I never would want to give up what I have here. I would HATE to move because I’ve created a life for myself where I live. But me and my friend Nishi were talking today and there is one situation in which I’d readily give up everything I have here to go and be with the MBS again. All the members of the MBS in one school. I want to go to the same school with Tali, Inderpal, Anjana and Nishi. We wouldn’t care a bit about guys or backstabbing shit cause none of us would pick guys over each other and none of us would ever talk behind each other’s backs. We would always look out for each other and act like complete sisters. Our parents would love all of us and we would hang out all the time. We would stand up for each other. We would have the bestest of times. We would grow up together and go to high school togehter. We’d be best friends for the rest of our lives. Thats the one thing I would give up anything and everything for.