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Why Adventure Time is a Groundbreaking show in Animation

If you are familiar with modern cartoons from this decade, starting from 2010 and currently, chances are you’ve come across a show called “Adventure Time”.

Adventure Time is a show about the adventures of a boy named “Finn” with his dog “Jake” that has magical powers to shape-shift at anytime!

The show takes place in the “Land of Ooo”, which is set in a post-apocalyptic future where humans are near to extinction and Finn is believed to be the last human.

As the show has progressed throughout its 8 seasons, almost near its end with a ninth and final season, we have learned a lot of back-story and history about the origin of Ooo and various characters.

Here is where I think this show was a huge game-changer for Cartoon Network and animated shows, in general!

If we go back to 2007 and on another channel being “Nickelodeon, Adventure Time’s creator, Pendleton Ward created a 7 minute pilot simply titled “Adventure Time” that was just a basic premise of Finn and Jake rescuing Princess Bubblegum from the villainous Ice King.

The pilot then later became viral over the Internet and became a huge success, where Frederator Studios pitched the pilot as a series to Nickelodeon, but they passed on the series twice!

Later on, the studio pitched the series to Cartoon Network and they allowed them to make a whole show, if it meant to keep all of the elements and characters from the pilot.

And then from then on, the show and the creators have expanded upon the pilot and have created a huge and impactful series that have influenced a wide range of creators, academics, gender and orientation!

People have described the show as being trippy, bizarre and silly on the outside, but on the inside, the show can get dark, thoughtful and even makes you question about philosophy, life and the world, in general.

A great example of this show that has led a lot of underground and freelance artists to pursue their own projects is people like Rebecca Sugar for creating Steven Universe, Patrick McHale for creating Over the Garden Wall and Skyler Page for creating Clarence!

It’s not to say that artists were limited to just shows, as well! Many writers were previously independent comic artists including Jesse Moynihan, Seo Kim, Tom Herpich and Steve Wolfhard, just to name a few! Here is an example of Jesse Moynihan’s work called “Forming”!

Lastly, Adventure Time’s impact on gender and orientation comes from how there is a diverse mix of characters! BMO, for example switches genders back and forth depending on certain episodes! There are also some episodes that feature a gender-swapped world of the show which are called “Fionna and Cake” and these episodes tend to be favourites among the fandom!

Characters like Princess Bubblegum, Marceline and Susan Strong are all shown to be tough characters, but deal with their own sets of flaws and insecurities.

Fans of the show often pair PB and Marceline as a ship called “Bubbline”, as it’s believed that they have been in a past relationship and are trying to work out their problems as the show progresses.

There are many various examples of topics that the show that the series represents like loss and memory disorders in “I Remember You”, sexuality and depression in “Breezy” or isolation in “The Music Hole” and that’s just only a few to list.

This episode is considered one of the most saddest in the entire series, thanks to Rebecca Sugar’s amazing song-writing!

What I always admire about the series is that not only has it been consistently strong over the course of 8 seasons, but the show actually has their characters age and grow physically and mentally in real-time.

Season 1 may be considered the most juvenile of the series, whereas the most recent seasons, especially Season 6 and 7 are some of the most poignant and philosophical the show has seen yet and for the better, in my opinion!

Adventure Time has remained and still is widely considered a ground-breaking show in the history of television animation and pushed the boundaries of what could be shown on a kid’s network, similar to Avatar: The Last Airbender did for Nickelodeon, but that’s another topic for another day!

I will miss Adventure Time when it comes to a close, but what will remain is a modern classic in the history of animation and we will always have fun going on adventures with Finn the Human and Jake the Dog!


I made a zine.

Tbh I’m not sure what to say about this. It means a lot to me to be able to throw myself into a project like this and love the process from beginning to end. After I graduated school I had to learn how to make art for myself again. My first year in Chicago has been sometimes extremely stressful and demoralizing, but every once and a while I feel happiest I’ve been since I was a little kid.
My sincere thanks to my roommates who have supported my art throughout our entire journey together. Thank you to my friend Roberto, who told me my art was beautiful when we first met. His praise gave me the drive to start seriously drawing again. And of course a huge thanks to my friend Sam who is my sister in art and life. I can’t wait to see you, my dear, and sit on your deck and watch the clouds. I’m so lucky to have you as a friend.
If you’re in the Chicago area keep an eye out for my publishing post, when I’ll let you know where you can buy a paper copy of this zine.

Much love.


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  • hatespeech/hate images/ propganda

but anything other than that i’m pretty much game unless stated otherwise and i’ll probably tell you i straight up won’t do it

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Sorry for delay and something important to say

Sorry I didn’t answer your questions on Abyss kid 20 question. I was concentrate on the four pages of Abyss chapter 1 remake for the two weeks. To prepare the pages and the early pages is the important for Artists comic or animation to organize it without stress.

here’s my schedule for the comic

four pages of Abysstale chapter 5 ready for this Friday.

five pages of Abysstale. chapter 5 again for the next Friday

four pages of Abysstale chapter 1 remake for two weeks

The goal is to take my time, prepare to early pages and safe it for later. We not obligate to put the pages right now. It take me a time to understand to how to  set things and have time to drawing something else.

While ago, I see some people think animation take week. they probably refer to anime or Cartoon. But maybe they didn’t know that the animator did it early to prepare the series. Like before the first episode came up. They prepare the do 5 or 7 episode before the release of the series. the different is Jakei @jakei95 and Youmna @superyoumna , Camila @camilaart and Kati  @wolf-wrathknight are​ independent animators. Sure they need helps for music, voices, sound effect and etc.

The big company who do anime or cartoon are in the groups I don’t know how many they are, but each persons have job the do. The drawing, animation, voices, sound effect the script and ideas and etc. That is why they can do more animations more episodes rapidly. As independent animator like Jakei, Youmna , Camila and Kati they need more times. They are alone the do the drawing, scripts and animation. They do a big parts of animation, it’s a passion, lot of effort, the determination and it’s arts. It’s same goes for comic artists.

I’m alone the do the drawings and script. Yes I need help for corrected the grammars. I have difficulty to write, so write is not my strength. But arts is my strength.

Now for people who think animation or comic can take a week. Think twice before calling a independent animator or comic artist slow. They do a lot more works than you. Don’t pushing us to make it faster, don’t stressed us, be patience and respect us.

thank you for reading it and have new day.



I wanted to create a short comic very much in the vein of Moebius and the early issues of Heavy Metal Magazine and its French equivalent, Metal Hurlant. My challenge was to create a full story without any dialogue or exposition. 

So that’s where my proposition starts. I want to create a kind of anthology magazine, but one that’s totally made of wordless comics. So please, REBLOG and get this spread around, as I want to start gathering talent in the independent comic realm to help contribute to this idea. If it gets big enough, I may even start some kind of kickstarter and propose the idea to bigger publishers!

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