Aries: Stop waffling back and forth, remember every word has a consequences and a price. Nothing is free, and your indescion is reading everyone who stood by you apart.
Taurus: I know the way your hands shake after you stop laughing isn’t from joy. Your fight or flight is running rampent but theres no monsters here. Nothing to chase.

Gemini: Evil lives there, I know. The toxicity in that house is pulling you into pieces. You will make it through this smoke and flames. The scars will just be proof that you survived, and they only make you sexier.

Cancer:  Just because you have a history doesn’t mean you owe them anything. There are reasons for cutting off toxic ties, and there’s no explanation needed for that.

Leo:  Someone from the past broke you, but you can’t let it destroy your future. Pushing everyone else away with a mask and a smile will never do you or anyone else any good. You know this is bullshit,  time to act like it.

Virgo: Progress comes in baby steps, so as long as you’re still moving it’ll be okay. Do not let all the pain this has caused stop you from moving forward. You only really meet enemies when you go the right way.

Libra: They’re not trying to tear you into pieces, they just don’t know what’s best for you. They think trying to make you into their image is the only way you’ll be happy, they mean well. Despite the pain they cause.

Scorpio: Your dreams can’t hurt you anymore. They’re just dreams. I know the people from them are so very real, but you’ve moved past that. They can’t reach out and hurt you, not anymore.

Sagittarius: Stop hiding from everyone you use to know. Were not mad or angry or hurt, were just waiting for you to say its okay. That youre ready to come back home.

Capricorn:  They notice. They notice the ways you’re trying to destroy yourself. They all fucking notice, but they all know better. You just need to tell them, because they’re waiting with arms wide open to help.
Aquarius: burying yourself in books and tv shows only works for so long. You can’t hide from all of the grief and all of your problems forever. There comes a time where you have to face your sins, and that time has come.

Pisces: Get over him. Get over how he changed you so much. Stop treating your friends like they dont fucking matter when theyre the reason youre still standing. Things will never be how they were, but they dont have to stay this way.

—  This weeks horoscope