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If you are an independent roleplayer in the horror fandom of any kind whether TV Show, Movies, Novels, etc. Whether you are an original character or multimuse blog, please reblog this post to be added to an ever growing list of horror muses. Figured I’d make my own little thing and gather up some new friends along the way!!! Be sure to include muse(s) name(s) in tags please!

Masterlist to indie roleplaying

Over last few months on this blog there has been a lot of interest from others about indie roleplaying. Now while I don’t really have a great wealth of experience as it’s not my style. I have gathered a few masterlists for you.

There are many more but those are the ones which thought would be good for those wanting to start out. Please like or reblog if this helps you or others.

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Include in the tags: Character name & alias (if applicable), whether you are selective or not, and whether or not you’re mutuals only. You will not be included otherwise

Optional: Whether you are canon divergent, pre-52 based, new 52 based, cw-based, or DCEU based. 

A masterlist of DC independent roleplayers can be found here

Lo Básico

Os traemos un diccionario de términos de rol, sobre todo para los que están empezando y no están familiarizados con la terminología. Al comenzar hasta las cosas más sencillas se hacen un mundo y queremos ayudar en lo que podamos con eso. 

Definiciones: 80
Actualizado: 02/02/2017

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Greetings, I’m Epi—independent roleplayer going on four years strong; this post is for connecting Critical Role roleplayers across tumblr and seeing who else out there is writing for these crazy, god-wannabe, suspicious af, wont-die-with-dignity heroes. here’s how we do this thing:

  • Share and Reblog this post if you have: a CR character, an OC within the universe, or character universes related to CR
  • Share your deets: add your characters, how to best start interaction with you in the Critter Alert! section of this post
  • Use the Notes: to find other roleplayers and connect!
  • Feel free: to create new masterlists to connect people further down the line

Critter Alert! This blog currently interprets Keyleth, the Voice of the Tempest, and Raishan, the Diseased Deceiver. The best way to contact me is via the messenger option on tumblr and I adore both long form, and short form writing; I am a meme monstah.

Post Notes: This post was created on June 11th, 2017.

That’ll be all—Have fun and keep writing, critters!

Hey, can I get a promo? 

I’m an independent Alucard roleplayer (verses include: Alucard from Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, Alucard from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night & Nocturne of Recollection, and Alucard from Netflix Castlevania). 

This blog also functions as an ‘Ask Alucard’ blog! So please, don’t be shy!

Indie SKAM Roleplayers

Please LIKE / REBLOG this post if you are an independent roleplayer of a SKAM chara or if your indie multimuse has SKAM charas.

Next to our monthly active rp list, we are going to make a master list which will not be constantly checked, only updated from time to time. 

This also helps us to maybe catch on all the blogs we haven’t found yet.

Thanks and happy season 04

SNK Roleplay, Anyone?

I feel like I’m writing some dating app profile, but I really want to roleplay!

Hello! My name’s Eli or Imp. I’m an active roleplayer seeking a roleplay partner for Shingeki No Kyojin/Attack On Titan. I should mention I like having more than one roleplay going on at a time between multiple people.

-I’m 21 and looking for someone 18+.
-I’ve been roleplaying for ~6 years.
-I’m fine with AU’s or canon.
-I’m an Independent Roleplayer, I prefer roleplaying through instant messaging.
-I write in paragraph or multi-paragraph form in 3rd person.
-I’m Selective and a bit picky.
-I don’t like/Am very particular about OCs.
-I like Angst, Drama, Romance, and Smut/NSFW when it comes to plots.
-I like writing more than one character at a time. (I don’t like being stuck with just ONE CHARACTER the entire RP. So I like to roleplay multiple characters. I like other interactions)

I prefer to Roleplay as any of these characters over others (But I’m open to try):

My Favorite Ships are:
-ErenXArmin (Eremin)
-ErwinxLevi (Eruri)
-ErinxLevi (Ereri)

Other Pairings I like:
-JeanxArmin (Jearmin)

But I’m pretty open about pairings so just ask!

Feel free to message/IM me if you want to talk or roleplay~!