Independence Day is always a strange holiday, a day to celebrate the grand ideals that the country was founded on, but never quite manages to live up to. That’s part of the American paradox, I think. Nations have been doing horrific things to each other and their own citizens since time began, and in that the United States of America is not so different from the rest. But the whole point of the United States’ founding was to be better, and so the country is constantly dealing with cognitive dissonance between what it is/does/has been and what we want it to be. Too often, American citizens deal with this inherent dissonance by doubling-down on the flag-waving, jingoistic patriotism that says America is always right, and if we’ve hurt you, then you must have deserved it. It’s Captain America punching Hitler on the face of a lunch box, and that’s as deep as our knowledge of our own history has to go.

I want more for us, more for this country, and the first step to that is acknowledging the horrible things we’ve done (are still doing). Truth: Red, White & Black is an uncomfortable read if you’re a white American, and it should be. We’re Steve Rogers in the story, wholly ignorant and horrified by the things that were done on our account. What happened to Isaiah Bradley is not something Steve Rogers can solve or undo, just like modern Americans can’t go back and prevent the internment of fellow Japanese-American citizens. That sense of helplessness is horrible. We as a people aren’t good at not being able to fix problems immediately, and learning from and atoning for our mistakes instead is not exactly a national strong-point. We’re going to have to get better at that if we ever want this country to be all that it can be.

TRUTH: Red, White & Black – The Story of the First Captain America 

#ComicSaturday: Captain America - Honoring The Cap!

#ComicSaturday: Captain America – Honoring The Cap!

In celebration of this year’s 4th of July, I will be taking the time to pay homage to possibly the most patriotic super-hero the world has ever seen, Captain America. The guy bleeds red, white and blue, and he has also punched Hitler in the face, need I say more? (more…)

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Heya, folks!

I’ve Kickstarted four comic projects, and fulfilled three. (The fourth only just ended last Monday!) As a result, I get asked for advice on how to do it right pretty often. So, I made this.

This 32-page, five-chapter PDF explains how to plan, prepare, run, and fulfill a Kickstarter comic project. (Specifically a comic project! They’re the only kind I’ve done.) It’s everything I’ve learned about Kickstarter since joining the site in 2009.

It’s $5.00, and you can get it here

Thanks for your patience, folks! I know this took me a while to finish. But trust me, it’s worth it.