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okay the situation is this: their korean name remains as 방탄소년단, with the literal meaning of it being “bulletproof boyscouts”. but instead of having BTS, their international name, being the abbreviation of 방탄소년단- it has become it’s own independent name/brand. it now stands for “beyond the scene” because they want it to have the meaning as “the youth who have opened the door and moved forward”, rather than “bulletproof boyscouts”.


Their Korean name=방탄소년단=Bulletproof Boyscouts

Their International name=BTS=Beyond The Scene= Youth who open the doors and move forward

How to Start Your Own Clothing Company

A clothing company can be a huge income source if you’ve got the right creative eye. It can take a lot of money to start a clothing store though, doesn’t it? Not just anyone can make one…


If you’re seriously looking to create a brand of clothing, there are some things that I had to learn the hard way that could benefit someone just starting out. Here they are.

1. Do your research on the feel of clothing you want to create. Brands like American Eagle and Vans have a target audience that they know and cater to. Figure out who your audience is and what they’re already wearing. Design like that. Designing clothes you yourself would wear is a really good place to start.

2. Use GIMP to start out with if you can’t afford good software for design. Start each image out with the appropriate dimensions for the graphic. This will cause some research on your end, make sure you write it down on a post it on your computer. Typically they’re about 12″x12″ and at least 150ppi… These things can be set right when you start a new document. Save as .pngs and you’ve just created a t-shirt graphic!

3. Sign up for (This will cost $30 a month but they don’t take your first-born if you start making bank, just $30. Other companies take a percentage.

4. Match the theme and look of your website to your brands feel. This will create a great legit company looking website.

5. In the app section, download the Printful app. This is a company in CA that prints your shirt out and ships it to your customer. This takes out you having to front $200 to get 30 shirts from Vistaprint, etc… No inventory… No risk for bad designs (other than bad designs)… You sell the shirt for $21, they charge you $11 and you keep $10. You can even change those prices as high or low as you want. I would suggest getting a sample sent to you, so you can see your graphics in person.

6. When an order comes in, the print place handles the print and ship part… They’ve never missed a shirt or order in the year we’ve used them for – Though you do need to pay attention, if an address is incorrect they’ll email you.

7. Use the profits from this adventure to purchase shirts from, they’re the cheapest place I could find online and they’re good quality. The profit margin is considerably higher if you sell a shirt for $21 that you only paid $3 for instead of Printful’s $11… You’ll have to do the shipping yourself, but it’ll help increase your profit to expand however you see fit.

You can also just maintain the one website without bringing in inventory.
They do shirts and tanks and hoodies.

Good Luck!
I hope when you’re up and running, you consider advertising in the magazine!

i wrote this immediately after viewing the emoji movie trailer


[inoffensive contemporary pop music plays over the entire thing. flyover shot of a colorful world that zooms in on Brand walking around being a Brand in Brandopolis]

BRAND: [voiceover] hey. i’m a Brand. this is the world of Brands. but i’m different from other Brands. i’m unique and that makes me an outcast and unloved.

[Bully Brand pushes Brand down]


BRAND: aw man.

[scene transition to Brand running from danger and falling, only for Independent Female Brand to show up help him escape from the danger]

INDEPENDENT FEMALE BRAND: you ok? you look different from other Brands.

BRAND: yeah haha i’m fine haha oh my stomach

[cut to Independent Female Brand and Brand somewhere that will look very nice in Imax 3D]

BRAND: wow, i had no idea there was so much more to the world than Brandopolis.

INDEPENDENT FEMALE BRAND: [gazing lovingnly at Brand] me neither.

[inoffensive contemporary pop music chorus starts as various scenes of Brand, Independent Female Brand, Funny Brand, and Cute Marketable Brand do stuff that’s very humorous and actiony. the last scene is of Mayor Brand facing off with the main character]

MAYOR BRAND: i’ll destroy the city to show that the most important thing is obedience!

INDEPENDENT FEMALE BRAND: nuh uh! we’ll will stop you! Right boys?

[cuts to the other 3 Brands looking very scared as the music abruptly stops.]

FUNNY BRAND: [poops fall out]

BRAND: oh boy. [facepalms]

[music resumes as cut to scene Brand is giving an impassioned speech to a bunch of other Brands.]

BRAND: I may be a Brand but i’m also a individual and that’s the power i have. you just need to be yourself. and be the best Brand you can be.

CROWD OF BRANDS: [uproarious cheering]

INDEPENDENT FEMALE BRAND: you’re so cool Brand. i’m so happy i met you. i love you

BRAND: yeah whatever

FUNNY BRAND: bazinga!!!!!

[ cut to title of film and release date ]

“Playful serenity, luminous ecru tones that glow. Sun kissed skin and dark bouncy coils, culottes and curly waist skirts to twirl around in. Delicately painted abstract faces on buttoned up shirts, billowy jumpsuits and airy low crotched trousers. Hand stitch embroidery on denim jackets + miki hats full of character.”

This is More Than A Color - Collection 7

Now live at ☀️

anonymous asked:

hey, another trans boy here, i get my boxers from h&m! obvs not an independent brand & theyre a little pricey, but theyre really comfy and usually have fun patterns and prints. i have big thighs & a big butt too so i know the struggle, hope u find smthn tht suits ur needs other anon!

Hello!! Thanks for adding to this, I found these few on the H&M website which I think is a pretty good price, and are cute patterns too: 

H&M (prices are in USD)

And some suggestions from other uses: 

TomBoyX - 15% off on orders over $50 if you use this coupon!*

Old Navy:

  • Boxer Briefs - a couple of options, their website is pretty strange so you’ll probably have better luck just looking in store. Their packs are pretty cheap though!
  • Trunk Style - Looks pretty comfy and has a good range of sizes, decent price and lots of reviews. 

Play Out

  • Boxer Brief - $24
  • Trunks - $28
  • Their sizes range from small - xlarge and offer free shipping on orders over $75

Sloane & Tate

Thank you to everybody to added to the list of stores, if you missed the first half you can find it here! Hope this helps :-)

A headcanon nobody asked for

-If you came to Nemuri’s IG just for sexy pictures, go away.

-Just because the woman built her hero persona around an 18+ theme doesn’t mean her whole life revolves around it.

-That being said, her lipstick game is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.

-A very down-to-earth person who values her oversized cable-knit sweaters, a good (romance) novel, and a glass of red wine.

-The occasional wine mom.

-Likes to explore the sights on her days off. She doesn’t get much time to herself between teaching and doing her hero work, so when she manages to find some time for herself, she doesn’t like to spend it doing nothing.

-It really depends on what Nemuri wants to do. If she goes hiking out in the mountains, expect beautiful photographs of the landscape and the surrounding nature. If she decides to spend the day in the city, expect selfies of her in a hoodie and old jeans and pictures of the bookstores, cafes, restaurants, museums, novelty shops she visited.

-Has been on at least one outing with each of her U.A colleagues and posted about it on her account.

-Visited a teahouse in Kyoto with Nedzu and indulged in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. They also got to try making Wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets).

-Went to a red carpet movie premiere in Tokyo with Toshinori (in his muscle form). They couldn’t stay for the afterparty because of Toshinori’s condition, but she took him to a dessert parlor and they went into a food coma trying to finish a monster parfait.

-Convinced Aizawa to take her to the cat cafe he frequents on his days off. She took a lot of pictures of the cats (and also of Aizawa playing with the cats).

-Joined Thirteen when the local museums had a free admission day. Learned a lot about western and eastern art, but particularly enjoyed the erotic woodcuts that dated back to the early 18th century.

-Invited Hizashi to go bar-hopping with her. After that, they went clubbing to ‘burn calories’ at the most exclusive nightclub they could get into. It was pretty exclusive. All Nemuri could remember was returning home around 5AM holding a lipstick-stained napkin with a phone number on it.

-Girl’s night out with Chiyo (Recovery Girl) 🍷☕ Things get interesting when they’re together.

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“A naughty paddy obstinately came out, because of softness or toughness? Impulsion and apperception come from the very ordinary, familiar and strange to everyone” by Bentu - an independent design brand founded in 2012 ➕ #nowyprodukt


M Net has released the Produce 101 Season 2 performance stage of the concept song “Never” performance by the team Nation’s Sons.

Nation’s Sons team members:
Leader: Kim Jonghyun (aka JR of NU’EST) (Pledis Entertainment)
Center: Hwang Minhyun (of NU’EST) (Pledis Entertainment)
Lai Guanlin (CUBE Entertainment)
Ong Seongwoo (Fantagio Entertainment)
Kim Jaehwan (Independant Trainee)
Park Woojin (Brand New Music)
Lee Daehwi (Brand New Music)

Buy “Never” on iTunes

My final Top 11 pick that nobody asked for

Things have changed, with a lot of my faves being eliminated

Kim Jonghyun // Pledis

Lee Daehwi // Brand New Music

Park Woojin // Brand New Music

Hwang Minhyun // Pledis

Jung Sewoon // Starship

Kang Daniel // MMO

Kim Jaehwan // Independent Trainee

Im Youngmin // Brand New Music

Ong Sungwoo // Fantagio

Lai Guanlin // Cube

Park Jihoon // Maroo


Finally in my hands. 

Record of the day… Brand New - Déjà Entendu

I think the two major parties need to realize that “Independents” =/= centrist or moderate. Most leftists are Independents because the Corporatist center-right control the Democratic Party.

Which is why we ended up with the Democratic “base” voting 2-1 for Clinton in the Primaries while Independents voted 2-1 for Sanders when they were allowed into the Primaries.

The Democratic “base,” or at least party loyalists aren’t leftist in the least bit, because what would have passed as a moderate Republican/Conservative in the 1970’s is now a Mainstream Democrat in the 2010’s.

But the Major parties can’t survive like this, with closed primaries and tone deaf policy, when 40% of the contry self-ID as Independents. When the brand of both parties is majorly tainted, one by Corporatist, donor-first policy and the other by pseudo-fascist rhetoric and outright bigoted policy.


Make up Your Mind (original)
“Now tilt your head a little to the left.” The photographer directed.

You tilted your head slightly, and then gave a seductive face to the camera.

“Excellent Vera, keep giving more to the camera.” He flashed his camera continuously.

You pulled your long, brunette locks to one side and perked your lips. Your brows curved as you tried to look subtle yet sexy.

“Excellent, very well done. I need someone to get her robe.” The photographer snapped his fingers.

“We’re done this early?” You asked, as you threw a robe over yourself.

“Yes, Enrique would like to talk you and have an immediate conference.” He explained.

“Conference? Is it bad news?” You asked.

“I don’t know Vera, just go.” He urged.

You walked to your dressing room and took a seat in your chair. You heard a knock on the door and turned to see Enrique coming in.

“Vera.” He gleamed.

“Enrique.” You nodded.

“So you know why I’m here right?” He asked, closing the door behind him.

“Not really, I was just told to wait here for your arrival.” You explained.

Enrique grabbed a stool and took a seat beside you. “Well I have some exciting news, regarding your contract.”

“What about my contract?” You curved your brow.

“We have been asked to have you extend your contract to work with other models. You’ve been known to model independently, but high-end brands like Calvin Klein, Balmain, and Chanel would like you to model for them with another male model.” He explained.

“Co modeling? I don’t think so.” You scoffed.

“This isn’t because of Neymar right?” He glared.

“Of course not, this is professional business, I shouldn’t have to ask permission from him to work with a male model.” You assured.

“Then what Vera? Why don’t you want this offer, it could publicize your career.” Enrique explained.

“What type of modeling? And with whom?” You asked.

“I don’t know the details yet, it shall all be announced at a meeting.” He said.

“So I’m not given the details until I say yes?” You curved a brow.

“Precisely.” He nodded.

“Would you like the offer? If not, we can continue to have you model for Lupo solely.

"What do I have to lose right?” You smirked.

“So is that a yes?” He gleamed.

“I have interest. When would the signing take place?” You asked.

“I’ll have to take a look into that, but maybe Saturday or Sunday.” He explained.

“Alright then it’s settled.” You cheered.

“Have a nice afternoon.” He left closing the door.

You unraveled your robe and let it pool to the floor. You slipped on your dress, tugged on your heels and grabbed your purse. You had only modeled from 10 to 11:30. You walked out of the dressing room and made your way to the elevator.

“What floor?” A lady asked.

“Lobby please.” You smiled.

The elevator chimed open and you walked out, slipping on your sunnies. You walked out to the garage and headed to your car. After you got in you pulled out and began driving. It wasn’t long until you had arrived home.

“Neymar’s home?” You said to yourself.

You were surprised because he would usually be at training, but today he had come home early.
You opened the door and walked inside.

“Vera?” His voice echoed through the halls.

“Yeah I’m here.” You yelled back.

You walked into the living room, to find him playing FIFA.

“FIFA seriously?” You laughed, taking a seat beside him.

“What else is there to do when my preta isn’t home.” He cooed.

“I’m home now.” You kissed his cheeks.

Neymar paused the game and shifted his body to face you. He slung his arm around your shoulder. “How was work at the studio?”

“Same old same old, nothing different.” You scrunched your nose and smiled.

“How was training? You’re home early.” You asked.

“We went over plays and did some medical prep, preparing for El clasico has been hard.” He sighed.

“Oh shit, that’s this Sunday right?” You cursed.

He grabbed a strand of your hair and twirled it with his finger. “You’re coming right?”

You shifted to face away from him and let out a sigh. “About that……”

“Are you seriously not going to come?” He glared.

“It’s not that I don’t want to, I have a meeting this weekend, I don’t know if it’s on Saturday or Sunday.” You explained.

“You don’t know? That’s unprofessional of them.” He huffed.

“It’s about my contract.” You mentioned.

“What about it?” Neymar asked, as he went to put the PS4 away.

“Chanel and other high end brands have offered me to model for them. It’s good for me to expand my career.” You gleamed.

“Not seeing the problem with that Vera. Isn’t that good news?” He chuckled.

“But.” You paused.

“But what?” He asked as he put the device away.

“I’ll be co-modeling with a male.” You explained.

“That’s normal, it’s not that big of a deal. Professional business right.” He laughed.

“Neymar I’m being serious.” You cleared your throat.

Neymar walked towards you and placed his arms around your waist. His eyes darted right at yours.

You let out a smirk and bit your lips. “What?”

“So you won’t be able to make it to my match?” He whispered irritatedly.

“Aren’t you happy for me? The whole contract and new offer thing.” You sighed.

“I guess.” He looked away.

“Neymar.” You stared him down.

“Maybe the meeting will be after the match. So who knows? Maybe I’ll come.” You kissed his neck.

“I need you to come, I want you supporting me in the stands.” He explained, quickly pecking your cheek.

“Well it’s all settled, tomorrow when I go back to the studio, they’ll tell me when the meeting is.” You said.

“Congrats babe.” He laughed.

Hours had passed and it was late in the evening. Both you and Neymar were already dressed for bed. You made yourself comfy and turned the lamp off.

“You know Madrid is already in town.” Neymar whispered.

“You nervous for Sunday?” You chuckled.

“I want to win, I want to prove them wrong from the last result.” He sighed.

“Work hard. Tomorrow is the last training session.” You cooed.

“Stating the obvious?” Neymar teased.

“Go to sleep Ney.” You groaned as you threw a pillow over your head.
The light seeped through the window and the room was bright. It was Saturday, and you woke up in a good mood. Today, you hoped to meet the model and finalize the contract; so you could attend Sunday’s match. You noticed Neymar wasn’t beside you, he had left for training. It was 11 am. You went into the bathroom and prepped yourself for the studio. After you finished you headed downstairs.

“Why does it smell like eggs?” You asked yourself as you headed down.

“Marcela are you in the Kitchen?” You yelled.

No one answered. You walked in and noticed a man in sweats and a hoodie cooking breakfast. It was Neymar.

“You’re still here?” You asked, setting your purse on the counter.

“I just got here.” He replied.

“Since when? Your training starts at 11 and you’re late.” You chuckled.

Neymar walked over and plated some eggs for you. “My training was at 9 today.”

“So it ended at ten?” You asked as you took a bite out of your eggs.

“Yup. You were still in bed, so I decided to make you breakfast.” He gleamed.

“How nice, did you make me a nonfat foam latte?” You teased.

“I’m a football player not your personal chef.” He laughed.

You finished your eggs and stood on your feet. You kissed Neymar’s cheek. “Thanks for the breakfast Preto.”

“Are you heading out now?” He asked.

You grabbed your purse and walked over to the door, creaking it open. “Yeah, today i hopefully find out about who I’ll be working with.”

“Good luck Vera.” He hummed.

You blew him a kiss and closed the door shut. You walked towards your car and got in. You pulled out and began driving. It wasn’t long until you arrived at the studio. You headed to Enrique’s board room and knocked on the door.

“Come in.” His voice muffled through the door.

You opened the door and walked in. Enrique was sitting behind his desk. You two were the only people present in the room.

“I’m guessing today is not the day I find out.” You sighed, plopping yourself on a chair.

“Today is where it all happens.” He smiled.

“Can you bring up the guest to my office please, he should be here.” Enrique spoke through the buzzer.

“Guest?” You asked.

“We’re finalizing everything today.” You laughed.

“The company wants to start making this happen. So yes, you’ll be meeting the model today.” Enrique smirked.

“Great, I’m looking forward to this offer.” You crossed your legs.

You heard a knock on the door. Enrique stood from his desk and walked towards it to open.

He opened the door and allowed a tall, broad shouldered man in. Your eyes widened and your jaw dropped from shock.

“Vera, meet your co-Model, Cristiano Ronaldo.” Enrique gleamed.