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Rabid hyper-capitalist porno-pusher that I am, I don’t usually go to bat for other publishers, because I want all your sweet, sweet dollars to line my solid gold Lamborghini with. But I’m making one big exception, today.

The Fresh Romance Kickstarter really, REALLY needs your help.

Its got 6 days to go, and over ten thousand dollars to make. And it’s having a rough time helping itself, because the project organizer, Janelle Asselin, is chronically ill. She was feeling fine when the project launched, but she’s been in hospital for days now, and probably won’t get out until it’s way too late to save Fresh Romance through her own efforts.

Janelle launched Fresh Romance last year in an effort to revive the romance genre, a genre with a long and illustrious pedigree in North American comics, and a genre permanently deep-sixed by Dr. Fredric Wertham’s 1954 anti-comics smear campaign and the resulting Comics Code Authority. Before Fresh Romance, the last romance comics published in the US went out of print in the 1970s. The last time you saw a romance comic was probably on a museum wall, as traced by Roy Lichtenstein. And that’s fucking ridiculous.

Don’t tell me people don’t like love stories. And that’s what Janelle’s got. Fresh Romance comics are love stories. Love stories of all kinds, written by lots of women, drawn by lots of women, and getting those same women paychecks for their efforts, which is sadly a lot more than a lot of projects in this industry do. And as an editor who has employed some of Fresh Romance’s roster in my own efforts ( @kateordie​, @swinsea), I know it’s good stuff.

Please, please, pleez take a look, folks. And if you like Smut Peddler, if you like the creators involved, if you like idea of supporting marginalized genres and creators? Toss a few bucks their way and spread the word. Fresh Romance deserves a print run. 

Heya, folks!

I’ve Kickstarted four comic projects, and fulfilled three. (The fourth only just ended last Monday!) As a result, I get asked for advice on how to do it right pretty often. So, I made this.

This 32-page, five-chapter PDF explains how to plan, prepare, run, and fulfill a Kickstarter comic project. (Specifically a comic project! They’re the only kind I’ve done.) It’s everything I’ve learned about Kickstarter since joining the site in 2009.

It’s $5.00, and you can get it here

Thanks for your patience, folks! I know this took me a while to finish. But trust me, it’s worth it.


After making its debut in print at the MoCCA Arts Festival over the weekend, The Cult House #1 is now available in digital formats.

After narrowly avoiding a grisly death during the events of “In the House of Feasts,” paranormal problem solver Connor Spectre slammed the gas pedal of his beat up Lincoln and put the deep south behind him. Arriving in his native New York, he faces a new set of horrors from the crevices and depths of the city. Plenty can go wrong from the dive bar to the subway; especially if you court the occult for a living.

The Cult House #1
Written by Joven Tolentino
Art by Daniel Ramirez
Colors by Kwan Wilson

The .zip file contains The Cult House #1 in both PDF and CBR formats. Name your price and download at Hijack’s gumroad store to read the whole comic.


If I see another melting skull screenprint / dagger with some Americana inspired motifs / weed leaf outta Bushwick I’m gonna puke.

If you are over that stuff, check out Kate Lacour based out of New Orleans. Kate is an illustrator and cartoonist who works with an artistic realm all her own. Her artwork features mechanical hybrids, detailed cutaways of flesh and muscle structure, and evolution of the microscopic. 

Buy some of her zines through the Booklyn webstore and check out her other works.


Battle-Bug Episode 1: Go, Battle-Bug, Go! is now live on tapastic!

Harvey Hayakawa lives in a city populated by monsters, robots, aliens, witches, wizards, animal people, and, most frightening of all, New Yorkers. It’s his job to make sure the sun rises on the urban sprawl each day and not a smoking hole in the ground where a metropolis of millions used to be.

Harvey is BATTLE-BUG. Japanese superhero. New York attitude.

Writer: Joven Tolentino
Artist: cannibal-sarracenian
Colorist: Sekou Noel
Cover Art: Dante Crayton

Read the full episode on Battle-Bug’s Tapastic page.

Your ol’ pal Andrew Brendan chimes in on Superman vs. Batman!

Order YOUR copy of ANDREW BRENDAN: King of the Internet #1! A new comic series featuring the adventures of the internet’s last angry man: ANDREW BRENDAN! He’s got nothing good to say and a million ways to say it! 28 pages, black and white, for mature readers. From the creator of Our Valued Customers! Order YOURS at:


Laila Milevski is a Somerville based cartoonist who has completed works under Frank Santoro’s Comics Correspondence course. Drawing Antonioni is a mini-comic about an narrator’s obsession with Antonioni while From A Dream follows a woman pursuing the mysterious source behind hallucination inducing tattoos.

Pick them both up at our webstore for awesome reads.

The art for the book is half done and we’ve got a short list of printers to make a final pick from! We’re getting pretty close to Starrytellers being a real book.

But first - here’s the flyer art we’re printing up to start our first push for attention at Zine and Indie Comic Symposium 2015 this weekend! Featuring out beautiful cover art by lovesoup​. Can not WAIT for these to come in the mail! :D

Just gorgeous!


Can’t wait to have printed copies of this in my hands. This is a serious chunk of comics and this was a difficult book to put together despite all the material having been “finished” more than a year ago. When I was making this comic for mangamagazine I often didn’t have enough time to fix minor problems with tones or speech bubbles before the comic went up, so I had to touch up many pages before I felt they were ready to be printed. I also edited out pages to make the story flow better and faster. The Essential Book of Long Arm got the sort of attention that the webcomic unfortunately did not get. This is also my first honest to goodness graphic novel, 144 pages worth of a continuous story - and that is very exciting.

Apart from three copies reserved for pre-order, this book will make its debut at A-Kon in Dallas on June 6th. I hope to see friends and fans there - don’t miss the book!