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So I’ve been looking for brands that carry bright and out there lip products that aren’t Jeffree Star or Lime Crime cuz let’s be honest, they’re terrible. So here’s a little list of brands you can support instead! (All cruelty free)
• Impulse Cosmetics- really wanted white or yellow liquid matte lipstick but only saw people using Jeffeee Star brand? problem solved (HUGE selection of colors as well)
• Beauty Undead- Etsy brand (on a short vacation right now but will be back) they have all the metallics you’ll ever want
• Lonely Planet- Another Etsy brand, more metallics and a couple bright colors!
• Sugarpill cosmetics- They just came out with a line of super bright lipsticks that look pretty awesome
• Fierce Magenta- Another awesome Etsy brand, they have holographic lips, sparkle lips, and bright colors! They also have white lipstick (not in liquid matte form)
• Coloured Raine- More metallic lips!
• Lena Lashes- Bright and vibrant shades!
• Aromi Beauty- Cool metallics and some bright colors
• Colourpop- super cheap, they have metallics and a couple bright shades
• Sigma Beauty- currently out of stock with lip switches but holy holographic
• Ciao Bella xoxo- Etsy brand (name is kinda confusing?) they have vegan metallics though!
• Addictive Cosmetics- yet another Etsy brand, they have bright colors and opalescents, metallics, and glitter!
• Pretty Zombie Cosmetics- cool spooky shades and some nice bright ones!
• Lunatick Cosmetics Lab- another spooky brand, bright lipsticks and awesome palettes
• LA Splash- Metallics and out there shades
• Melt Cosmetics- more metallics, more brights

Feel free to add more! Instead of supporting shitty companies there are plenty other options out there!


Finally in my hands. 

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can we talk about double chins?

i have one. i’m 5′2 and a size large, not that it matters. but i have a double chin. even when i was way skinnier i had one. why do i rarely see anyone who looks like me in the media… or social media? i follow very body-positive people, and still, where are the people who look like me?

i want to see peole who look like me modeling for independent brands, for mainstream businesses. i want to see illustrations depicting people who look like me. i want to see people wearing chokers who look like me. i want to see product photos for chokers with models who look like me, product photos for anything with people who look like me. c’mon, people.

for all my other followers with ~chins~ like me: you’re beautiful. fuck everyone else who says otherwise, with their words or their actions.

here’s me and my double chin, and my awesome friends. i’m the one who is cute af with the greenish hair.

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based loosely on this

DON’T LAUGH AT ME !! ’ Cleo warned. knowing the other would have quite the field day when given the opportunity of seeing herself outside of wearing her usual BAGGY jeans and ripped sweater. this had been the first time since her breakup that she allowed her friend to convince her into dressing up in her old attire. she readjusted her bright pink & white sundress in the mirror. it felt as if she stared at a ghost of who she used to be. Cleo couldn’t recognize the person standing in her reflection. She looked like someone who didn’t have any cares in the world. Briefly, she remembered the moments of when she used to feel like nothing else mattered but being in love. That was before her heart had been shattered which was something that changed her entire view on the world. Her head shook the thoughts from her head before calling out another time.  you have to promise that you won’t laugh at me because I look like such a GIRL.

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DISCLAIMER: Please watch the full video before you decide to start any sort of discussion or throw with facts, opinions, thoughts.

So yeah, I’m gonna stop with shopping at (web)stores that sell cheaply produced clothing, because the factories that make those, are HUGE polluters and their employees work in inhumane conditions. And I’m making the personal decision to not be part of that anymore! I will only shop at thrift stores, from independent artist and alternative brands, with a small exception so now and then for pyamas, underwear ofcourse, etc.

I would like to emphasize that this is a personal choice, and I do not mean to create discomfort to anyone. However, I do hope that I can inspire, or atleast bring awareness on this subject! <3


Independent Japanese fashion brand HEIHEI will debut their 2015 Autumn/Winter “I am not a DOLL” collection at an exhibition in Harajuku between April 9th and April 13th. The exhibition will be open to the public and HEIHEI designer Shohei Kato will be there the entire time to meet people. If you’re in Tokyo please stop by and say hello to Shohei. You can find out more about Shohei and his brand in our recent short HEIHEI documentary on YouTube. For more info on the exhibition, check HEIHEI’s Instagram.