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The Moon indicates our emotional style. But equally important, it indicates how we experienced our mother and our early environment and how that affected us psychologically. Our early environment and the type and degree of nurturing we received are critical in shaping our psychology and establishing a sense of security and trust. In this culture and in most others, the father teaches the ways of the world and how to function in it. The mother’s role, on the other hand, is to build the foundation of security, trust, and love necessary for healthy feelings about others and ourselves. If this foundation is cracked or insufficient, we will not have the emotional resources to face our task as an adult of providing for our own survival and that of others.

Our family and our early environment are selected by the soul before life and can, therefore, be read in the chart. The Moon and its aspects, the ruler of the fourth house and its aspects, and the planets in the fourth house and their aspects describe our early environment. They also describe the mother and her attention to us. More accurately, they describe our experience of her and our early environment. Although these aspects describe both the early environment and the mother, the planets within the fourth house seem to describe the environment more than they do the mother. And the houses of the fourth house ruler and the Moon describe the mother’s interests and where she puts her energy. If we have been more influenced in our early years by our father or another caretaker, the Moon and the fourth house will describe that individual.

Moon in Aries

The early environment of this Moon sign is likely to be colored by competition and conflict. The conflict may be between the parents, the siblings, or any combination of family members. This Moon sign also may signify animosity or anger on the part of the mother toward her family or spouse or in general. In any case, the home environment is often tense and competitive, and the individual who grows up in it may be tense and angry as well. On a more positive note, the mother may be strong, independent, assertive, and possibly athletic and encourages these traits in her child. Some with this Moon sign have families who are involved in the military or athletics. In general, the environment is more masculine and encourages the development of masculine traits even in its female children.

Moon in Taurus

Unless the Moon is afflicted, the Taurus Moon’s early environment is likely to be peaceful and stable and meet the child’s physical needs. The home is likely to be comfortable. The family may even be well-off financially. The mother is often affectionate, dependable, and a good cook. However, little attention may be given to emotional and intellectual needs. With this Moon sign, security and material comforts often supersede emotional needs. Consequently, many with this Moon sign repress or are unaware of their feelings. Children in such families often follow the model presented them by finding comfort and satisfaction in material things rather than in people. Love becomes equated with food and gifts. As a result, their relationships may be with toys, food, or television.

Moon in Gemini

Gemini Moons are likely to be bright and intellectually inclined, and the mother fosters this. The mother usually plays an educative role and happily meets the child’s intellectual needs. This is a home where education is valued and reading and schoolwork are emphasized. However, the child’s emotional and physical needs may not be attended to as enthusiastically. Although the mother may be an intellectual role model, she may be less helpful in modeling other skills, such as intimacy and managing in the world. She may not be very affectionate or emotionally demonstrative. In some cases, the mother feels more like a friend, a peer, or an aunt.

Moon in Cancer

This Moon sign is ideal for establishing a solid foundation for adulthood. Unless the Moon is afflicted, the mother probably enjoyed being mother and homemaker. She is likely to have met the child’s physical and emotional needs. When our physical needs are met, we feel valued and recognized; when our emotional needs are met, we learn to value and trust our feelings. Feelings are important because they point to our needs, and only by having our needs met can we grow physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. So, recognition of our feelings is crucial in our early years. It is how self-worth is built and tantamount to being validated as an individual. The Cancer Moon’s mother is someone who attends to her child’s feelings and makes herself available physically and emotionally, which supports the development of self-esteem. On the other hand, the ties with the mother can be too close. The mother is identified with her children and may be possessive, smothering, and overly protective. This may make it difficult for the child to grow up and establish an independent identity.

Moon in Leo

When it is not afflicted, the gift of this Moon sign is a firm sense of self and self-worth. Confidence can go a long way in life. This gift of confidence instilled by the mother establishes a foundation for the Leo Moon’s future successes. The mother’s warm, expressive nurturing style lends confidence to her child. She is likely to have showered her Leo Moon child with attention and affection, so the child comes to expect this from others. This may, in part, be a self-promoting act in that she views her child as an extension of her own ego and love flows from this place of pride. Her child can do no wrong because it is her child. She is likely to encourage her child’s creativity and self-expression and may be creative herself. She is dramatic, forceful, and a show-stealer. The child learns to get her attention by doing the same.

Moon in Virgo

The early nurturing that Virgo Moons receive may be dedicated but dry. The mother is likely to be efficient, orderly, hardworking, and responsible but emotionally inexpressive. She is educated and thorough in her approach to motherhood, studying all the latest manuals about raising children. This care and attention is noticed by the child and makes up in many ways for the mother’s lack of warmth and playfulness. Nevertheless, Virgo Moons may struggle with expressing their emotions, having not had a model for this. Although they may not learn to be emotionally expressive, the dedicated care given to them is often sufficient to build their self-esteem. They, in turn, make dedicated and efficient mothers. On the other hand, the child’s self-esteem might be undermined if the mother is hypercritical and fussy, as is often the case with this Moon sign. In that case, the individual is likely to become self-critical or critical of others too.

Moon in Libra

When not afflicted, this Moon sign represents a beneficial home environment. The early home life is likely to be harmonious and peaceful, and the mother takes pride in providing a home that is both aesthetically pleasing and emotionally supportive. The absence of conflict and argument in the home is often apparent with Libra Moons, for they mirror this non-confrontational style in their relationships. They are likely to have learned how to negotiate and compromise in this early atmosphere, which can later serve them well in their own family relationships and work. The mother might be artistically inclined, refined, and well-versed in social etiquette. Culture and the arts might be emphasized in the home.

Moon in Scorpio

The early environment of Scorpio Moons is often difficult and intensely emotional. Abuse or misuse of power and authority are a possibility, leaving the individual angry or repressed. The mother or another family member may be domineering, manipulative, possessive, or controlling. There is often an undercurrent of hostility and resentment in the home and a sense of deep, dark secrets that no one is allowed to speak about. The secrets could include such things as violence, sexual abuse, addiction, criminality, psychological problems, or illegitimate children. On the other hand, the mother may have been highly attentive to the child’s emotional needs and bonded deeply with him or her. This is fine for the infant, who needs this bonding, but as the child matures, this can feel overbearing and possessive. Since identification by both parent and child is so strong, Scorpio Moons often have difficulty breaking the tie with their mothers as adults. The emotional intensity of this relationship often continues over the years. This deep psychic connection between the mother and child may, in fact, originate in a former lifetime.

Moon in Sagittarius

This Moon sign often represents a less traditional nurturing experience. The mother’s nurturing style is easygoing and liberal. Freedom is important to her and this attitude is conveyed to the child by allowing him or her freedom to explore, ask questions, and investigate life. However, there may be too little responsibility expected from the child and too few rules to allow the child to develop the inner discipline necessary for adulthood. Or, the mother may be off having her own adventure. So, although the mother may be a model of independent action and adventure, she may not be available to provide the security and stability that a child needs. She might lack responsibility and behave more like a friend than a parent. It is common for those with this Moon sign to live in a foreign country or be influenced by foreigners when they are growing up, perhaps by traveling a lot. The military family is an example of this. The family values freedom more than they do stability. They often move or travel a lot.

Moon in Capricorn

With this Moon sign, something may be lacking in the early environment. The mother may be ill and unable to care for the child, absent from the child’s life, depressed, repressed emotionally, over- worked, or unable to cope with the duties of motherhood. Sometimes the mother dies. Harshness is another possibility. The mother may be unloving, overbearing, strict, rigid, and restrictive, allowing little leeway for the child to act like a child or express his or her emotions. In any case, the child receives insufficient mothering. On the other hand, the early home life may be stable, secure, orderly, and attentive to responsibilities, supplying the child with the structure and discipline needed to function effectively in the world as an adult.

Moon in Aquarius

The Aquarius Moon’s early home life and mother are likely to be unique or unusual in some way. The individual may grow up in a household with progressive ideas about child rearing and considerably more freedom than most children. This free and tolerant atmosphere exposes the child to ideas that other children might not encounter. However, although this is an advantage intellectually, the child may have difficulty getting his or her need for closeness met. Aquarius, although tolerant and altruistic, is not known for its emotional warmth. Young children, however, do need close emotional interactions with adults to form a solid foundation of trust and a sturdy sense of self. As a result, Aquarius Moons may learn at an early age not to expect others to meet their emotional needs. Consequently, as adults, they may have trouble addressing the emotional needs of others. When afflicted, this Moon sign may indicate a chaotic home, inconsistent nurturing, divorce, or a disrupted home life, which can leave emotional scars and affect the individual’s ability to form intimate relationships later on. Several moves or changes in the early years are common. These can either cause insecurity or teach the individual to make the best of change.

Moon in Pisces

Pisces Moons may undergo some loss or hardship in relation to the mother. She may be psychologically incapable of caring for her child, mentally ill, addicted to drugs or alcohol, or neglectful. On the other hand, she may be artistic or musical. She is often religious, kind, and selfless. Religious or spiritual activities may be carried out in the home. In either case, Pisces Moons learn compassion, either through their own suffering or their mother’s compassionate care. When they are cared for lovingly, they learn to care lovingly for others. If they have been neglected, however, they may grow up with the same psychological damage as their mother and be prone to drug abuse and mental illness.

Be Like Merida, Lady Aces

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Merida is a totally awesome and underrated Disney princess and I have stolen her as an ace role model. Everyone seems to latch on to Elsa as the pinnacle of “female characters who don’t need no man” while forgetting about Merida, who, in my opinion, is a much better example of what it means to be a strong, independent woman, in addition to being a great inspiration for ace people feeling pressure from family/society to just “act normal.”

Firstly, Merida is a free-spirited wild child who just smashes gender roles to bits like it’s no big deal. She does what makes her happy regardless of whether or not it’s considered an appropriately “feminine” thing.

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She is strong, capable, and can take care of herself without any man following her around to keep her safe. She rides horses, is an incredible archer, and bravely runs and jumps wherever the heck she feels like going whenever the heck she feels like doing it. She has clearly put a lot of practice and effort into doing what she loves and becoming really good at it. She climbs waterfalls because they’re there and doesn’t care about how she looks doing it.

Secondly, she understands the world around her and is totally happy being alone in nature. She’s not afraid of being alone because she has taught herself all of the skills she needs to survive. Stuck outside for the night? Whatever, she’s got this. She knows what’s good to eat and what isn’t. She knows how to find/build shelter and keep warm.

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Even if you’re not an especially nature-loving or outdoorsy person, we can take all of this as a metaphor for real life. Stuck living alone (or prefer to live alone)? Merida wouldn’t be bothered. She’d have taught herself (or be willing to learn) all of the skills she needed to be independent and take good care of herself. If a challenge presented itself, she’d buckle down and find a way to deal with it. Merida needs Merida, and that’s it. She loves her family and wants to get married someday, but when the chips are down, Merida is enough for Merida.

Thirdly, Merida doesn’t take any crap from anybody and is not about to change herself to make others happy, even if it means facing a lot of conflict. She is Merida; she is happy being Merida, and she is always going to be Merida whether everybody else likes it or not. She’s not about to force her wild hair into an uncomfortable style if she doesn’t want to, put on an overly tight dress that she doesn’t like, or be forced into a marriage she didn’t choose because it’s tradition. She isn’t about to pretend to be something she’s not just because it’s the “proper” way for her to act.

She carries herself with confidence and respects herself enough to not be forced into anybody else’s mould. She asserts what she wants and is willing to speak out when it’s necessary.

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At the same time, Merida treats others with kindness and rights what she’s done wrong. She acknowledges when she’s messed up and hurt others, and, in her independent style, finds a way to fix it herself. While she’s firm in asserting what she wants and doesn’t want and won’t go against her beliefs in order to make anyone else happy, she is willing to try to find a compromise in order to maintain peace and get along with her family. No, she’s not about to get married until she’s good and ready, but she is willing to work with the clans to find a way to maintain peace among them without the marriage, and she learns to understand her mother so that they can have a mutually respectful relationship even if they might not agree on everything.

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Overall, Merida might be underrated and often ignored, but she’s an awesome role model for all girls and women, ace or not. She loves herself and others, is strong, capable, and confident, does what she likes and what makes her happy regardless of what anyone thinks about it, respects herself, and, above all, refuses to be turned into anything that she isn’t or made to do anything she isn’t comfortable with, regardless of what tradition and society tell her she should be and do.

We could all benefit from being a little more like Merida.

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Okay, I think that fandom has to stop about what Wanda Maximoff being the perfect model of independence when she actually lives of Tony’s pocket (¬‿¬).

Call me sexist all you want, but she is. She doesn’t study. She doesn’t have a job. Avenging is not job whereas Rogers says.

If she was so fucking independent, she would have found a job and just return to the Compound for training. Not living of the money of the man that she oh so much despised.

Balancing Time and Space in the Brain: A New Model Holds Promise for Predicting Brain Dynamics

For as long as scientists have been listening in on the activity of the brain, they have been trying to understand the source of its noisy, apparently random, activity. In the past 20 years, “balanced network theory” has emerged to explain this apparent randomness through a balance of excitation and inhibition in recurrently coupled networks of neurons. A team of scientists has extended the balanced model to provide deep and testable predictions linking brain circuits to brain activity.

Lead investigators at the University of Pittsburgh say the new model accurately explains experimental findings about the highly variable responses of neurons in the brains of living animals. On Oct. 31, their paper, “The spatial structure of correlated neuronal variability,” was published online by the journal Nature Neuroscience.

The new model provides a much richer understanding of how activity is coordinated between neurons in neural circuits. The model could be used in the future to discover neural “signatures” that predict brain activity associated with learning or disease, say the investigators.

“Normally, brain activity appears highly random and variable most of the time, which looks like a weird way to compute,” said Brent Doiron, associate professor of mathematics at Pitt, senior author on the paper, and a member of the University of Pittsburgh Brain Institute (UPBI). “To understand the mechanics of neural computation, you need to know how the dynamics of a neuronal network depends on the network’s architecture, and this latest research brings us significantly closer to achieving this goal.”

Earlier versions of the balanced network theory captured how the timing and frequency of inputs—excitatory and inhibitory—shaped the emergence of variability in neural behavior, but these models used shortcuts that were biologically unrealistic, according to Doiron.

“The original balanced model ignored the spatial dependence of wiring in the brain, but it has long been known that neuron pairs that are near one another have a higher likelihood of connecting than pairs that are separated by larger distances. Earlier models produced unrealistic behavior—either completely random activity that was unlike the brain or completely synchronized neural behavior, such as you would see in a deep seizure. You could produce nothing in between.”

In the context of this balance, neurons are in a constant state of tension. According to co-author Matthew Smith, assistant professor of ophthalmology at Pitt and a member of UPBI, “It’s like balancing on one foot on your toes. If there are small overcorrections, the result is big fluctuations in neural firing, or communication.”

The new model accounts for temporal and spatial characteristics of neural networks and the correlations in the activity between neurons—whether firing in one neuron is correlated with firing in another. The model is such a substantial improvement that the scientists could use it to predict the behavior of living neurons examined in the area of the brain that processes the visual world.

After developing the model, the scientists examined data from the living visual cortex and found that their model accurately predicted the behavior of neurons based on how far apart they were. The activity of nearby neuron pairs was strongly correlated. At an intermediate distance, pairs of neurons were anticorrelated (When one responded more, the other responded less.), and at greater distances still they were independent.

“This model will help us to better understand how the brain computes information because it’s a big step forward in describing how network structure determines network variability,” said Doiron. “Any serious theory of brain computation must take into account the noise in the code. A shift in neuronal variability accompanies important cognitive functions, such as attention and learning, as well as being a signature of devastating pathologies like Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy.”

While the scientists examined the visual cortex, they believe their model could be used to predict activity in other parts of the brain, such as areas that process auditory or olfactory cues, for example. And they believe that the model generalizes to the brains of all mammals. In fact, the team found that a neural signature predicted by their model appeared in the visual cortex of living mice studied by another team of investigators.

“A hallmark of the computational approach that Doiron and Smith are taking is that its goal is to infer general principles of brain function that can be broadly applied to many scenarios. Remarkably, we still don’t have things like the laws of gravity for understanding the brain, but this is an important step for providing good theories in neuroscience that will allow us to make sense of the explosion of new experimental data that can now be collected,” said Nathan Urban, associate director of UPBI.


What a difference 47 years makes Alternating pics of Abarth 1300 Scorpione, 1970 and Abarth 124 Scorpione, 2017. The 1300 Scorpione was powered by a rear-mounted  tuned version of the original Fiat 124′s engine and was built by Carrozzeria Francis Lombardi having been designed by Giuseppe Rinaldi. It was the last independently produced Abarth model. The new Abarth 124 Scorpione is a special edition which will debut at the Geneva Motor show

“Playful serenity, luminous ecru tones that glow. Sun kissed skin and dark bouncy coils, culottes and curly waist skirts to twirl around in. Delicately painted abstract faces on buttoned up shirts, billowy jumpsuits and airy low crotched trousers. Hand stitch embroidery on denim jackets + miki hats full of character.”

This is More Than A Color - Collection 7

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I need to make an Esmeralda appreciation post because she’s a boss ass bitch and no one gives her nearly enough credit.

first of all her face isn’t what you normally see. She’s exotic looking. Dark skin, green eyes, big ass hair, large eyebrows, her lips aren’t huge. Yet she is still absolutely stunning.

Now her body. She is not stick thin. Not even close, she’s not overweight either, but unlike most disney princesses and other characters, she’s known for being incredibly fit and having a fuller frame, and that’s one of the main reasons she was considered one of the most beautiful and sexiest women of the land in the movie.

She also don’t take shit from no one. She worked hard to be where she was and she fought for what she believed in every step of the way. She never let Frollo take advantage of her and never even gave him the chance. She was strong and independent and I think everything a role model should be.And last but not least she defended herself when need be but knew how to laugh, have fun, and genuinely enjoy herself. She had a welcoming personality and didn’t hesitate to share what she believed in. She did what she thought was right no matter who was looking.

Esmeralda will forever be my favorite Disney character and my main role model. She is the character I want my kids to look up to.

Woman up.

The Devil Wears Gucci (Preview)

A/N: Hello! I deleted the first post of this story because I didn’t like the cover and I wanted to edit some things a bit, but most of it is the same. Enjoy~

Description:  Jimin begins his summer working at a high end fashion magazine as a regular desk employee before he then earns the most feared position in the market: Kim Taehyung’s assistant.

Pairing: Jimin x Taehyung, Jimin x Jungkook

Warnings: Explicit wording


‘’Two what?’’

Hoseok heavily sighed on the other line.

‘’Four, soy caramel lattes, decaf, no fat.’’

Jimin furrowed his brows at the distant sound of Hoseok’s voice through the heavy crowd, working his way through two women dressed in black fur coats walking cocker spaniels before he made it to the door of Starbucks and nearly threw himself inside.

‘’U-uh, ok. Two coffe—‘’

‘’Four, Park Jimin, four! Soy caramel decaf nonfat lattes, and you need to be back in ten minutes. He’s almost done shooting.’’

A break of sweat started of Jimin’s forehead and his palms went cold, that familiar piercing cut of anxiety crushing through the pit of his stomach.

Two weeks ago, Jimin was laying down in his bed staring at the ceiling eating a bag of white cheddar puffs while season 1 of America’s Next Top Model played on his TV, the season he’s watched six times total and was working to get that lucky seven. Exactly a week later, he was rushing to wipe bread crumbs from the side of his mouth as he ran down the street from the subway directly into Dulcet Kalon, the high end fashion magazine company located on 59th and Ashwood, right in the East Village.

Never had Jimin thought that he’d be working this summer, let alone, in one of the most couture high fashion companies in the world.

Before his junior year of college ended, Jimin had signed himself up to be considered to work at local magazine and fashion corporations, as a part of a summer program offered by his school, the Fashion Institute of Technology. He had signed back in December, and by May, it was something he had completely forgotten about. Plus, it was never something he thought that he’d be able to do, as selected individuals were some of the top in the class, and Jimin never considered himself to be even close.

But like a sweet surprise, Jimin had gotten a call from his school counselor that he had gotten chosen, and he had gotten chosen for the company everyone had wanted.

Dulcet Kalon, or, Sweet Beauty, as it can be translated to literally meaning, is one of the biggest fashion and beauty blockbusters in the world, let alone the country. A fashion magazine and a modeling agency mixed together, DK has specialized for decades branding some of the most successful models society has ever seen, let alone having some of the prettiest magazine covers. Not only are they a couture fashion corporation, but they’re sister to Vogue, as they’re both under Conde Nast. A chance to intern here is a direct ticket to being able to work at any fashion journalism related company in the world, and here Jimin was, chosen to do it.

Of course, it was an amazing opportunity, and the people there were great. He got his own desk right across from Jung Hoseok, the senior two-year employee who was shadowing Jimin for the two month span he was going to be there. But, there was one person there who Jimin was scared of every time he saw them, and that was the most infamous model in the label.

Kim Taehyung, the ‘’Prince’’ of the company, the ‘’Diva,’’ or his most used label, the ‘’Devil.’’ Jimin didn’t know much about him, he rarely ever saw him and if he did, it was a few second passerby on their floor or walking out the building in an expensive fur coat on his way to his limo.

But, even though he was nearly a ghost to the floor, Jimin had found himself being scared of him, and it didn’t help that he was almost on every cover displayed in the building. Taehyung was one of their best models, if not unbiasedly the best, and he was endorsed and sponsored by several brands, including his personal favorites Gucci and Puma. Even though Taehyung is an independent model, he is still loyal to Dulcet, and comes back more often than any of the models who are free signed.

While as successful as he is, it isn’t hard to be aware of the presence that is created whenever Taehyung enters a room. Everyone looks away, walks the other direction, stops what they’re saying, hides their food, or goes to another room. In the least, Jimin knows he isn’t the only one who feels a weird air whenever he sees him; it’s almost like he can’t ever look directly at him.

According to Hoseok, people don’t treat Taehyung that way for no reason. His attitude matches his nicknames; he is a diva paired with a naturally sharp tongue and a gaze that could scare hundreds. He’s not scared to say what’s on his mind and be brutally honest, and he has the looks to back him up. The only real downside, is that because of this, Taehyung has never had a longterm assistant, which is the norm for every model to function properly, especially in DK. Every assistant has either quit because they can’t keep up with Taehyung’s requests, or are fired because they looked the wrong way (which actually happened). The longest one he’s had lasted for four months, and the story about that one is super hush hush, so Jimin’s never asked. But since several people want to work at the company, they always give them that job.

‘’It’s the ‘garbage’ job,’’ Hoseok once told Jimin at his desk rearranging a stack of papers.

‘’Anyone who wants to work here always starts with that job after something small like cleaning or front desk. They only last like two weeks, it’s a game of quit or be fired, and quit usually wins.’’

Thankfully, Jimin has missed that whole loophole and gets to work at the 22nd floor at his desk, minding his business and taking care of small tasks.

Which is exactly why when Jimin woke up and finally got to work on time did he almost faint when Hoseok told him he needed to get coffee for Kim Taehyung.

His assistant this time called in-sick (which is a direct way of getting fired), and there was no one to get his early daily fix of Starbuck’s coffee in the morning; not before Hoseok or Namjoon could come in to still in for a day until another assistant was assigned.

Jimin had tried avoiding communicating or doing any work for Taehyung as much as he could, but yet here he was, second week on the job, doing the exact thing he tried to avoid.

Barely managing the phone against his ear as he shifted through the crowd and stepped inside of the Starbucks, Jimin walked himself straight into the line and let out a deep breath.

‘’Yeah, sure, got it.’’

‘’Repeat it back.’’

Jimin pulled back to look at the time on his phone before putting it back to his ear.

‘’Four cappuccinos, I’ll be back as soon as possible.’’

‘’Four soy lat–!’’

Exact second, a bulk body bumped into Jimin from the back and his phone went sailing to the floor, making an annoyingly loud clatter, and to his worst fear, ending the call.


Feeling the color leave his face, Jimin leaned down and quickly picked the phone up, first checking for the call than looking for any possible scratches. Completely annoyed, Jimin turned to the culprit who had bumped into him angrily.

‘’Can you act like you have two fucki—‘’

There were two things Jimin could do at this second. He could close his mouth and turn around as if nothing happened, or he could continue to stare at the incredible piece of art that was staring directly back at him.

A sharp cut jawline was the first thing Jimin saw, next to a pair of dark round brown eyes that looked back at him curiously. He was tan, whomever he was, and was wearing a leather jacket with something that looked like sheep fur around the lining and hoodie, a dark black shirt underneath, next to some leather pants and some boots. Aside from his out of season attire, his hair was dark and parted to the side and shined beautifully even under the horrible fluorescent lights. He had not one imperfection on his skin, and before Jimin could stare any longer, his concentration broke when he smiled.

‘’Excuse me.’’ He said, and Jimin blinked his eyes twice and looked down at the floor.

‘’Oh, uh, s-sorry.’’

Jimin started to turn around but his voice stopped him.

‘’I wasn’t paying attention when I walked in. I’m sorry about your phone, I hope it didn’t get scratched or cracked or anything.’’

It was as if Jimin had completely forgotten about his phone in the seconds he had seen him, and he glanced down at it and looked up at the man.

‘’No its fine, the phone is ok.’’

The man’s smile reached his eyes, and Jimin admired his nicely fit and small buttoned nose. Jimin started to turn around again before he was stopped.

‘’I hope this isn’t inappropriate to ask, but do you work at Dulcet Kalon?’’

Jimin looked back at him and lifted an eyebrow. He wasn’t wearing the ID tag around his neck or had any obvious signs of identifications to the company, so how the unknown man knew he worked for DK was beyond Jimin, but he was pretty so he was going to let it slide.

‘’Uh, yeah, matter of fact I do.’’

The man nodded at this with a light smile.


Raising an eyebrow slightly, Jimin turned around and unlocked his phone, looking for any missed calls or text messages from Hoseok, but nothing. He could have single handedly accidently just gotten himself fired, and the mere thought of that happening was enough to make him sick. But he had to at least get this right, he couldn’t have the call end prematurely and show up with the wrong order of coffees. If only he could remember what Hoseok said the first time, it seemed like everyone at work talked so fast and Jimin couldn’t keep up at all.

‘’Thre—no four, four…lowfat? Nonfat. No, low fat.’’

Jimin stopped himself and placed a hand over his face in frustration, and his anxiety grew worse when the line moved up, and there was one more person in front. If only he could just hear it one more time, there was no way he was about to allow himself to stand in front of this cashier and stutter on his own words for what he needed to order.

‘’Four…lowfat, c-chai?’’

Just as Jimin had whispered that to himself, the line moved up again and now he was face to face with the cashier.

Nervously wringing his fingers together, Jimin cracked a half-smile at the female who smiled back at him.

‘’Hello, how may I help you?’’

Quickly, Jimin fumbled with his phone and unlocked it as if the answer was laid right there before him. Well, maybe it technically was, he could easily call Hoseok but he would need to go to the back of the line; he couldn’t just call someone while people waited behind him. On top of that, he needed to be back within 10 minutes, and Starbucks was a nice 4 minute walk alone from the building.

‘’I believe it’s four soy caramel nonfat decaf lattes.’’

The young man from behind Jimin nodded at the cashier with a star-stellar smile as she glanced between the two for confirmation.

‘’Is that your order sir?’’ she asked Jimin, and taken back by the mystery man’s sudden inquiry, he snapped his head to the cashier and flashed a grin.

‘’Yes, yes it is.’’

Just as he had turned to say thank you, the man was already out the door and back into the busy summer NYC street, gone into the crowd.

This must have been some sort of joke. A photo shoot and an interview? According to some of his advisers, the people wanted to get to know their new king. Still it felt like a joke. Arthur walked past a few people on the set, and made his way to the girl that caught his eye. “Be honest, this is crazy right? A photo shoot for a king? Who does that?”