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“…. which of course returned Santa Anna to power in Mexico, which could easily be listed as a contributing factor to the oft over looked US-Mexican War…”

The young teacher dusted his hands off just as the bell rang and his students began to shift all at once to leave for the day. “Everybody remember you have chapters ten and eleven to read over the weekend for discussion on Monday, and if you guys remember the syllabus. Three weeks is when you will begin with your independent study project. Okay? Have a good weekend everyone… oh.. Miss Quinnzel… hang back for a minute.. I need to talk with you…”

He knocked his knuckles on the blonde girls desk, biting the inside of his cheek to fight the way he wanted to smirk as her perfume wafted up to his nose.

His excuse was the way her attention had been slipping during class, but s part of him… he couldn’t believe it. But he was painfully attracted to his student.

Independent Study Project research paper ideas:

Comparative Archaeological Methods Across Science Fiction Eras; such as Star Trek’s highly processual approach to sentient societies compared to Star Gate’s very anthropological post-processual approach through the main character Daniel Jackson.


Tropical Darkness (details)

This drawing was really fun. It’s fairly large (50 in. x 38 in.) and I think the size helped.

Charcoal’s an interesting medium - you can work much more subtractively than in other media, but you still can’t work it forever without the piece starting to look gummy. I think I did a fairly good job of saving the whites in this one.