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Director, Miguel Arteta, along with actors Jennifer Aniston, Jake Gyllenhaal, Zoey Deschanel, Tim Blake Nelson, and John C. Reilly, arrive at the premiere of The Good Girl at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT.

“Justine (Jennifer Anniston) is the good girl. Thirty years old and working in a Texas discount store, she is dissatisfied by her routine and disgusted by her lazy, pot-smoking husband. Her life is nearly at a standstill, until she suddenly notices Holden (Jake Gyllenhaal) a few cash registers away. He is young and seemly as disaffected as she, and together the two forge a passionate connection destine to shatter everything Justine stands for, or at least thinks she does.” - John Cooper

You can watch a trailer for The Good Girl here.

© 2002 for Sundance Institute, Film still courtesy of The Good Girl.

“The type of human I am, I like to seek out laughter while I’m in the tragedy.” —Gillian Robespierre

Today on The Creative Independent, the writer and director of Obvious Child and Landline talks about crisis and sadness in comedy, the importance of collaboration, and why finishing a second movie isn’t any easier than finishing the first.

This week: MoMA Film screens debut feature The Blue Hour and Jerry Lewis’s latest movie Max Rose. Lewis and writer/director Daniel Noah will be on hand for a Q&A following Sunday’s screening. 

[The Blue Hour. 2015. Thailand. Directed by Anucha Boonyawatana. Courtesy of Strand Releasing]


Ewan McGregor first attended the Sundance Film Festival in 1995 for his starring role in Danny Boyle’s Shallow Grave alongside fellow newcomers Kerry Fox and Christopher Eccleston. 

“I like the fact I get to work on different kinds of projects, and I’m not concerned about if it’s a studio picture or an independent picture. I think [that] leads to quite interesting work and choices. That makes me happy. More of the same please.” - Ewan McGregor

© 1995 | Photo by Trish Empey ; Film still courtesy of Shallow Grave.


Today is National Prom Day and National Tater Day! Celebrate both with Napoleon Dynamite, the breakout comedy hit of the 2004 Sundance Film Festival.

Only recently added to the U.S. National Day Calendar, today marks the very first National Prom Day. Conversely, U.S. National Tater Day dates back to the 1840s and is the oldest continuous trade day in the U.S.

Still and gif courtesy of Napoleon Dynamite
Mads Mikkelsen: 'I’m still looking for my identity in the English language'
From Le Chiffre in Casino Royal to the titular character in the presently cancelled Hannibal, Mads Mikkelsen has become internationally renown for playing a fantastic villain.

One last project I’d like to discuss is Hannibal, which was so fantastic but got cancelled. Have there been any developments on season four?

It ended where it ended. It’s one of those rare shows where you can pick it up whenever you want, in years from now, because the story itself jumps about. Whether or not it happens, we don’t know. It’s all in the hands of Brian Fuller. We simply cannot do it without him. He’s the mastermind and the genius behind the show. I don’t think anyone could do it without him. If he can persuade a TV channel to do it, I think he can persuade the whole gang to come back.

There’s such a feverish fanbase behind it, I’m guessing people are hoping Netflix or Amazon will pick it up.

Normally, when you’ve worked on something for three years, you don’t want to come back, but I must say, there wasn’t a single boring day on that show. It was going places we could not imagine.

Well, I certainly hope it comes back at some stage.

So do I.”