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Nukeme, Fashion Designer

Latest episode from toco toco web documentry series on Japanese creatives looks at artist who explores glitches in fashion making, as well as a little tour of independent fashion spaces:

Nukeme is a fashion designer based in Tokyo. He works on various creative projects, that recently include a collaboration with Urusei Yatsura license and other projects leveraging new technologies. His latest creations feature glitch art, that he creates by hacking into embroidery software, which generates a random aspect to his works.

First we will follow Nukeme to Hayatochiri, a select shop located in the Koenji area, whose owner, Goto is also a creator himself. The store features unique creations made by young local designers, and it was the first to feature Nukeme’s work eight years ago. The store’s walls are fully decorated with manga pages, so the store’s visitors can also enjoy some reading while browsing through its wares.

Our second stop will be at House@Mikiri Hasshn, a store and gallery space located in Omotesando area. The store combines original fashion creations from Japanese creators, vintage clothes and a gallery space located in the basement. We will have a peek into the current exhibition, Korisho, featuring items that combine traditional Japanese craftsmanship with new technology, such as laser cutting. Its peculiar interior combined with its concept make the store one of Nukeme’s favorite spots in Tokyo.

Lastly, we will head to Nukeme’s atelier, where he will tell us about his work inspiration and creations, some of which involve a unique use of 3D printing… 

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Être indépendant est l'affaire d'un très petit nombre ; c'est le privilège des forts. Et, qui en prend le risque, fût-ce avec les meilleures raisons, mais sans y être contraint, prouve sans doute qu'il n'est pas seulement fort mais téméraire jusqu'à l'extravagance.
—  Nietzsche - Par-delà bien et mal - Paragraphe 29
10 good things in 2016

I was tagged by @bodhicasian, thanks! I’d like to meet you too, hope 2017 will be the year!

On a personal level, 2016 is far from being a bad year for me, even if I had the basic down mood and hate for what I make.

  1. I made new friends, online and irl, but mostly at my internship and it was a (good) surprise!
  2. I started traveling alone, though I met up with @maiuzan and never left her side while she showed me around. Thanks Bro it was such a nice week end ;w; Maybe in 2017 I can make a small “Europe tour”, be independant but still meeting mutuals!
  3. I had a good job experience at my internship, and worked on an exhibition, and it was kind of surreal to me! I only had small tasks, but that may help me in the future!
  4. I managed to finish my studies despite my stupid brain feeling overwhelmed and thinking I wasn’t made for this kind of diploma, since I already abandonned my previous master. 
  5. I organized a weekend for my absolute otp (ennoyama♥) and it went well so yeah!
  6. I think it’s the year I finally finished a book I started the previous year so also yeah! Since my reading patterns are really chaotic uwu”
  7. I didn’t get to sew or wear many cosplays, and if I did I didn’t get photos, but still my sewing and wig styling skills are slowly improving and that’s great!
  8. I’m pretty sure I updated my old pokespe fanfic (from 2009) twice this year, and since I usually update once a year it was a great accomplishment!
  9. I tried baking new things and it was tasty! Still have to work on the visual, but it was that! 
  10. The event I worked on was a succes and people thought it was a good initiative and hope we’ll continue! (Though some members aren’t in Paris anymore so it’ll be difficult)

And, well, those are nice things that happened and that came to mind! There was probably more but I left my friend alone so I’m going to wake her up so we can get ready x)

I hope everyone has a nice New Year Eve and that 2017 will be a good year for you ♥

I tag @sapphiresoulmate, @maiuzan, @meowable-chan, @basketballraijuu, @lupisashes, @weirdlywisely, and @yurika-schiffer if you want to do it!

Day 800

fishingboatproceeds is not my best friend yet. 

Happy Fourth of July to my fellow Americans! 

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