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Evan had not expected this day to turn out like this. He had only taken his daughter to the doctors because she’d had a fever for almost a week now. He’d thought that the doctors would just tell him that she had the flu or something. Not that she had leukemia. She had been so brave at the hospital, smiling happily at the doctors despite being ill. Evan had just gotten her down for the night and for the first time that day he was completely alone. And he knew it was only a matter of time before he completely broke down.

    pissed didn’t even begin to describe this feeling.
The feeling of utter loathing towards the other as
they walked in all innocently. Innocent. Yea right.
“And just where the fuck have you been? Didn’t I
tell you not to go tonight?”     “Answer me!”


Sophia snuck downstairs, out of ear shot of the occupant sleeping upstairs. She sat on the edge of the couch, hoping to make this call as quick as possible. She waited impatiently as it rang. “Answer me, asshole.” she cursed.

Dmitry was happy. Well, no, not really, he thought. It was artificial. The feeling was odd, like being empty but at the same time he couldn’t be bothered by anything, and things seemed funnier than they should be. The drugs did that, and he knew, of course. That’s why they were colloquially called happy pills- it was a much friendlier name than diazepam. He also knew he wasn’t supposed to have taken those pills, but who was to stop him?

He spent a good deal of time trying to figure out which parts of his feelings could be attributed to the high, which parts were characteristic of his disorder, and which parts were due to the new meds his doctor had given him. He was doubtful about the last one, mostly because it had only been a couple of days, and he felt it would take longer to know how he reacted to them. Still, he gave into curiosity and began reading the labels on the bottle. Suddenly, quite unexpected to himself even, he began laughing. He laughed quietly but uncontrollably for a while until he realized someone was staring at him. He looked up, still giggling a bit to himself, but trying not to for the sake of not weirding out the bypasser.
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VICTOR WAS PACING along the street, waiting for that specific client to come around; but they were certainly taking their whole damn time —of course he had some cocaine to sell, but he obviously did not have time to waste; specially not on those ephemeral buyers. and as he felt someone else’s eyes stuck on hi hands, holding on the pack, he looked up to face them, hiding the one right behind his back. ❝ ‘the fuck are you looking at ??