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Snowed In

Summary: Your university closes down for the snow storm headed your way but you find yourself alone, or so you thought, on campus.

Characters: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Slight panic attack, cursing

Word Count: 1,199

A/N: Prompt #2 | Thank you all for requesting away! This is the first out of four right now. Bear with me because this week is a busy week, so I’ll try and get one more up this week and the other’s will have to wait until next week. P.S. I’ve never seen snow or been a snow storm, so I hope I did it justice.

It was late January and emails were being sent out urging students to head back home or evacuate the city center because a massive winter blizzard was approaching. You wished you could go home but couldn’t because your parents couldn’t afford another round trip to California, so they sent you good luck and you had to fend for yourself and survive your first winter storm. 

You were probably the only soul left on campus the day before the blizzard was supposed to hit. You took the opportunity to go outside and create a snowman by yourself. This was your first time seeing such an abundance of snow. It was eerie knowing you were the only there. It was a ghost town, you could hear your breathing, the shuffling of the snow beneath your feet and the faint whistle of the wind. You laid down on the ground when you finished your lumpy snowman and started creating snow angels. Despite how scary things were going to get tomorrow, you closed your eyes and felt at peace for the first time in a while. You embraced the situation instead of panicking as that was in your nature. 

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W.R.O.O.L. II, 2015

digital photograph/experimental digital image

Trying to revisit an old idea with a completely different technique.  When attending university, I took some credits working on an independent-study project which dealt largely with mediumship and spirit photography.  Following capture, I assemble these exposures together into compositions within standard image editing software and conduct light editing of colour, sharpness, and contrast.

I have been encouraged by the powerfully apophenic suggestions which appear in the first series of images; forms emerge resembling anatomy and structures that are not present (or capable of being imaged) during the experimental process.  

© Bryan Paul Patterson 2015

After School Special|rxttenheart


“…. which of course returned Santa Anna to power in Mexico, which could easily be listed as a contributing factor to the oft over looked US-Mexican War…”

The young teacher dusted his hands off just as the bell rang and his students began to shift all at once to leave for the day. “Everybody remember you have chapters ten and eleven to read over the weekend for discussion on Monday, and if you guys remember the syllabus. Three weeks is when you will begin with your independent study project. Okay? Have a good weekend everyone… oh.. Miss Quinnzel… hang back for a minute.. I need to talk with you…”

He knocked his knuckles on the blonde girls desk, biting the inside of his cheek to fight the way he wanted to smirk as her perfume wafted up to his nose.

His excuse was the way her attention had been slipping during class, but s part of him… he couldn’t believe it. But he was painfully attracted to his student.

himacchu  asked:

How was your childhood in general? Did your parents treat you well? Did you have a lot of friends?


Clemont’s lip twisted at the question. That was a complicated question, more than most for him.

“I can’t say it was the best childhood, at least from what I hear the standards are supposed to be.”

He sighed, “Well, my Mom left early in my life, and I ended up resenting her for the effect it had on us. I mean… Bonnie fell into a depression, I had to take care of her while Dad worked extra hours to continue providing for us on his own. I even did small things on the side with what little I knew of engineering back then. But my focus was on making sure Bonnie was cared for. Of course I still had school and my own independent study projects on the side…” He looked away for a moment, “I… guess I was too busy to actually be a kid.”

Thinking on his parents, a less than warm expression came over him, “I’ll never say that my Dad didn’t do his best with and to make sure all our needs were met. But when I found out my mother left because of something he was doing… and still does,” the corner of his lip twitched, “I just… feel awful because I hated my mother for years, thinking she left selfishly. But it was because of him. He put me through all that. He put Bonnie through all that!”

The inventor became riled up, but he steadied himself and took some deep breaths, “But no, I didn’t have a lot of friends. Between having my nose buried in books and in online resources, days spent committed to school, evenings watching Bonnie, nights in the workshop, weekends trying to finish a project for someone who wanted an automatic lawnmower or some other pursuit on the side…” 

Clemont looked aside to a picture of Serena, Ash, Bonnie and himself, “I didn’t really have much in the way of friends, or even the time for it, until Ash came to Kalos. But since then I’ve made so many more. And… well… as nervous as I can be around people… I wouldn’t mind making a few more.”

MAY! It’s May!

This month is going to be one of the most intense months of my life. I can officially say that in less than TWO weeks, I will be graduating. I still have a crap ton of stuff to do before that, but I am so. dang. close. For those of you who don’t know, I am on an accelerated program to get my masters in teaching, as well as my license to teach K-6. 

I also have two 10 mile races this month. One is next Sunday, and the other is the following Sunday (haha the morning after my graduation party so that’ll be interesting). 

Then a few days later, after years of learning how to live a healthy lifestyle, I will be having the loose skin from my stomach removed. No more rashes, no more trying to hide it under my clothes, no more struggling to find pants because it’s in the way. Physically and mentally, I am going to feel so much better. 

I. Am. Pumped. 

You may have noticed though that my workouts have fallen to the back burner. I’ll admit that I have taken more of a focus on my eating since my half marathon because seriously, I just don’t have time for workouts right now. I hate saying that and I know we make the time for it if we are serious, but I am in the peak of my program and have a lot on my shoulders. 

This is my last week of student teaching. I have been student teaching for 40-45 hours a week, working almost 20 hours a week, on top of grading homework, lesson planning, and working on my two independent study projects. My right eye has been twitching on and off for several days now.  

Regardless, I am doing something right because the scale is still going down!

1.2.16 - 184.3 pounds.
2.1.16 - 188.1 pounds.
3.1.16 - 183.9 pounds.
4.1.16 - 182.5 pounds.
5.1.16 - 180.3 pounds.

I wanted to reach 171 pounds by surgery (because that will mean I have finally lost 100 pounds), but obviously the scale isn’t moving as fast as I need it too. That’s okay though because I am still going to try my hardest these next two weeks. I want to at least feel the best I can feel once I get there. 

Today that started again with breakfast. I am basically drowning in avocados so I topped two pieces of Ezekiel toast with mashed avocado and poached eggs!

And if you’re wondering, I spent $146 in April on eating out, a few drinks, and coffee. Keep in mind though that the $26 spent on coffee was mostly Starbucks and the money was previously loaded on to my Gold card. Still not great, but not horrible considering I went to Minnesota for a wedding and yesterday we celebrated a birthday. 

Okay, time to drink all the iced coffee and get to my projects! 

Independent Study Project research paper ideas:

Comparative Archaeological Methods Across Science Fiction Eras; such as Star Trek’s highly processual approach to sentient societies compared to Star Gate’s very anthropological post-processual approach through the main character Daniel Jackson.

smarkanthony  asked:

Besides ultimate spider-man. What would you consider your "big break"

I never had a big break just a series of little breaks and a series of missteps. like everybody.

 my first real assignment at Marvel was daredevil and it was my daredevil scripts that got me ultimate Spiderman. but before Joe offered me daredevil I had quite a few false starts at Marvel going back a few years.

 the ill-fated Angels of destruction one shot that was the final nail in the ultraverse coffin,  my staggering pencil work on backup issues of Deep Space 9, and the never got off the ground spider woman with Rick mays to name a few…

 but that first time someone offers to publish your work… you can’t help but feel that that is the big break. I was still in college and caliber and fantagraphics, through their eros and monster lines,  both offered to publish something based on my college independent study comic book project.

 I went with caliber. which was a very good choice for me at the time.