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Hello! I am currently seeking females (or fabulous males) for a promotion opportunity.

I am hoping to launch a Kickstarter later this month for my first upcycled fashion and home decor line called ChillRave. ChillRave is a neo-pschedelic line inspired by clothing from the 60s-90s, modern street fashion, and the DIY craze. Everything will be made with at least 1 recycled item! Clothing will be embellished, trimmed, dyed, cut, slashed, sewn…every garment will be unique, one of a kind, and if the Kickstarter is successful, affordable.

You will get some free stuff before launch and, if funded, after launch…all you have to do is post a few things! To get details, please email me at with your name, age, location, and links to your tumblr, facebook, etc.

Although people from NYC are preferred, I am open to people elsewhere in the US and internationally. Any body type is welcome up to size 2XL (the largest size in the line). Mixy Mitzy is a body image positive company so please, only submit if you look healthy and comfortable in your own skin. If you think you have a friend who would be interested, please pass on my info.

I will be contacting the people I choose sometime next week. Reliable applicants only please :)

What’s on Claradevi’s mind about Being Alone and Lonely?

I was readinga national magazine, CosmoGirl! Indonesia, and found a really good article by my new crush, Clara Devi. Few days ago I just posted some words about being lonely and then BAM! She was like reading my mind and soul. I’m truly on her side.

“Do we need other people to feel happy?” That’s one of my favourite lines. Those words are opening my mindset. All I think was “If I were with my friends, I would be the happiest girl in the world because we could talk everything” but then she could break that. I know, as a zoon politicon, we need other people to live; we need their help. But sometimes all we need is me-time because there must be something that we couldn’t do with friends, like walking between bookstore’s shelves and read something which successfully catches our eyes.

“Being alone doesn’t necessary mean you are lonely.”; “Tell yourself that you are enough and you are loved. Yes, you can do it all alone –without having to feel lonely.” She taught me that even we like to do things alone doesn’t mean we don’t have any friends and we are lonely; it’s because we are able to do them all alone. I’ve been thinking about being an adult lately -because the side effect of being lonely- we live, we do, we die… alone. Starts now on, I make up my mind with “What’s the problem of doing everything alone?” because I am an independent young girl and so are you.

Fifty Shades of Sunday

50 Shades of Sunday

All good films need a good build-up, a good plot and a stellar cast. The Sunday just gone ticked all of the above. Since our last trip (click here to see us romping around Dorset) and a rather boozy dinner which managed to duck and dive and avoid the blog entirely, we have been looking forward to our next big get-together. The date was set for Sunday and with five out of six of us in attendance…

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As Seen In…Independent Fashion Bloggers (ifb)

I had the pleasure of being asked some very interesting questions about the role of age in blogging and personal style by Julia Di Nardo. My answers, together with those of other bloggers, are featured on the Independent Fashion Bloggers site here.

Take a look at it and learn why “Fashion Blogging Only Gets Better as You Get Older”! Follow me on IFB here.

Tuve el placer de que Julia Di Nardo me hiciera una serie de preguntas muy interesantes sobre el papel que juega la edad en mi faceta de bloguera, asi como en mi estilo personal. Mis respuestas, junto con las de otras blogueras, aparecen en el portal de Independent Fashion Bloggers aqui.

Échenle un vistazo y lean por qué “Escribir Blogs de Moda Solo Mejora con la Edad”! Síganme en IFB aqui.

13th Feature at Independent Fashion Bloggers' Links a la Mode

13th Feature at Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Links a la Mode

You Will Be Mine

Whether you love Valentine’s Day or HATE it… my experience is that having someone to call a “Valentine” doesn’t really make that much a difference on the love of the holiday itself. Anyway, whether you love or hate Valentine’s day, you can’t avoid it, even if you tried. So if you can’t beat them, look fabulous and join them. This week has an excellent roundup of style guides and…

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This past weekend, we had the absolute honour of hosting the first ever, CANADIAN auditions for runway models for ‘Full Figured Fashion Week’, right here at Your Big Sister’s Closet!!!

Full Figured Fashion Week (@FFFWeek), is “the number one networking opportunity for all businesses with products and services for plus size women, connecting brands with curvy influencers — the bloggers, independent designers, fashion industry professionals, and entrepreneurs in attendance who are driving the plus-size market.”

With “over 100 partners, including sponsors, independent designers, retailers, boutiques, fashion bloggers, small businesses and other industry professionals. [They] now offer over 20 events and 4 runway shows featuring an array of fashion from top retailers, boutiques and independent designers worn by 50 of the top runway models”.

We saw so many incredibly beautiful at talented models walk “the runway” in our store, and we hope to see some CANADIAN faces, walking the *actual* runway at Full Figured Fashion Week this year!!!

Gwen Devoe (@moguldiva), Founder of @FFFWeek and @DeVoeMagazine (Pictured in the top left photo with Karen, Owner of @BigSisCloset and Author of @CurvyCdn), is hosting the 6th annual Full Figured Fashion Week in New York City on June 14-20, 2015. More details can be found at

Can’t wait to see you all at Full Figured Fashion Week this year!!!! 😆😆😆#fffweek #fitformefffweek #fffweekcasting #fffweek2015 #bigsiscloset #PLUSModelMag #CelebrateMySize #tcfstyle #DAREmagazine #DAREtoWear #effyourbeautystandards #psootd #plussize #psblogger