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His neighbor had randomly knocked on his door mumbling something about babysitting her 8-month old baby. The woman walked away abruptly afterwards, leaving him no option. The thing was, Sean is completely useless with children. Sure, he loved them. But when it came to the technicalities, he was as clueless as a rock. Ten minutes have barely passed and he already strode across the hall, knocking at his other neighbor’s door.

“Yeah. Can you help me out with this?” He asked, holding the crying baby at arm’s length. Sean made a face. “It… won’t stop.”

Dumped - Open starter

His hands and feet were bound tightly together with rope, and his mouth was gagged. He had multiple wounds that left blood on the ground beneath him. Two on his head, two on his upper back and one his lower back where his horns, wings, and tail had been removed in a barbaric manner.

Sam simply laid there for now, in a forming puddle of his own blood. He felt cold, weak, and barely opened his eyes at the sound of someone approaching.

Open Starter || Open to Anyone || Muse: Melody Rose

Bloody Captain Lawson had grown infamous across the seas with the help of his Siren. A former captain had fished her from the waves months past, and he lived only one hour longer–long enough to forcefully bed the beast and have his soul devoured. From then on, Lawson was captain, and every vessel they came upon was emptied and burned, save one man. There was always one kept alive–two, sometimes. The Siren needed to eat.

The redness of her hair was fading.. the brightness of her eyes had dimmed. She was all too delighted when the next ship came, watching out a porthole as the crew tossed hooks and drew the ship closer, boarding it in a fury.

Roller Groove (Open Rp)

Honey skates passed a couple and salutes to her sisters they rolled passed her. All of them have decided to go roller skating after a long day of classes. Thankfully their was no homework so it was their time to rewind. Honey laughed when Jennifer and Rini try to ditch the two men that was talking to them.

“ Just as long no one bugs me. It will be fine.” she hummed.