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Meeting an independent film maker this evening to be part of a documentary filming what it’s like to be a young person with mental illness in this current political climate.
I’ve heard good stuff about him. As long as he doesn’t mess me about like the BBC did!

On this day in 1910, Karel Zeman was born in Ostroměř, in what was formerly known as Austria-Hungary.  Zeman was an early pioneer of directing fantasy films using techniques such as forced perspective, stop motion, and other live action animation tricks to create otherwise impossible to film sequences, earning him the monicker “The Czech Méliès” (after the French film maker and illusionist who pioneered most of the special effects technique that early cinema relied on).   
Zeman’s career began in advertising, with his first endeavor in the medium taking place on the set of an advertisement for French soap.  Shortly after, he began working as a special effects hand in collectives and various productions before making a short animated film with his brother.  His subsequent short animated films gained recognition through the Czech Republic, and earned him enough notoriety that in 1952, Zeman made his first feature length film The Treasure of Bird Island, procuring enough accolades to establish the film maker in a career making feature films until the 1980’s. 

So influential was Zeman’s craft, that film makers and animators like Jan Švankmajer, Tim Burton, Ray Harryhausen, Wes Anderson, and Terry Gilliam have all claimed to be heavily inspired by his work, with Gilliam once stating “He did what I’m still trying to do, which is to try and combine live action with animation."  In order to fully appreciate Zeman’s work, we’ve enclosed a link to part one of a video about the techniques he used, from a special behind the scenes documentary vantage point.  The clip shows some very simple techniques which when applied properly can give fantastic results, even for independent film makers.
[ The Magic World of Karel Zeman ]

frxnkiero  asked:

(please recommend me some frikey to read!!)

my friend…i think u may have come to the right place….

won’t know ‘til you begin (contains sex) - probably my favourite frikey ever! i seem to have a thing for frank suddenly realising he wants mikey, and this is really well written! it’s so funny and every character is bang on, so believable, and idk just read it it’s incredible i can’t tell u how good it is u’ll have to read it

heart wrapped in clover (contains sex) - like the above, bullets!frank is pining for mikey, and also like the above this is a really good fic with well written characters, but unlike the above mikey crossdresses in this one! 

it came from within (contains sex, like loads of sex) - you should definitely check out all of turps’ frikeys because they’re really fucking good. this is another bullets!frank pining after mikey, but as i remember it’s more focused on the sexual side of pining rather than the emotional. 

and the painted ponies (contains sex) - this one is another really fucking incredible one! in this fic mikey is a supermodel and frank is his bodyguard and jesus you need to read it ok - it’s another one of my favourites for a reason! there’s a really good plotline, i’m a big fan of model!mikey (due to how attracted to him i am lmao) and it’s just amazingly written!

emotional brilliance (no sex in this one!) - this is a lush au where frank is new and obnoxious and mikey’s really fucking stubborn (like frustratingly stubborn, in the best way possible) and is set on disliking frank. it’s almost on par with won’t know ‘til you begin in my book, it’s brilliant!

thigh highs (contains sex, like it’s just sex) - this is full on porn lmao?? it’s really good though - it’s hard to find a genuinely well written smut fic, and this one rlly delivers! it’s so fucking hot, and i really like needy!mikey as well lmao 

you pick me up and take me home again (no sex in this one!) - this fic is really adorable, there’s no other word for it. it’s frank pining after mikey again, but this is from mikey’s point of view and he’s pretty oblivious to it! it’s really good though, i love the world the author’s set, i want to live in it!

on air (no sex in this one!) - this is a very well written au where frank’s a radio dj and he has to interview the way brothers, who are independent horror film makers, and falls for mikey. i really love this one!

your dirty smile shames the sun (contains sex) - a follow up from a smut fic, this also has its fair share of smut, which is a really hot dom/sub almost bdsm scene. i’m not usually the biggest fan of bottom!frank, but i really love this! it’s not just smut tho, it definitely has its sweet moments.

on my knees (contains sex! this is smut) - you can probably tell from the title what this is about. it’s well written and really kinda sweet as well, i really like smut fics where they’re already in an established relationship because it brings emotion to the scene, which makes it a much better read

food of love (no sex in this one!) - you can’t go wrong with a coffeeshop au tbh! this one is really sweet, altho some parts are cringey lmao (not because of the writing but ur just like ‘nooo why did you say/do that???’), plus the coffeeshop and its menu are really welcoming.

like a chemical stress (mentions of sex but no actual sex) - just a sweet domestic frikey if you’re in the mood for a bit of fluff! i have a certain weakness for hurt/comfort fics, and frank’s sick in this one

a spark to ignite (no sex in this one!) - another hurt/comfort fic! in this one mikey’s burned his hand being a fucking idiot (altho it’s believable lmao) and frank takes care of it. gerard’s very melodramatic in this one, it’s up to you whether you think that’s perfect for his character or whether it’s a bit too much.

the clank of a night train (mentions of sex, not in detail at all tho) - another hurt/comfort fic, but this one is quite a bit darker, which i like a lot. mikey is suffering from nightmares (can’t remember the technical term for it, but hey, whatever lmao) and is pretty ashamed of it, and it’s really good!

you should also check out every word not spoken to you! it is a frikey, but it’s not soley about frikey. basically mikey runs away from home with frank, and things go to shit when rank gets ill and he has to whore himself out to make ends meet. it also focuses on panic! members, like jon and ryan and spencer, and it’s quite a long read but a really fucking good one, like i don’t like p!atd but i really love this fic!

so those are some frikeys i recommend! the ones i recommend the most are won’t know ‘til you begin, emotional brilliance, heart wrapped in clover, and the painted ponies, thigh highs (if you like that sort of thing), you pick me up and take me home again, every word not spoken to you, and the clank of a night train. 

please read them!! and also talk to me about them - i really love these fics, and i rlly want to know what you think of them!! 

mmmk but a nurseydex Kissing In The Rain au

  • the premise of this webseries is there are these two actors who keep getting cast in the same films, projects, and they end up having to kiss in the rain
  • in season 1, james and lily initially do not enjoy each other’s company at all and then……….cfjdnvjerndksjff ksd ek
    • That’s essentially it.
  • Actors! 
    • Nursey is the former child star who’s trying to disassociate from a character he played in a movie–there’s a “Remember The Kid From [Redacted Title]? Well, He’s All Grown Up!” article on Buzzfeed about him
      • He’s writing a lot more and working on finding independent film-makers, producers to partner with
    • Dex is a partner in a web-based media production company, possibly with Chowder. He edits, directs, writes, markets, and oh yeah, does the acting thing. 
  • Here, Nursey is casted in Dex’s webseries.
    • Dex auditions for a play Nursey’s friend (Shitty) is directing
      • personal hc is that it’s picnic by william inge but that’s me
    • Extras in a historical drama on the Crimean War
    • Music video ???
    • Guest appearances on another webseries, filmed on the same day.
    • Minor characters in a rom-com.
    • Law & Order
    • Oh, they both happen to be casted as recurring characters in a major network drama. As love interests.
  • This all happens over slow-burn worthy span of time bc jobs, y’all
  • There just happens to be rain of the real and fake variety involved
    • And kissing, who knew?
    • And major annoyance, hijinks, pressed powder, and dad rock. 
  • Kissing!
  • In!
  • The!
  • Rain!
Coming Home to Mixed Reactions by Taylor Swift: ✭✭✭✭½

Independent film maker, Taylor Swift, returns to the film scene with a short film, Coming Home to Mixed Reactions. In this thrilling video, Swift exemplifies the contrast between the two characters and uses classic background music to further demonstrate her point. Exemplary camera work is seen with Swift panning the camera around the room, searching for Meredith. This suspenseful short film is not to be missed. We were first introduced to Olivia in the critically acclaimed documentary, Living With Meerkats, in which Swift examines the action-packed life of Olivia. We certainly hope to see more work from Swift in the future as the tale of Olivia and Meredith unfolds. 


This represents your first time working with Christopher Nolan, how did you find the experience?

“Oh it’s amazing.. Christopher Nolan is like an independent film maker that happens to be working for a studio. It’s all practical sets. They planted 500 acres of corn, built the houses, threw actual dust in my face everyday. It was a great experience to actually be an actor and have something to react to, not just green screen.”