“I will say that as an actor I may experience like 5 mins. or 10 mins. of a day where I feel like, you know, it’s all been worthwhile and I’m doing the right thing with my life, but you sort of sit around waiting a lot and wondering, ‘What’s happening,’ and, ‘When’s someone gonna tell me what to do and pull me out of my box to perform?’”

“Whereas, you know, being a director, I think, [from] the moment I got up in the morning to the moment I hit the pillow in the evening, I was constantly solving problems or thinking about how to get this achieved, which is exhausting but it’s a good exhaustion. So I’ll do it again.”

–  Joel Edgerton on enjoying the challenges of directing

“Jai was like the character on the page stepped into real life. These young cops, a lot of them, are sturdy, young tough guys who could’ve been athletes. They’re in the police force. Jai’s sort of a contradiction of many things. He’s so intelligent. You can look at him and go, ‘You’re just a brute,' but he’s super intelligent. That’s what I was imagining - this big, strong, kind of dangerous guy.”

“[Director] Matthew [Saville] said, 'Have you met this guy, or heard about this guy, Jai?’ I was like, 'I think I’ve heard about him.’ I’d never seen a photo of him. I’d just heard he was working in big American movies. Then we met him by Skype and he put down a scene and was perfect.”

  “Felony” screenwriter and star, Joel Edgerton, recalling how delighted he was when he cast Jai Courtney as his character’s nemesis in the film; photographed with Jai and co-star Sarah Roberts at the LA premiere of the film in 2014

Jason’s character has “the ability to talk his way out of anything. The teachers would have thought butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. He could talk his way into a girl’s pants, and he was probably a guy who lived by his wits. That person is really dangerous because they have the ability to shape-shift.”

“I knew I needed that guy to be very likable when we first entered the movie – unthreatening, trustworthy. It’s like, ‘Who do we like? And who is going to be more interesting when he becomes a jerk when we stop to see the true nature of his character?’… [Jason has] got everything he needs to do to make this movie sing. And I just love watching him.”

–  Joel Edgerton on why he cast Jason Bateman against type as Simon in “The Gift;” shown on set with Bateman

Have I mentioned how incredibly fucking proud I am of this film? Because it’s everything I wanted it to be, everything I want in a movie that I’ve never seen before. It has moments that make me cheer, and nothing I dislike. Sorry for the egotism but damn it, I made a movie and it’s all I wanted it to be and more.

If you want a funny, cerebral movie about how people might actually act given superpowers, please check it out. It’s free on YouTube and Vimeo.