“You’re late..” Veronica says as she begins putting away the food she had made in plastic containers. This had been going on for weeks now and she was beginning to grow tired of it. With her left hand, she gently pushes the plate of food she had not put up yet towards the other without so much as sparing a glance. “Might wanna heat it up.”

“Woah.” Zack said, his hand up in the air as he felt his body brace from the huge hug from the other male. His arms quickly went around him as he heard the sounds of crying and sobbing. “A-Are you okay?” He asked. He didn’t know anything, only that the other asked him to come over because he day was turning out horrible.

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can i pls have a plot where the guy is like a street fighter but he’s rly rly good and he’s trying to make an actual career out of it and actually joins a boxing gym to train and fight professional boxers bUT in comes the worried ex-girlfriend who’s trying to talk him out of everything and they still have feelings for each other but he’s always trying to convince her that he’s no good for her and like pushes her away constantly but he also knows he can’t live without her and she can’t live without him so she eventually decides to support him even though she’s still lowkey against it all so she goes to his fights and stuff and makes him his breakfast and does his laundry and takes care of him but there can be like arguments and lots of crying when he comes home every night with fresh wounds and bruises!!!!! imagine the angst and tears and kissing and sex and yelling pls gimme gimme

based on this

“hey, you guys have to go easy on each other.” henry called down to their three children as they messed around in the living room. a little chuckle slipped his lips as he watched them from the kitchen and just shook his head. being a dad was his favorite job. after their first child, it really straightened him up. it was like a new light was shined and ever since then he had been pulling himself together. both him and his wife were trying for at least one more, and as he sat there he knew she was taking the test. every now and then he looked up the steps, hoping that she would come out of the bathroom with a smile on her face. “how’s it going in there?” he called up as their daughter waddled over to come and sit on his lap.

Dumped - Open starter

His hands and feet were bound tightly together with rope, and his mouth was gagged. He had multiple wounds that left blood on the ground beneath him. Two on his head, two on his upper back and one his lower back where his horns, wings, and tail had been removed in a barbaric manner.

Sam simply laid there for now, in a forming puddle of his own blood. He felt cold, weak, and barely opened his eyes at the sound of someone approaching.