you are chaos, you are indescribable, inconceivable. you are half-blood, existing on the fringes of the magical hierarchy, not pure, not filth. they poke at you and prod at you, try to suppress you, force the magic out of you, find the darkness within. you resist their ministrations. before your blood, before your beliefs, before your name, you are have the legacy of a thousand wizards running through your veins.

now you are protected, living out the last vestiges of childhood. soon, you will have to make a choice. soon, you will be ripped away from everything you know.

welcome to the gaunt institute.

(an au marauders era roleplay)


2.11.16 - 11:56pm

I should probably go to sleep but I miss you way too much so I’m gonna do a little word vomiting first.

I definitely low key got my hopes up about you visiting (which I told myself not to do, seeing as it was 99% not happening) but mostly I’ve just been day dreaming about the airport again. While I love every second of being with you, meeting up at the airport will always hold a special place in my heart: seeing you in person for the first time was indescribably overwhelming. Even if it’s not for a while, I’m already shaking with anticipation for the next time (though I may just be cold, I left my Disney Princess blanket at my dad’s house last night).

The second time we meet up somewhere won’t necessarily be better than the first, I just think it’ll be less of a whirlwind and more of an “oh thank god you’re back” kind of thing. You know? Like the first time was filled with anxiety and nervousness (on my end, at least. But we’ve discussed my insecurities, I won’t get into it again) but it was still so great because you were there and you were real and I’m emotional. But the next time, we’ll be re-familiarizing ourselves with each other rather than learning for the first time.

Idk. I’m imagining seeing you in person again and I’m both desperately missing you and incredibly excited to get to whenever that may be. I’m just scared it won’t be until this summer.

However: you’re worth the wait and then some. I mean, I’d probably die if I had to wait like a year to see you again, but I’d do it because you’re the only one I want and I love you and you’re worth everything.

And on that note, it’s 12:08am now and I’m beyond exhausted but I also miss you so much that my chest literally aches. I’m going to try to sleep now, which definitely won’t include me remembering how it feels to hold your hand and lie in bed with you. Shut up, leave me alone. I’m gay.

And incredibly, terribly sad.

Okay, I love love love you and I really hope you feel at least a little less shitty soon. Good night. ♡

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DT probably tastes like putting fire in your mouth. It has to be watered down to like, a few drops in a glass of water. LV likely doesn't have to be watered down so much.

A little bit of DT goes a long way. Often it’s cut heavily with other things, or a small addition to other things. Which, you know, isn’t safe but since when has that ever stopped anyone. A drop or two in a big glass of water will suffuse it with deep colour and keep you going for a couple of sleepless nights, and even then the taste is intense. And very indescribable.

Fire, like you said. Burns down your throat and settles like a furnace in your stomach. A metallic, thick aftertaste. And then, shortly after, it hits. Like getting kicked in the chest in a good way.

There’s actually alcoholic cocktails that use miniscule amounts as a flavouring.

But that’s raw determination extract, straight from the DT machine. This is nothing compared to distilled DT. That stuff’s for storage and transportation, only. So strong it almost glows. Dilute it several hundred times before even thinking about taking it, because if you don’t, that’s how people die.

It’s kind of a good thing the expense makes even junkies exercise a little caution as to how much is taken in one go.

LV is different. DT is a liquid always on the verge of turning into a vapour when it isn’t a powder, but LV is more viscous and syrupy, sometimes sludgy when it’s a bad batch. It’s horribly bitter, with a more caustic, acrid burn. It’s like eating buttercups. Raw coffee mixed with vulcanised, burnt rubber. LV doesn’t need to be diluted or mixed, unlike DT, but it often is, because it tastes godawful. Being far gone enough you don’t do this is considered a bad sign.

This is also why LV tends to be injected more than ingested or inhaled.


Looking back on trying to kill myself last summer like I am so glad I didn’t.  I am so happy to be alive and to hang out with my mom so much and to have gotten so close with my brother and sister and to have such an incredible indescribable relationship with my dad.  I have the best people around me right now and yeah there are still rough times but I will never go back down that road.  Life is good and I actually am happy with the person I am and I haven’t been able to say that and mean it in years.

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Hemp ☺️

Hemp (talk about one of your happiest moments):
My trip to London and Liverpool. Visiting Anfield was a dream come true. I’ve played in an arena that held 100,000 people and the energy from being in the stands at Anfield was more than playing in front of the crowd in college. That shit was indescribable. And London was so amazing it’s what made me apply to grad schools. And what made me get the big ass tattoo on my left arm.

Review: In ‘Thank God for Jokes,’ Mike Birbiglia Tells His Side of the Story

Ian Bagley’s New Blog Post

Mr. Birbiglia’s one-man show is an indescribably ridiculous collection of anecdotes and asides that miraculously blend into a whole.

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A Space Gay and a Gay Bird Tryin’ to Get Hitched

      …You know that terrible headache you get the morning after having about thirty shots off some stripper’s stomach, and you feel like you’ve been hit upside the head with a sledge hammer because you said fuck it after the twenty-ninth shot of your buzz? …Ok, well, it’s not exactly the pain but it’s the confusion waking up, ad having severe confusion over whether or not you slept with said stripper.

   –Forget about the metaphors, this is serious. It’s like… goddamn, he can’t think of anything or anyone, except for that damn albino. But more importantly, how the hell he’s going to get in his pants. Spring gets closer and suddenly, all the animals are going into heat– at least… that’s what Hadyn believes is going on.

      When Hadyn manages to finally snake his way along to Kaworu, by some indescribable pull, Hadyn gives a near delighted smirk.

   ‘eeeey albino. Whatch’ ya’ doin’ here alone? Ya’ wanna’ come home with me instead?


My guy is doing a presentation with the kids he teaches at Sunday school at our church for black history month about black Wall Street and black businesses. And we both have been spending time learning more and more about the topic. And it’s moments like this where I enjoy being in a relationship with a black man who gets it. Because sometimes you have to vent and share in the pain that you cannot talk about when you’re at work or at school. And to be able to talk to him and have it be a safe space, it’s truly indescribable. I love feeling supported and safe and loved on a world that hates black people. I couldn’t imagine being in a relationship without this understanding.

The blue mountain: one thing I really wanted to do around Sydney the Blue Mountain are imagine. We walked a long a small river. The waterfall on the end was indescribable and the cold river water was fresh crystal clear and a salvation.

Sick - Wench

Wench is basically the avant-garde musical combination of Arca and HBA’s Shayne Oliver. Yeah. It doesn’t get any weirder than that, I promise. The duo is indescribable but lies somewhere between hip-hop and 2020 android music. Nonetheless it’s still cool to see off the wall partnerships like this occur in music. 

Wanting to starve yourself because of all the guilt from allowing yourself food is, I think, the worst part about recovery. I wake up every day planning on not eating, but I know I shouldn’t because I know I should fuel my body, and then as soon as the last bite of food enters my body, I am overwhelmed by this indescribable guilt. I get so depressed because I feel like such a failure. I feel absolutely disgusting. The worst part is I can feel my cheer uniform getting tighter and tighter. I want to die every night when I lay in bed and think about everything that I’ve eaten. I’m not eating tomorrow. I can’t. I just can’t……


Time is a valuable thing.
Time is what happens when you’re busy.
Time is intangible, and yet, occupies so much space.
Time is what reminds me that I’m twenty four and haven’t yet seen you.
Time is indescribable, and yet is labeled so effortlessly.


I find it dwindles, my mind seems to find

only thoughts of her,

and yet it seems so different,

even where my faults and fears hold

me back, I find myself ready

to find her. Always in my mind,

dwindling of the possibles,

holding some hope that she

sees me,  

while I stand back holding my breath.

She could be capture me,

be the indescribable feeling,

a quiet knowing, that she could,

she could hold my gaze while I hope

that she does not find in me my own

misguided fears.

Where in pictures she almost leaves me

breathless, where I only hope she will see me.

I find it dwindles, my mind seems to only

land on thoughts of her.

‘Just a Little Bit of Your Heart’ - Ariana Grande

Ashton: “I’m a fool for you”

Waking up next to the boy you hoped to marry is a feeling that is indescribable. Actually, anything that involved Ashton is indescribable. He’s more than you could ever wish for. When it came to Ashton, every sense you’d ever had left your brain. You’d do anything for the boy, and you had to pray he felt the same for you, a lovesick fool.

Luke: “But I can tell / you were just with her”

“I don’t have to ask at this point. I know, Luke, I know you were just with her. I just wanted you to admit it. Tell me you don’t want to be with me, that’s all I ask.” Your voice was strong, making it known you were serious.

“It’s not that, please I love you.” He sobbed, falling to his knees. You scoffed, knowing how much he played his actions up when he was upset.

“Luke, I can’t do this anymore, I’m sorry.” You told him sincerely and made your way out the door.

Michael: “Just a little bit of your heart is all I want”

“I just want a small fraction. I didn’t say give everything up for me. I just ask that you care.” You sobbed, placing your head in your hands. The boy looked over at you, sighing.

“I can do that. It’ll take some adjusting, I’m not used to letting people in. But, for you, I’ll do it.” He told you, placing his larger hand over your smaller one, and you finally felt peace.

Calum: “I don’t ever tell you / how I really feel

“It’s not like you care. I always ask you how your day is but you wouldn’t even care f I fell off the face of the earth, would you?” You yelled, placing your hand against his tan chest and pushing. He moved back slightly from the force you applied.

“You know I care, you know that. I wouldn’t be with you otherwise.” He yelled back, stepping closer to you, pressing his plump lips to yours, sealing the insecurities away.

Love from a Standpoint

      As Valentine’s Day is drawing near, everywhere you go; be it virtual or reality, are filled with a menagerie of the representations of love. Varieties of chocolates and flowers are utterly displayed in stalls while social media is either pervaded with cliched quotes from Lang Leav or cleverly constructed “hugot” lines. Detaching ourselves from the trappings of daily life, one would notice how our society is obsessed with the idea of love.The constant longing to find “the one” and that urge to feel the indescribable high so many poets have tried to relay in their works, have led people to wage wars, end marriages and begin affairs. 

      But what many fail to realize is that most definitions of love are defined by the winners- those who have loved and have been loved in return. The lucky ones who were able to find their destinies amidst the billions of people in this world. The people who, against all odds, conquered everything to be with the one they so desire. However, the losers are often forgotten. Those who professed but were rejected, left in pursuit of something greater or those who have kept all their feelings inside in fear.

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11:How important is family to your muse?


So important, so very important.  The Braddocks do not often spend time together but it does not lessen their bond and the importance they place on each other.  

Losing their parents at relatively young ages and then having a series of disasters striking them following it served to bring them closer together.  Jamie was always her hero when she was growing up and has always been influential in her life, but she has an indescribable bond with Brian seeing as they’re twins.  They are almost like anchor points in each others lives, even if those points aren’t always positive.  

In her life, she has love for the X-Men but her brothers are on a whole other level.


I feel so entranced by the different people that I see all around me. All so unique, involuntarily expressing the intricacies of each personality. How overwhelmed with love God must feel, as He invisibly walks among His children, marveling at what He has created. I feel this indescribable attraction towards humans, whether they be cognitively known or unknown to me. I feel that this attraction is a sort of communion of souls, a common imago Dei uniting me to them in an unspeakable bond. Marvel. Humans are so beautiful.

Encouraged to savor the moments in my day with more relish and more, dare I say, intentionality. Walk at a more steady pace, think a little longer, chew a little slower, look a little deeper.

The moment passes, no less poignant in spite of its brevity.

Would that we could all begin to see each other as divine imprints, the watermark of heaven concealed on our brows and in the intonation of our laughs.