you in time, Jim. One half hour too late. That blasted stronghold/dungeon thing was a nightmare to get into, Sulu said. You held out much longer than I would’ve with all those injuries.”

He stared bleakly at the permanently closed eyes that had once flashed with triumph and the firm, stubborn jaw, before he went down the captain’s neck and started on the shoulders, painstakingly wiping away every speck of dirt and blood. There were noticeable whip marks here. They’d soon be covered by the uniform Jim would be buried in, so they hadn’t been too picky with the regenerators.

The doctor’s heart ached, imagining how much pain Jim must have been in in his final moments. He must have felt relief when he felt himself slipping away, out of the agony from the broken ribs, punctured lung, cracked skull, and severe lacerations.

The grief threatened to swallow Leonard up, but he gritted his teeth and continued down Jim’s arms. “Even a cat runs out of lives eventually. Not even James T. Kirk could escape death in the long run. It’s finally caught up with you, and I can’t bring you back this time.” He ended on almost a sob, picking up Jim’s limp hand. The knuckles were scabbed and bloody from the fight he’d put up when he was captured.

“Such a fighter, you were,” he muttered, cleaning each finger carefully. “Always coming in with a broken jaw or hand cause you couldn’t keep your trap shut or your hands to yourself. Jim Kirk against the world: that was your motto.”

He cleaned the other arm in silence, remembering the way Jim used to use his hands to express himself, gesticulating wildly to make a point. He’d often thrown them up in despair when Bones got into it with Spock. “I can’t deal with you guys anymore!” He’d declared once in frustration.

Leonard sighed as he peeled the plastic shroud back to work on the chest, which was lined with red-brown streaks and smears from the numerous wounds that been closed up earlier. Jim had kept up his strength training and it showed in the defined muscles. But who cared now?

When Bones dipped the cloth in the water again, it had turned a sickening red. His stomach churned at the sight, but he worked patiently away until his sad job was finished and he was satisfied that the late James T. Kirk was presentable for his own funeral. If a tear or two fell on to his deceased friend, well, no one would ever know. “Dammit, Jim!” He sniffled, setting down his bucket and cloth, staring at the remains of his captain, “Why couldn’t I have been there sooner?” His anguished question went unanswered.

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Not trying to say it's as bad but I have OCD and I am doing my compulsions probably 75-85% of the time I'm "drawing" and even when I actually am drawing I am usually still experiencing the stress from not doing my compulsions. It's indescribably tough for me so I'm sure it's hard to imagine for most people how bad it can be for someone with a tremor.

That sounds really frustrating on a whole other level, honestly! I’m sorry you have to deal with that. My tremor really isn’t that bad, there’s good days and bad days, but when it comes to precise things or movements it shows, and so it hits hard when drawing. Hi-res canvas and stabilizers are my best friends lol. Sadly I’m cursed with having to stick to thick line art though.

The Vatican museums were beyond words. The Sistine Chapel—indescribable. St. Peter’s Basilica—overwhelming. What an amazing day to finish up our time in Rome. Tomorrow, we journey to Tuscany! (at Vatican Museums - Musei Vaticani)

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Opinion: The Regional Dimensions of the Destruction in Aleppo

Opinion: The Regional Dimensions of the Destruction in Aleppo

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The humanitarian tragedy in Aleppo is indescribable and represents the height of the Syrian ordeal. Not challenging the aggressors will give them a carte blanche to do what they like in our region. Aleppo will whet the appetite of Iran and its allies for limitless aggression, and this is the outcome of regional and international failure.

The aggressors will succeed in destroying what is left…

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