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Independence Day is dedicated to patriotism, but celebrated with beer and explosives. So it might not be a shock that every Fourth of July, America sees a massive spike in fireworks injuries — especially among children and young men.

And every year, the Consumer Product Safety Commission engages in a noble, quixotic quest to persuade Americans to set off explosives more responsibly. CPSC does that by blowing up mannequins on the National Mall.

The demonstration emphasizes that fireworks are dangerous. Seriously dangerous. Blast-your-hand-off dangerous. Bottle-rocket-in-the-eye dangerous. Where’d-that-mannequin’s-head-go dangerous.

The point, of course, is not that fireworks should be forbidden. The CPSC is striving to suggest that if you’re using fireworks, you should try to be smart and safe — and not emulate the dummies on the Mall.

Government Blows Up Mannequins In Annual Plea For Fireworks Safety


fire works from Des Moines, Iowa!

Edit: would you guys like to see more? I have lots of videos and I have one I have reversed and it’s beautiful!

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