the photos may be of any subject regarding the humans , their moods and may as well be in spiritual , avantgarde , cinematic atmosphere…pls no pornographic or non-artistic nudes… not to let any missapprehension happen during the photo moderating , the photos are curated only by the group founder! Please don’t post any snapshots! And be selective when posting! Stop re-posting pictures as well! it`s so rude! this is not the place for this! We’re aiming to collect here some special, independent,cool ,creative,narrative photos! not photos we take while we are at a party,while eating,while playing with our camera and other stuff like this..also very general photos of flowers,snapshot food photos ,landscapes,architecture , sunsets, photos taken from protests ,hdr photos are not wellcomed.Also thi group is a group about humans ; their moods and attitudes , please don not post any still life photos as well.i don’t mean to offend, but this is not that kind of group..there are many other groups for these kind of photos. it’s called “independentphotos” , but this doesn’t mean that any photo can be posted here..Also please do not send over-manipulated photos.We are in search of true,plain beauty here. Please post only full front face portraiture of humans here [no back portraiture , no cut face portraiture please.This might be trendy lately, but this group is not about trends !] !Portraits should be artistic and showing the human mood and psychology.This is really important!Please don`t post here casual or only fashion-like pics!Fashion themed photos are very welcomed if they can show human moods, or psychology in a dreamy, artistic,cinematic way, but please don`t post only raw fashion photos!i hope you understand what i mean;) If your photo is not accepted don`t re-post it.Also don`t post photos of the same nature all time..Try to post all the time your best! This is for the benefit of all us to collect some special photos, from which all of us will be inspired of! So we are sorry to say ,we’d have to delete the photos that are different from what told above :( Please do not re-load them again !) .otherwise we`ll have to remove the members that neglect the rules! thank you all of you. About this group’s creation:I love independent movies , maybe they’re not milion dollar projects , but (they) are stronger and more expressive..that’s why I decided to create this group…I look forward to receive your independent photos my friends Please copy and paste the written links below when commenting on the photos you see in this group and add “independentphotos” as a tag. Exploring the group is cool to see some very special gems:) Be kind and comment:) Use this html code to comment here: ** Cool Contribution to Independentphotos“ ** Free Website Counters This group is in a Youth Culture Collaborations with ; The Face UK

this is my group, i founded and admin since October 31st 2006;)today it reached 6000 members :)