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Happy 4th of July To My American Friends!

3 - 4 July 2017

Here in Western Australia the 4th of July has rolled around ahead of the USA so I’ve popped up my temporary facebook profile picture for y’all. I’ve made some pretty awesome cyber-acquaintances from the United States, so have a happy holiday folks. (If I’d been paying attention I would have done the same for Canada Day -  apologies fellow Commonwealth buddies!)

For me, this will be Day 4 of Dry July - no alcohol for 31 days - and it already feels like an eternity. I haven’t been tempted to drink wine (I ate a tad too much sugar in compensation yesterday though) but it already feels like an ultra-marathon. The habit is strong. I was simply going to make this a private challenge but on impulse signed up to the official challenge, which raises money to support people with cancer. I figured I might as well help others while I help my own health, and donated the money I would normally spend on wine in a month.

I have Tuesdays off and, like my pooch, was feeling a bit cold and tired this morning - she emerged with her blanket still attached. We settled on the couch to watch yesterday’s Tour de France stage (I watched - she went back to sleep and snored). I am weaning off prednisolone and am due to change over from Remicade to Humira shortly; the bowel is not great and probably explains my enervation.

Abstinence notwithstanding, July itself has been wet wet wet. My run trainer belatedly posted those cheerful snaps on fb after our last sunny session two Saturdays ago. Yours truly instigated the silly post-run poses of course heehee. Looking at our timing and vertical jump fails there’s barely a fast twitch muscle between us - endurance ftw!

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Proof that 1967 was their best year

in 1967 the beatles became FREE.

Free from their iconic and teen image they gave themselves for the screaming fans and magazines. They were not 4 cute lads anymore. They literally could do what they wanted with their image, body, clothes, and life. Also, they grew up, they became independent. Each one of them got a new house, an independent life. They stopped touring. They could handle their public and private life as they wanted. That’s why I love how it’s even more blatant that John and Paul spent countless time together, in London, full of fans who turned out to be their paparazzi, taking candids and following them everywhere.

First proof, look at this:

This is my favourite photo of them of all time. It was late night, they were going to abbey road recording sgt pepper, coming from Paul’s house. They look like a married couple to me. They spent more time together than with their supposed girlfriends and wives. 

v This was taken by a fan. John in front of Paul’s house v

Alwayss together. Always.

This looks like a peaceful sunday afternoon to me.

In his interview, Paul likes to tell how many times they wrote songs in the evening, and spent the night in the studio, recording.

John going to Paul’s house, writing songs with him, have dinner together, having fun with Martha. Domestic bliss.

^ ^ ^ Another favourite of mine. ^ ^ ^

This was taken by a fan who saw them getting out Paul’s house together to bring Martha at the park. They look like today rockstars in LA. Look at Paul, he looks like he was born in 1992. Sneakers, tight jeans, a shirt and a stylish jacket. And John? He’s wearing Paul’s poncho. Or John’s. I still haven’t understood, since they both shared their clothes. And in 1967 we’ve got many proofs.

1967 is also the best year for their look. 

Paul has always been beautiful, but in my opinion nothing will ever beat 1967.

And John?

Wasn’t he damn beautiful? Finally expressing his true self and look. The iconic glasses, the hair. And that smile.

Tell me there’s something better than this, I won’t believe you. It doesn’t exist.

Here you are. The greatest music partnership of all time. My secret desire is to see a David Bailey photoshoot remade in 1967. How beautiful it would be.

1967 was their first and last year of free marital bliss. Before India arrived, before Yoko arrived, before the end.

Être indépendant est l'affaire d'un très petit nombre ; c'est le privilège des forts. Et, qui en prend le risque, fût-ce avec les meilleures raisons, mais sans y être contraint, prouve sans doute qu'il n'est pas seulement fort mais téméraire jusqu'à l'extravagance.
—  Nietzsche - Par-delà bien et mal - Paragraphe 29
Into The Deep End - EPILOGUE

Sasha has always tried to play it safe, to keep her life as simple and risk-free as possible. Things change, however, when she garners the interest of a handsome, charming, younger man from a completely different world than hers. As she starts to question her own rules, is she ready to take the biggest chance of them all? Will she let herself take that dive? Roman Reigns/OC.


What if I told you it was all meant to be?
Would you believe me, would you agree?
It’s almost that feelin’ that we’ve met before
So tell me that you don’t think I’m crazy
When I tell you love has come here and now

“Boy, you better not drop me on my ass or there will be hell to pay!”

“Oh come on, woman. Since you’ve known me, have I ever dropped you?”

Sasha wrapped her arms more securely around Joe’s neck, giggling as he continued to walk forwards, holding her carefully in his arms. “You don’t have to do this whole ‘carrying me over the threshold’ thing, you know. If it’s too much hassle,” she said.

Joe rolled his eyes at her fussing. “Relax. I got it. Besides, isn’t this what every new bride wants? I heard it brings good luck, and I promised I’d do it so I will.” His grip remained firm and steady around her waist and under her knees as he stepped through the front door of their brand new home. He set her down, looking extremely proud of himself, while Sasha slapped his arm with a laugh. She pushed her hair out of her face and looked around. After months of renovations and fittings and moving huge brown cardboard boxes around, their house was finally complete. 

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Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday

Joyeux anniversaire to a dear friend of Lafayette’s and a true American Francophile. Thomas and Gilbert kept in touch for years after the War for American Independence and during Lafayette’s tour of the new United States in 1824-1825, the two were reunited at Monticello where they embraced one another, wept, and then proceeded to drink nearly all of Jefferson’s wine cellar dry.

No kinda party like an old people party cuz an old people party got booze. And, you know. Probably mac and cheese. ;)

Do you ever think about how 🥝 is probably Harry’s favorite song to perform because he gets to “!!!!” about having babies every night he performs without needing to find a pregnant fan in the audience to single out for their baby bump 🤔

Good morning from a hotel in Seattle.

Excuse the long-ish post, but I need to share:

As some of you have noticed by now, Mickey & Rob are not with me/us on this tour. Long story short, we had some “issues” getting my British band mates over here to “work” these US dates with Bob Schneider. We had to scramble, pretty last minute, and my cousin Hunter Cannon (who is a GREAT drummer) jumped in the van and hit the road with me and Holly. I am SO THANKFUL. He pretty much saved the day. Here’s what I’d like to say: Can I just say that I have the best bandmates in the world? I hope so, because I’m sayin’ it! Haha. I know they’re bummed they aren’t here with me. Truth is, it feels a little strange being on stage without them. But they have been so wonderful, and supportive considering the circumstances. Messages of support from those dudes means more than they realize. This tour is a big opportunity for us on this side of the pond. So, I know I gotta go out there and do my best. Having the support from my band and people like Steve, Pam, Dave & Carol, from the UK, is giving me the extra boost I need. Super thankful. Love -Ryan

Mrs All American was leaked

All Target Exclusive songs leaked less than 24 hours later

Album comes out in the US in less than three days

5SOS on the Today Show on Tuesday

5SOS announcing a US tour soon

5SOS at the VMAs

5SOS at the Teen Choice Awards

Luke’s “revealing” pictures

5SOS On-Air with Ryan Seacrest

This is a traumatic time for the 5SOS fam…

The Killers – On Top (feat. Danielle Haim on drums) – Outside Lands Night Show, The Independent

  1. brandon’s arm and head (hot!)
  2. danielle’s drum moves
  3. mark’s amazing step
  4. ronnie jamming on his guitar

I  love this gif in every single way!



Shannon Bex, Aubrey O'Day, Dawn Richard

“Rhythm Of Love”