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all i want for christmas is steve to do the ‘independence day’ speech

Attentional all Hamilton fans and new people in the history fandom (If you can call it a fandom tbh that kinda weirds me out) ! I have some recommendations for you to check out this Independence Day!!


Want to know where Lin go the line “Sit down John, you fat motherf*&%$!” well look no further! This is THE movie for you all to watch. Seriously it’s amazing. If you like Hamilton then PLEASE watch this. It’s a musical. It’s about the founding fathers. It’s about the writing of the declaration (and John Adams fighting literally everyone). Jefferson is gorgeous. Franklin’s a little shit. Adams is the smol one fighting everyone. It’s perfect. I mean look at this:

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Drunk History:

Specifically these episodes: John Adams vs Thomas Jefferson , Baron von Steuben , the Defection of Benedict Arnold , and of course Alexander Hamilton

Thomas Jefferson the Musical:

Just what it says. It’s short, about 10 mins, but it’s funny and the songs are catchy. Also, super secret slumber party.

Felicity An American Girl Adventure:

Look its a fun adventure about a girl growing up in Williamsburg during the American Revolution. It’s a fantastic movie and covers a lot of issues during the day. Just watch it and trust me. Yes that is Shailene Woodley.

The Revolution:

This one is on the History Channel but I really love it, it’s amazing. Its a multi piece documentary on the American Revolution and it’s my favorite. 

Liberty Kids:

The American Revolutionary War is seen through the eyes of an American teenaged lad, a young English lady, and a French boy, all 3 of whom work as reporters for Benjamin Franklin. Its fun and educational!

TURN Washington Spies:

Not the most accurate but its very exciting and is about spies.

John Adams HBO miniseries:

Do I even need to say anything. 


“It doesn’t matter who you support for President. You should still want a legitimate and accountable system. Because, until we have that, we have nothing! We have the meaningless façade of Democracy. Until we get that, this is not over.” - Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp [#103]

So good news about this semester: no classes on friday, so three-day-weekend for the next couple months :D

Bad news: I’ll probably be spending that extra time working on my final project, because if its not good enough, I might not be allowed back to the grad program next semester.

Good news: its art, specifically animating, in something I want to do, in a style I can do (that is, not 3D, and not Maya bleh). I’ll be drawing each frame by hand on paper.

Bad news: I’m going to need a lot of paper.


Ran some quick camera tests with our black powder revolver this afternoon. Gearing up for the civil war feature film we’re shooting this August. Stay tuned!

Check out my instagram to see the video @_jls (thats a J)


September 15-16th it’s not a party only for mexicans, it’s also for everybody who likes our traditional food as Quesadillas, Tamales, Tostadas and TACOS!!!

(Taco lovers: @askwintergraphite, @askchilimod, @pony-ivan, @ask-sonatadusk & @ask-spideypoolreverse(Mod Pony version no official)) 

one thing you should know about me is that while i love writing analysis I am fucking awful at constructing plots, so if I see these things it’s because I can find evidence for them- I’m simply not a skilled enough writer of fiction to come up with this stuff independently and then erroneously project it onto someone else’s work