would you be so kind...

Would you be so kind to reblog this if you feel like your muse is a part of you? Like, when you’re writing, you tend to get in character and sometimes the character slips out at random times in the day? I sometimes feel like I’m the only one who feels like it, I kinda wanna feel less alone lol

give me a we broke up because i had to move away because of school and we knew we couldn’t do long distance but oh my god i’m home for christmas and you’re still beautiful and we’re wine drunk slow dancing to the sound of elf on the television and you smell like hot chocolate and i miss you so much please don’t let this end again plot !!!!!


  • a rlly fucked up age gap plot where a girl is giving up her baby ( 18 / 19 ). she goes through an adoption agency to find a couple. she ends up falling for one of the parents ( could be f/f or m/f ). lots of angst and sneaking around and freaking out when the due date gets closer because they want to be together. cold feet about the adoption. YES.
  • a married f/f couple decides they want to have a baby. they get their best friend to be the sperm donor. poly ? maybe ? angst ? 
  • everyone thinks she’s the perfect good girl but guess what ? she’s fucking her dad’s best friend. and oh uh, she’s pregnant. congrats. maybe her dad’s friend is married with kids already …
  • one last age gap … my wife and i have been trying to get pregnant for years and it’s taking a toll on our marriage. the cute intern at work seduces him. and as the title suggests, they make a baby.
  • i love you so much and i’m so glad we finally got together ( childhood friends ? exes who finally get back together ? ) … but i’m 12 weeks pregnant and we only started sleeping together a month ago.
  • the sweet angelic girl gets pregnant by the local bad boy. a classic. 
    • BONUS ROUND ! he’s a high ranking gang member and she becomes a target. oh the pain , the angst ! BONUS POINTS .. if she has no idea that he’s in a gang ..
  • the opposite … the local bad girl gets pregnant by the perfect golden boy .. he’s got a full ride for soccer and she couch surfs. they meet a party and she gives him some drugs and they end up fucking in the bathroom.
  • i told you i was having an abortion so we stopped talking. you run into me a year later with an infant that has your nose …
  • i gave up a baby as a teenager and i tracked them down to meet them and their dad / mom is so hot i’m sweating …
  • i didnt know i was pregnant ! TM .. we’ve been together for years and we’ve kinda decided we don’t want children. you rush me to the hospital when the weird pains get too unbearable and oh god there’s blood. “you’re in labor” the nurse says. “what?”

a plot about a college student on the verge of losing her scholarship. with a full schedule and no free time, she has no shot at finding a job. so in a last ditch attempt she puts herself on sugarbabies.com and searches through sugardaddy.com. a week passed by. many blind meetings with ceos, doctors, lawyers, even a few actors. yet nothing pans out. one day, late at night. a message pops up. inside waiting is a message from her favorite professor.

#INDIESOFCOLOR | a new promo tag

You may have heard of the #pocmuseedit tag. Well, here’s another idea: A tag where we can promote and find muses of color in indie rp! Sometimes, the over abundance of white muses in the roleplay community makes it hard for muns to find other non-white muses to interact with. This is a promo tag that will make it easier for single-muse, multi-muse and 1x1 blogs with poc to find each other and connect!  You can use the tag to search for new partners or contribute to it by tagging your promos with #indiesofcolor.


1.) The tag is for promos of every shape and size, but please don’t fill it with starters, headcanons, spam, ooc etc. We don’t want to clutter it.
2.) Whitewashing is not allowed!  What good is a tag for poc if we’re encouraging colorism? A great guide on both recognizing and avoiding whitewashing in your graphics can be found here.
3.) Use your best judgement and don’t mislead for a free promo. If you have a multi-muse with fifteen muses, one is a person of color and you haven’t played them in three years, please don’t take advantage of the tag for an easy boost.


  • please only reblog if your muse identifies as bi or pan in some way, whether this bi/pan romantic or bi/pan sexual. if you’re an rph reblogging to boost this, that’s fine too.
  • when you reblog, please put the fandom your rp in in the tags. if it’s multiple, list multiple if it’s fandomless put ‘fandomless’. if you do not do this, you will not be added.
  • if you have any questions, feel free to come ask them !
  • you can find the page with all the bi & pan muses here !

okay so here’s the thing with all girl indie rp blogs. i’m about to rant a little. 
i’ve been roleplaying for quiet some time now. 5 years at least. had a few blogs here and there, always ended up leaving. why, you ask ?? because of the fact that all of my muses were females. i’ve tried roleplaying as guys so many times before ( never felt comfortable while doing so ) and have always recieved so much attention as soon as a male starter was posted. to get replies to my girls ?? fuck, i need to repost at least twice or simply hope there will be a good soul online who doesn’t actually mind replying to female starters ( bless you all who do, btw, you know who you are !! ) but damn !! why do girls get no damn attention ?? it makes me so sad. and here’s another thing; i hate doing long ass developed bios for my girls because i know barely anyone reads them. although i know exactly what i’d like them to be and their past and everything, i just don’t want to do them because they get ignored anyways and it freaking sucks. ugh. i’m almost a hundred percent positive i’m speaking on behalf of most all girl rp blogs on here. 

FEMALES DESERVE MORE ATTENTION. i’m sorry, but they do.

                               Blind Date Muse Shuffle!

  Alright, I made a post about this last night and then I thought, why not give this a shot? Basically, I was once involved in something where you could sign up and were put on a list for an “arranged marriage” thread. So you were put on a list and in the end you were randomly matched up with someone and you “had to” do a thread with them where your characters were involved in an arranged marriage. It was actually pretty fun, so I figured, why not do the same with a BLIND DATE?

   So basically you´ll reblog this post with your character’s name in the tags ( if you´re a multimuse you can specify a character or just leave it open and pick one later ) and whether you prefer m/f, f/f or m/m ( if you don´t put anything in the tags I´ll assume you´re alright with either of these things ) and this post will be going around until

    Wednesday, May 24th

  ( Or longer in case not enough people have signed up. ) Once you´ve reblogged this post you will be put on A LIST and then I´ll be using a random generator to match people up. You´re the free to go into each other´s IMs and inboxes to work out a thread! :)

If you are an independent roleplayer in the horror fandom of any kind whether TV Show, Movies, Novels, etc. Whether you are an original character or multimuse blog, please reblog this post to be added to an ever growing list of horror muses. Figured I’d make my own little thing and gather up some new friends along the way!!! Be sure to include muse(s) name(s) in tags please!