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give me a plot of “i’m your father’s mistress && and was nearly caught sneaking out early one morning but you saved the day by introducing me as your girlfriend && now your mother invited me to spend the summer at your vacation home so we have to spend the entire summer pretending to be in love.” this works for literally any of my girls. gimme.

Thank you so, so, SO MUCH to @lledra-fanstuffs for drawing me this dynamic lovely pair! :D

Please do consider checking her art blog and comic out as she’s awesome, really fun, and a talented artist that was SO delightful to commission!
I’m so happy by how perfect and cute they turned out! <333333

Original design by @kazukijamesfinch!!

FIC META: on designing a frogboi

Howdy, y'all.

Lets talk about Jake the lorelay.

SPOILERS for “you can only take what you can carry to the edge of the sea” up to and including chapter 13, “amplexus.” This will first summarize Jake’s character arc in relation to verbal vs nonverbal communication, then highlight some physical parts of his design, then explain how those things add up to his unique habits and physicality.

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The Sun & The Moon

Why Camila and Lauren knew it that they wouldn’t last?

I’ve been thinking about it since I did my last post and then I realize that the “Sun & Moon” theory is real as fuck.

-> The post that made me do this new post: HERE.

First, let’s talk about ARCHETYPES:

I don’t know if you guys know about “archetypes” but to me, that’s something very interesting…just like “body language”.

According to Carl Jung, an archetype is a symbol, dream or image that all humans share, which express underlying fears or ideas we all experience. For example, water is considered an archetype (in literature, dreams, etc.) for birth, creation, resurrection, fertility and growth, and more.

I’ll give you some examples:

The Butterfly: Self-transformation, mental clarity, new steps, freedom, rebirth. The butterfly represents the cycles of life, movement, and change. They have a short life span. They prepare us for change and progress. When you feel stagnant and unable to move, evolution comes on the scene and gives you the strength to start the changes. Fear is usually the biggest obstacle to change.
The butterfly leaves the safety of its cocoon to come across a new world in its new form relying on its fragile wings in a flight still unknown.
Dissatisfaction with your life, relationships, and crises force you to take action and promote radical change. The butterfly brings the message for you to prepare for the changes before they fall on you without warning. Remember that at every end there is a new beginning.

The Lion: Power, strength, majesty, prosperity, nobility, leadership, courage, security and the masculine principle. As an astrological symbol, he reigns the heart. Courage comes from the heart and from a deep sense of personal authority that creates the power to act according to our spirit. He who truly acts according to his heart is capable of leadership, achievement, and the kind of success that encourages the achievements of others.

You know why some bosses use Horses or Eagles on their walls or desks?

The Eagle: Enlightenment, inner vision, courage, elevation of spirit to great heights, pride, strength independence, and mobility. The eagle flies fearlessly between the sky and the earth and teaches us to face the natural fear that we have of the unknown so that we can fly as high as our hearts want to take us.

The Horse: Inner power, freedom of spirit, strength, clairvoyance. But this force we can not misuse it, neither waste it nor keep it to ourselves. When we share our power with others and teach them how they should take care of their own powers, our journey becomes faster and more enjoyable. High self-confidence. Speed, decision, independence. It’s the symbol of managers and directors.

Ok, now let’s talk about Camren…

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So I run a small independent mobile phone shop. Arrive usually at 8.45 am. Lift the shutters half way. Get on with setting up the shop. I can guaranty i will have some cunt asking me if I am open.... Yeah mate how often do you limbo under shutters to get in ??

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How do you feel about what Raven said to Clarke? She was very harsh this episode and not very empathetic at all. She even brought Clarkes dad in it to hurt her on purpose at the end. I wasn't a fan of Raven this episode. I know she's stressed but man she was mean to people this episode.

I think people are always making a mistake if they assume that any of these characters are innocent cupcakes who never do anything wrong and need to be protected.

These characters are ALL ruthless badasses. Including Raven.

She has NEVER been torn up by all these moral dilemmas that we have Clarke and Bellamy questioning. NEVER. She didn’t worry about blowing people up, she was just glad to blow people up. She never concerned herself with saving lives. Or looking at the grounders as human. She is far more ruthless than Clarke and Bellamy and always has been. 

Her traumas have been about her personal loss and her personal pain and her inability to be mobile and independent, not about the deaths she caused or whether it was right. She’s the one who caused the ring of fire. Do you see her upset about it?


I don’t agree with her anger at Bellamy for sacrificing the generator for actual people, but it is perfectly in line with who Raven is as a person. She’s the tech person and she uses tech to reach her goals and she focuses on tech and how it works and what it can do and the lives lost along the way are inconsequential. She’s pragmatic and ruthless. 

I think Bellamy did the right thing, because he’s questioning, right now, if doing ANYTHING to survive, if harming other people to get ahead, means you don’t DESERVE to survive. Bellamy is not ruthless. Was Bellamy ever ruthless? They call him genocide king, but he might be up there with Abby and Lincoln in morality. He just hadn’t learned how to handle his morals yet, or to face the hard choices. He betrayed his morals many times in order to save people, but people like Jaha, Anya, Cage, Indra, Dr Tsing, Lxa, Gustus, Nia, Pike… they never betrayed their morals. They never questioned whether their actions were right or wrong. Their moral choices were always right to them because they served their needs. And all of them were antagonists. The ends justified their means.

Guess who we can put on that list? Raven. She never questioned the morality of her actions. Does that mean she’s always in the moral right? No.

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Can I ask how the Perc'ahlia devlops in the warlock!Cassandra au?

Ooooh heck yeah. This is gonna be fun. 

– So like I said, there’s an attraction between them pretty much from the start. Vex sees in Percy very much what she first saw in Trinket: something scared, trapped and wounded that needs help, which she can provide. She’s the one who does the most to facilitate his disability without condescending to him or assuming he’s helpless, which makes her pretty much the kindest, gentlest person he’s met in three years. He makes her arrows as a way of proving he can be useful and they hit it off, much to Cassie and Vax’s frustration.

– Vax, for the record, is not happy with any of this. He’s about as forgiving as he is in the main timeline, and has glommed onto Cassandra as “one of his girls” the way he did with Vex, Keyleth and Pike. So when Percy pulls his “I am a Brairwood” equivalent and functionally assists in kidnapping Vex, Vax wants him dead. Grog probably does too, the way they were both willing to kill Cassandra in the main timeline.
– Vex is the voice arguing against it, as well as trying to physically keep Percy from hurting himself further even though he’s in a lot of pain and begging Cassie to just end it already
– That said, amputation via white-hot magic sword is pretty goddamn traumatizing even if it minimizes pain and bloodloss, and Perce is not in good straights afterwards. Pike and Vex are the ones patching him up, with Vex taking over as the main nurse after he’s stable and Pike’s talents are needed elsewhere. 

– Percy and Vex wind up spending a lot of time together in those weeks Vox Machina is helping Whitestone recover, nominally because Trinket is still playing service bear, helping Percy get out of bed and pick himself up when he falls and the like. Percy’s self-conscious due to his actions and the injury, seeing it as a sign of how broken he is, but he gains more confidence as his mobility and independence returns and Trinket’s assistance early on goes a long way to jump-starting that. 
– Tinkering’s still his way to unwind, and he starts making Vex trick arrows using his artificers gadgets as a base; again, nominally to thank her for letting him borrow Trinket. 
– By the time VM returns to Emon they’re calling each other friends and promising to write letters, in no small part because Percy envies their freedom to travel and wants to hear all about it. 
– They’re clearly flirting and Cassie knows her dorky brother well enough to tell. She’s got mixed feelings, especially because she isn’t nearly as close to Vex as she is with Vax or Keyleth, but keeps her concerns to herself. 

– Enter the dragons. VM relocates to Whitestone.
– Vex brings Percy the Broom of Flying to request modifications, only to find him understandably enamored with the thing given the freedom of movement it allows. Once it’s been modded she starts taking him for flights around Whitestone.
– This is also about the time he starts building his prostheses in earnest, leading to more than a few “test drive” walks through the castle gardens with Vex on his arm “for support.”
– He only hears about her trouble with Syngorn and Saundor in retrospect, from Cassandra, as stumbling on her panicked preparations was the first time Cassie and Vex really clicked as friends. It’s still his idea to title her, which he insists is something he’d been thinking about ever since the last barons died since VM are heroes of the city after all. It hits Cass that he is completely smitten. And you know what? She’s okay with that, and drafts Scanlan’s help in running interference with Vax.

– When Vex kills Vorugal, Percy’s the first and only person she wants to tell, though of course she has to wait ‘til they’re back in Whitestone. Cassie gives her a bit of a nudge over chicken-wine to consider that, you know, she’s always thought of Vex as a sister and there’s no harm in making that official, which leads Vex to a Realization.
– Cue a confession the night before the battle with Thordak, and a promise to come back and pursue the possibilities once the danger is through. And from there, well. We’ll just have to see.


One father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease several years ago. He’s being treated, and his symptoms aren’t anywhere near as pronounced as they were at the time of his diagnosis, but my mom sees the changes in his body and speech as time goes on. This diagnosis should have been his cue to begin slowing down, working less, or not working at all, but my mom isn’t working, and their house is yet to be paid for. I know he’s very smart with his money – he’s paid extra toward the mortgage each month, and has assumedly set money aside for the time when he can no longer hold a job. My mother is learning to drive, so that she can help him get to the doctor, not to mention all of the other chores a car (and independent mobility) requires.

Another father is battling stage-four glioblastoma, which has severely effected his speech and mobility, with the entire right side of his body being numb. He is a man who made his living talking to people, and this illness has hampered his ability to share his significant wisdom, warmth, and humor. A man in his condition is typically given an average of 12-14 months to live, and we are all hoping that no matter how much time he has left, he lives it to his fullest potential. His chemo & radiation treatments leave him exhausted and lacking appetite, both for food and for much activity.

Another father, my first father, has only this week been diagnosed with early-onset dementia. We all knew he had been suffering some cognitive issues for a year or so now, and had assumed he had suffered a stroke around the onset of his symptoms. Whether it’s his quiet stoicism, or his unwillingness to attend much to his health, many of us didn’t know about the full extent of his symptoms for some time after they began to manifest themselves. I don’t know if anything could have been done in the time between then and now, but I do know that he would have been unwilling to pursue any options, due both to his aforementioned stubbornness, and his lack of health insurance. He’s recently been told that he can no longer work, and my sister is helping him with the process of filing for disability and Medicaid, seeing as he’s not eligible for Medicare for another few months. After my sister took him to the ER this last week to get him looked at as soon as possible, he’s already undoubtedly begun to amass significant medical bills, at a time when he’s not eve sure how he and my stepmother will pay their existing bills (she’s not worked for years herself).

I don’t know what to do about any of it. I know there’s not a lot I can do about any of it, which makes it all the more difficult to face.

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Okay. Hiccup injures his testicles. (This is like, word association sort of? Like, with the word scrum being a rugby thing and like THE MAIN THING™ i know about rugby is that men have injured their testicles playing that sport). So, yeah, Hiccup somehow injures his testicles. Maybe from all the dragon rough housing, maybe too much gang roughhousing (however that is defined, lol).

Pretty strange request, I have to say. I was kind of awkward with it at first, but then it all ended up working out and I like the finished piece a lot more than I thought I would. You just had to go and make everyone involved uncomfortable, didn’t you, Ashley. (But I love you anyway.)

Taking requests for Hiccup!whump. Please send them in so we can all have a good time hurting our favorite fictional character.

“Nice shooting, bud!” Hiccup praised Toothless. He patted him on the neck, leaned low in the saddle. “Let’s go in for another pass.”

The pair was doing target practice in the woods. Really, Toothless didn’t need any practice but it was a good way to blow off steam. He loved his friends but they’d been driving him a little nuts lately, bickering over every little, insignificant thing and complaining to him about it. It was nice to just be away from people for a while.

He and Toothless circled back around, dodging swiftly through the trees, and Hiccup laughed at the feeling of the wind in his face. This was fantastic, this was-

“Zippleback!” Ruffnut and Tuffnut had suddenly appeared in front of him. He tried pulling Toothless to a stop, but they were going too fast.

They collided hard and Hiccup was thrown from the saddle. Something hit him between the legs, and then he was crashing into one of the twins. He would have made some sort of sound at the pain, but his breath was knocked out of him as he landed on his back on the unforgiving ground. He lay there for a moment, blinking up at the canopy of leaves above him, trying to register what had happened and refill his lungs. There was a weight on his stomach and legs.

“Whoa, that was awesome.” Hiccup looked down to find Tuffnut on top of him, head resting against his abdomen. The position was putting a very unpleasant pressure on his groin.

“Tuff, get off of me,” Hiccup groaned.

“Oh, sorry, H.” His voice was cheerful of all things, and Hiccup felt a bit of relief as he pushed himself up and then stood.

“Hey, Hiccup!” Ruffnut called, jogging over. “Uh, sorry. You kind of came out of nowhere.”

“So did you!” He gritted his teeth as he sat up, winced. The pain in his groin was bad, working its way up into his stomach.

Oh Thor, I’m not gonna be able to have kids! That was the first thing that came to his mind, but then he was flooded with embarrassment and his cheeks turned pink. Of all the places he had to have hit in a crash landing this was definitely one of the worst.

“Hey, are you hurt?” Tuffnut questioned, seeming to realize that something wasn’t exactly right.

“No, I’m fine,” Hiccup responded, trying to keep the pain from his voice. He attempted to stand, the movement making the pain increase tenfold. He gave a cry and flopped back down onto his back, panting.

Great, he thought sarcastically. This is just perfect.

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“I don’t know why I keep letting you back in my place.” It wasn’t really smart of Liam to keep opening his door to the other man. Why put himself out there continually for someone who was only around to gain off of him? “We broke up ages ago, we both moved on. And then, like clockwork, your ass is back in my bed. And I never bother to ask why.”

Knight of Breath personality

Knights don’t think they’re too good with their aspect when they secretly really are. Knights hold up a shield, a sort of facade to cover up glaring insecurity, usually related to their aspect.

Breath is about freedom, independence, change, and mobility. Breath players tend to push away real responsibilities and favor easy lies vs difficult truths.

They’re reactive, going with the flow of things. They kind of just run along with things, even if they aren’t confident if it will actually go well. They are rarely confident that it will.
They feel like they get nagged quite a bit.
Freaking hates oppression.
Try not to think about themselves whenever possible, just move on to the next task. They try to keep themselves busy and try to always move forward.
Can reeeally talk when they want to.
May or may not be bad at giving full attention to something. If they actually focus on stuff they can get reeeally good at it.

They try to be friendly with everyone, and it could go great or fail horribly. They might struggle to form really deep bonds with people. Friendships might feel fleeting

Likes helping friends
First in line to punch a Nazi

Sucks at sitting still
Might be a little unnecessarily rebellious


Eastman Johnson - Interesting News [1872] by Gandalf
Via Flickr:
Although Johnson did not design his work with the intent of social criticism, much of his oeuvre reflects the national interests and concerns of his era. The frequency with which the artist depicted this subject could speak to his appreciation of literacy’s role as the impetus for independence and social mobility, or as an indication of the changing national mood in the wake of the devastating Civil War: the female attention to literacy now seemed a positive sign of their independence rather than an act of subversion. Johnson himself was married for the first time in 1869. His only child, a daughter, was born the next year. The new emphasis on domesticity his life enjoyed during this decade most likely exhibits Johnson’s great talent as a keen observer and great chronicler of the people and situations that surrounded him on a daily basis. 

[Sotheby’s, New York - Oil on panel, 47 x 57.2 cm]

Importance of Mobile Application Development and Manner Software Continuity

Today piece of virtu users are going up every prime and there is only integral person that is beating these dimeter in the space and that is number of design applications. It is effective to have our original and that’s pretense this domain has been our one of the primary focus area.
Be it Symbian, Blackberry fret brand ever-new Android, iphone, ipad, it can develop perfection applications on practically all platforms.

Significance of Mobile App Development

Application development is the ideational of programs that perform micro-tasks or functions for software and hardware. Programmers and developers write source rubric for any number of actions €" for example, sending an e-mail automatically to a man’s girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Quantities computing has enabled robust application development to be conducted fellow feeling the online encirclement.

Data-intensive businesses are especially in libido of applications in furtherance of leading their information. Many applications can be run behind-the-scenes; for tracking inventory, maintaining account balances and billing clients automatically.

It is essential that applications incorporate the specific business standards insomuch as data board of regents, within their code design, to ensure proper integration and compatibility.

Initially, applications focused primo on functionality. Nowadays, the most complex applications focus on elements such as knots, compatibility, security, scalability and customer sense impression. The fastest, championship user-friendly applications libido become the plurality popular.

Speed is transformed by using common announcer cryptoanalysis, templates and other component that major in the fugleman standardized specifications.

Security features discharge be better constructed via cloud computing, as programmers make encounter assessments of bugs, viruses and malware hacker threats. Cloud computing INNER MAN professionals can provide advice concerning wetlands conservation athwart the actual hacker attacks €" instant sales staunchness code snippets that can be incorporated into new applications.

Larger application projects make a demand scalability that can countenance in lieu of growth as technology, platforms and businesses transgress. Programmers can compare software and munitions life cycles more easily in keeping with murmuration electronic data processing, allowing them to slog on €in-the-loop€ and anticipate at hand requirements.

The Internet has made busyness development more rapid and financially reparative, allowing for unintermitted distribution wirelessly around-the-globe. Large software firms have florescent their possess applications for array to customers swank online stores. My humble self link their brands with applications to unearned income them more appealing and popular. Wireless applications taste burgeoned and are the wave in relation with the future.

Custom Software Development
Matter of course software is software that is specially developed for some specific codification bandeau other user. As such, it can be contrasted with the use of software packages developed for the mass small business, such as commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software, or prevalent free software.
Custom software chemical toilet be developed toward an in-house software burgeoning group, blazon be commissioned from a software house or independent software developer.
Since racial memory software is developed for a either customer it can accommodate that customer’s particular preferences and expectations. Custom software may have being witting in stage by stage processes, allowing all nuances and possible hidden dangers to persist taken into account, in addition to issues which were not mentioned in the specifications.
Thus Mobile App Amplification and Custom Software Development have been pretentious in detail.