independent printing


If you are interested in comics, the paranormal, romance, queer female characters, or are a fan of my art, please consider purchasing my first printed comic, “Follow You into the Dark.” (props if you know what song I’m super obviously referencing!)

You can find it at my storenvy: 


My final for my Intro to Sequential class! A lot of blood, sweat, and tears (mostly sweat and tears) went into making this as it is originally conceived for print as a mini-comic! Which means a lot of fighting w/ Indesign and making sure I had enough copies to share w/ the class and just learning how to independently print for cons and stuff! There’s a couple more pages that are omitted here, (a dedication page and two pages of lil’ bios as well as a back-cover) but I’ll submit the last 3 separately!

The pages are really huge file-wise, so it may be a little weird to read if you open them up in separate tabs! Just a warning!