independent women pt 3

Ma Style
miss A
Ma Style

Hello, hello, you’re ma style

I never, ever get tired of this song – it’s my absolute favorite miss A song.

The feel and vibe of this song reminds me of two other songs: Love Like This by Natasha Bedingfield and Hey Boy by Wonder Girls. Like it’s summer, and you meet someone you like and you really hit it off, and it’s easy and nice and just right, without worries. Magical atmosphere.

miss A – Ma Style

Miss A released the mini-album Independent Women pt 3

01. I Don’t Need a Man

02. Ma Style

03. If I Were a Boy

04. Madness (Feat. 2PM’s Taecyeon)

05. Time’s Up


Best Break Up Songs: I Don’t Need a Man by Miss A

From ‘Independent Women Pt. 3’

'I can live well without a man
So if you’re not confident, don’t come to me
I don’t sell myself easily because
I don’t need a man I don’t need a man’