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“It’s up to Heche and Oh, then, to make this story register as something more than just a series of madcap scuffles. And both actresses deliver with two perfectly prickly performances that add more comic dimension and personal variation to the story than what exists on the page. Their emotional alertness, in particular, comes in handy when Tukel decides to take this jazzy film into darker, drearier terrain. Neither Heche nor Oh is afraid to play the sadness of a scene, to shed a tear or underplay an especially mordant comeback at the risk of losing a laugh.

By taking the material so seriously, both actresses ultimately transform this jaunty, vengeful pseudo-satire into something actually sobering – a tragicomedy that, at its best, stings and then aches like a punch in the face.” – Matthew Eng

Anne Heche and Sandra Oh get aggressive in Onur Tukel’s scathing new comedy, Catfight


“My practical advice for a young comic is if you want to do this, do something. Do a lot of it. If you want to build an internet presence, then tweet this amount of times, tweet this many jokes or post this many times. Approach it like a job and take it seriously.”

In conversation with The Creative Independent, comedian Hannibal Buress discusses his approach to building a career in comedy, looks back on learning to do stand-up with the help of Google, and dispenses some no-nonsense advice for young comedians. Read the interview here.


Nash Edgerton’s hilariously sick 2007 short film “Spider” is a recognised classic of the genre, winning numerous awards and still serving as a frequent teaching tool at film schools around the world. When asked where idea for the film came from, Nash simply says:

“[It] was an idea that popped into my head that wouldn’t go away. it would constantly plague my thoughts and eventually started to drive me a little crazy, so I knew I had to get it out of my head and make it so I could make room for other ideas. And, yeah, it was based on a number things that happened growing up – fights with girls in cars; a toy rubber spider I used to scare my Mum with; an incident in a car with my brother and I and a real spider on the freeway; and my Mum (like a lot of Mums) saying, ‘It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.’”

If you haven’t yet seen “Spider” click on the following link and prepare to be shocked, horrified, and delighted.  :-)


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Between Us

5.6/10 - IMDb

(2016) Rated R - 1hr 40min

Overwhelmed by familiarity and the pressure to marry, a woman and her bohemian boyfriend each head out to have their own unforgettable night in L.A.

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Ewan McGregor first attended the Sundance Film Festival in 1995 for his starring role in Danny Boyle’s Shallow Grave alongside fellow newcomers Kerry Fox and Christopher Eccleston. 

“I like the fact I get to work on different kinds of projects, and I’m not concerned about if it’s a studio picture or an independent picture. I think [that] leads to quite interesting work and choices. That makes me happy. More of the same please.” - Ewan McGregor

© 1995 | Photo by Trish Empey ; Film still courtesy of Shallow Grave.

The Matchbreaker

5.5/10 - IMDb

(2016) PG - 1hr 34min

When an idealistic romantic gets fired from his day job, he is offered a “one-time gig” to break up a girl’s relationship for her disapproving parents. This “one-time” gig spreads through word-of-mouth and he ends up becoming a professional match-breaker. However, he ends up falling for one of his clients and must figure out how to balance his secret job with his love-life.

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Director, Miguel Arteta, along with actors Jennifer Aniston, Jake Gyllenhaal, Zoey Deschanel, Tim Blake Nelson, and John C. Reilly, arrive at the premiere of The Good Girl at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT.

“Justine (Jennifer Anniston) is the good girl. Thirty years old and working in a Texas discount store, she is dissatisfied by her routine and disgusted by her lazy, pot-smoking husband. Her life is nearly at a standstill, until she suddenly notices Holden (Jake Gyllenhaal) a few cash registers away. He is young and seemly as disaffected as she, and together the two forge a passionate connection destine to shatter everything Justine stands for, or at least thinks she does.” - John Cooper

You can watch a trailer for The Good Girl here.

© 2002 for Sundance Institute, Film still courtesy of The Good Girl.