independent movie theaters

I just want to live in a big city that feels like a small town, walkable, bikeable, very close to the ocean. Cobble stone streets and old buildings a must. Cheap apartments with hardwoods floors, affordable 3 story homes painted bright colors, temperature hovering perpetually in the mid 70s. Plethora of charming bars and restaurants, good pizza available for delivery, bookstores and independent movie theaters fucking everywhere. A community of liberal, artistic people from diverse backgrounds. Gardens and parks and uncrowded beaches. No open container laws harshing my picnic vibes. Flourishing libraries and art museums, thriving school system. A place for painters and poets and writers and teachers who just want to fucking relax in a hammock when they’re not making new things. A sun-dappled somewhere with whiskey-gingered weekends, and wrap-around porches, and lazy late night walks along the shore.

Like, is that so much to ask, really?