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MBAV Social Media Challenge: Week 5 - Favorite S2 Episode

My favorite episode is Independence Daze.

Reason 1: I liked seeing the characters’ fears, and I also liked getting to know them. I mean, Ethan is afraid of being alone. (Though I did a gif about Stern instead,) Benny, afraid of Cyberdontist. I don’t blame him. I mean, the thing is a dentist, too. And Sarah is afraid of becoming bad or evil. And I respect her for that, even though some people complain about her being not kind the second season. This fear reveals that at least, she has a conscience about herself.

Reason 2: The food! I also would’ve done the donut thing, but I wanted to do 9 gifs so badly for some reason. Anyway, I mostly loved it when Rory was offering Erica the taco. XD I love him.

Reason 3: The randomness. I mean, vampire sasquatch, Erica holding it and yelling, Ethan in the office, doing whatever shenanigans he doesn’t do in front of people. 


I am making a short film about the body called “My Body, My World” and I will be working with two very talented musicians for this project, Noah Kittinger (singer of Bedroom) and Igor Belloube. This is a little teaser that I made with the footage I have so far.. I hope you enjoy it! 𝘹𝘰


This is not your average style Tumblr. Today’s State of Fashion pick House of Alexzander showcases the ‘gender fluid’ OOTD looks of its creator Elliott Alexzander, and is quickly becoming influential in the online gender variant community.
Are you from the US and have a fashion-based Tumblr? Submit it here along with a short description and where you’re from.


Today’s State of Lit Tumblr pick is Daniel Toumine and his short poems. Written on his smartphone, they’re “inspired by run of the mill, every day situations.” As well as poems, Daniel posts photography and word-based art such as this GIF.

Submit your US State of Lit Tumblr here.


#MBAVChallenge →Week 5/8 Favorite Season 2 Episode

Independence Daze is my favorite episode, I liked how it was funny and also serious at the same time. My favorite parts of Ethan, Sarah, and Benny’s story line was how Ethan was wearing Benny’s gym shorts on his head, Sarah killing evil!Sarah, and Benny and Ethan using logic against cyberdontist.  My favorite parts of Rory and Erica’s story line was how Rory didn’t put up with her bullying and how Erica actually hung out with him. I also liked the fact that all 5 of them had to work together. (Even though Grandma Weir only said Ethan, Sarah, & Benny were the team.)


Our final States of Independence Tumblr of the Day pick is net-based all-girl rap collective Barf Troop. Watch the music vid for Barf Troop member Babeo Baggins’ track Breakbeast above, and listen to more from the gang (Babenstein, Baberella Fox, Babe Field and Justin Baber) here.

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3 MBAV Season 2 Episodes REMAIN (Teletoon)

The final three episodes of My Babysitter’s a Vampire Season 2 are around the corner:

* “Independence Daze” - November 22 (Thanksgiving in U.S.)
* “The Date to End All Dates (Part 1)” - November 29
* “The Date to End All Dates (Part 2)” - December 6

And Canadians if you missed any of the episodes this season, you DON’T want to miss these final three epic episodes!

This is just me speculating (I do NOT know); but I’m guessing Teletoon renewal news will come after the season ends. And of course Disney didn’t announce they were acquiring season 2 until later.

I’ve got a lot of personal stuff going on (that you guys don’t want to hear about), but I need to get my last four recaps/reviews done (I want to find a place where I don’t have to download a huge file, and get good screencaps) “Jockenstein”, “Halloweird”, and both parts of “TDtEAD”.