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Maraming salamat po![Thank you so much!] 

Huwag po nating kalimutan ang totoong dahilan kung bakit natin ito ipinagdiriwang….[Let us not forget the true reason as to why we celebrate this certain day…]

Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan po sa inyong lahat![Happy Independence Day to you all!]

はたふってパレード フィリピン版
Cioccolatodorima (cover)
はたふってパレード フィリピン版

Since it’s Philippine Independence day here, I sang a Hatafutte Parade

English Translation:

In my right hand is LAMBANOG! INIHAW in my left!
Eating and Drinking in the festive Parade!
Towards the enchanted world, TARA NA!

A spinning world while we hold hands
 As long there’s MERIENDA, it’s okay!
While I’m alive there’s hope! He-ta-li-a

“AAA~ it’s great to sleep under the shade of the tree during afternoon~
I wonder what’s the MERIENDA? haaaa~
AHHH-AH, wait, wait! I’m going to be late!”

Come on, join the festive Parade~!
 Sound the band, let’s march!
 If everyone here unite on the same melody,
The one and only song is now complete

And among the RONDALLA is the Philippines!

“Ah! There’s surely beautiful maidens watching this!”

Every corner has a history
Let’s ride on a big KALESA
l fly to faraway places or ride on a beautiful VINTA~


Sipag at Tiyaga 2x

 SIPAG AT TIYAGA! While I’m alive there’s hope!
 SIPAG AT TIYAGA! Do not frown, smile~
SIPAG AT TIYAGA! Do not worry, leave it to me~
Join the PIYESTA!

Let’s go, join the festive Parade~!
This melody is universal
In 5 continents and the 7 seas
With this energetic tempo, it will reach all!

This is the non-stop PIYESTA
 Release the joy~

“ Ah~ I wonder what food is prepared?”

While I’m alive there’s hope! He-ta-li-a

“Ahh~ That was fun… I’m tired~
Ahh! I should eat first before sleeping~ Yawn…
Let’s do it again tomorrow…”


Lambanog- alcohol drink from coconuts 
Inihaw- barbeque (Chicken or Pork or anything) 
Rondalla- a string ensemble 
Merienda- Snack/ Light Meal
Kalesa- a horse-drawn carriage, widely used during Spanish Period. Still used in historical places
Vinta- a colourful boat 
Sipag at Tiyaga- Diligence and perseverance
Pag May Tiyaga May Nilaga- a saying that if you persevere, you will see great results
asul, pula, puti, tatlong butuin, 'sang araw- Blue, Red, White, 3 stars and a sun ( the Phil. Flag)

Entry for the #RP612fic (Republic of the Philippines June 12 fiction) twitter event to celebrate Philippine Independence Day through speculative fiction and alternate history, linking the classical past to the pop-culture present.


NYC Philippines Independence Day Parade 2015

It’s that time of year again where the Pilipinx community across NY, the East Coast, and even some groups elsewhere in the states, come together and celebrate the annual NYC Philippines Independence Day Parade along Madison Ave.

For once this is the first year where either I wasn’t walking in the parade or had to leave the parade early to go to the stage area and take photos of family and friends who were asked to perform. It’s the first year where I simply just watched, enjoyed, and took photo’s and videos of the full parade and managing to find and see some friends both old and new.

There were representations of many ethnic groups and organizations participating in the parade from the Ivatan, Kalinga, Ilokano, Cebuano, Apayao, Maranao, Maguindanao, and of dances groups, activist groups, cultural organizations, high school and college clubs, and more.

However I will stop right here as I am saving the rest of my coverage of the parade to be read in the first issue of Kapwa Magazine being released in July. So if you want to read more on the parade and see more pictures look out for my story on the NYC Philippines Independence Day Parade, the history of it, and why despite celebrating our independence day, we are still struggling for true freedom today.

If you managed to see me today it was nice seeing and talking with you guys! And to the few people who recognized me during the parade it was nice getting a chance to meet you guys! :D

casnovea-moved  asked:

for your football voltron au I legit think lance would be #69 or he would make himself 6 and force someone else to be 9 and would stand next to them constantly

I’d considered that actually. But I wanted each of them to have numbers that meant something else aka:

  • Lance - 12 (I like Filipino!Lance so, Philippines’ Independence Day)
  • Allura - 01 (CAPTAIN QB)
  • Shiro - 02 (Because Allura’s vice-cap’t but also because he was second best to Zarkon haha)
  • Hunk - 08 (Major Hawaiian islands and my favorite number!)
  • Pidge - 31 (Eyeshield 21/31 and March 31 for Transgender Visibility Day. It was before I found out they were nonbinary :)
  • Keith - 99 (Because he has no chill)

*Also, because Allura would’ve gone NOPE at Lance doing 69 jokes

At umibig ng payapa
[And to love in peace..]
Mabuhay sa mundong itong
[Live in this world..]
Ligtas sa takot at gulo
[Without fear nor chaos]

Ang makita kang malaya
[To see you free..]
Ang nag-iisang panata
[Is my one promise..]
Yayakapin, mamahalin kita
[I will wrap my arms around you, love you..]
Hanggang wala nang bukas”
[Until there’s no tomorrow]

~ HANGGANG WALA NANG BUKAS [Until There’s No Tomorrow] (by Ebe Dancel)

(( Advance guys, heheheh :’))))) ))


(( Sosorrythisistwodayslateorsomethingbecauseiwentdownwithahorrbilefevertoevengetanythingdonetbhimsosorryeveryone ;;; ))

whispers Happy Independence Day to every Filipino ;w;

We are forever grateful to all of the people, the Filipinos, our heroes, who’ve fought, stood up, and gave their lives away for our freedom.

Araw ng Kalayaan (independence day) yo! It’s been 117 years since 1898!

fun fact: June 12 is actually our 1st independence (from Spain in 1898) but the independence day that marks us having no more colonisers is July 4th (from the US in 1946) ((fun fact within a fun fact: the US gave us our independence on July 4th because they wanted us to have the same independence day as them)) and we used to celebrate independence day on July 4th until in 1962 when the president changed it to June 12 and July 4th became republic day instead.