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PET PLAY - which animal do you best identify as?

A lot of people messaged me asking which animal would best fit them; they’ll describe their personality to me and I try to make my best decision. But I am not the one who can choose for you. You have to choose. Here are some characteristics of different pets to possibly help you narrow down and choose which pet would best fit you. (This list does not have every pet and these are not the only pets you can be. Be whatever you want and do whatever you want; no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.)

• BAT: negative, wants people to fear them, isolated, quirky, loves fruit, independent, “vampire-like”, possibly nocturnal

• BEAR: shy, closed off, not really clingy, playful, internally energetic, slow-moving

• BIG CAT: certain, stoic, secretly playful, appearance is important (grooming, stance, etc.), authority, elegance, sleek, seduction

• BUNNY: very cuddly, oral fixation, likes to hide under and paw at things, very childish, daydreamer, emotional, ditzy, headbutts others as a form of communication, needs attention

• DRAGON: asks for a lot, is not to be commanded, prideful, doesn’t like collars/restraints, headstrong, stubborn, protective, collects/hoards things

• FAWN: timid, shy, playful, adventurous, silly, klutzy, wary, enjoys being outdoors, better with an owner

• FERRET: fun, bouncy, can annoy others for amusement, equally active and lazy, likes to dig, hides things

• FOX: clever, playful, tricksters, doesn’t mind being around others, curious, fast, enjoys being in small spaces, excitable

• KITTEN: incredibly cuddly most of the time, will occasionally need space, very playful, needs a lot of petting, could get along without an owner but doesn’t want to, lazy with weird bouts of energy, likes to play hunt and pounce, likes toys

• LAMB: very quiet, meek, likes physical attention, likes soft things, likes getting dolled up, very submissive, obedient, lower energy, conservative

• PIG: loves to be coddled, sticks close to others, loves being given snacks, minimizes movement

• PONY: strong, proud, a little bit skittish, gentle, wants to work with others, curious, likes to have a job/responsibility, likes learning, curious

• PUPPY: playful, energetic, enjoys company, affectionate, enjoys physical contact, silly, plays with toys, curious, immature, better with an owner, loyal

• RAT: can be aggressive/feral or friendly and loving, greedy with food/items, likes to test bite/lick their owner, loves on and sleeps on others

• WOLF: independent but uses their pack for safety and comfort, strong, reserved initially, observant, grown-up, smart, self-sufficient, can get along without an owner, follows instincts, pack-mentality

                   AGE OF ULTRON SENTENCE MEME


“I adore you.”

“I just pay for everything and design everything, make everyone look cooler.”

“You didn’t see that coming?”

“Is that the best you can do?”

“You kiss your mother with that mouth?”

“I’ve got no strings to hold me down.”

“Keep up old man!”

“I suppose we’re both disappointments.”

“You get hurt, hurt ‘em back. You get killed… walk it off.”

“No matter who wins or loses, trouble always comes around.”

“As the world’s expert on waiting too long, don’t. You two are great together.”

“Really? That’s it? You just roll over and show your belly, every time somebody snarls?”

“I am always picking up after you boys.”

“Nothing lasts forever.”

“That’s not a question I need answered.”

“I’m sick of watching people pay for our mistakes.”

“You are all puppets tangled in strings.”

“I’m going to tear you apart; from the inside.”

“What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?”

“A guy did me wrong.”

“We have no place in the world.”

“This is going to be like finding a needle in the world’s biggest haystack… fortunately, I brought a magnet!”

“I got no plans tomorrow night.”

“It just slipped out.”

“I can show you what you truly fear.”

“Yeah, we don’t have time for a city hall debate.”

“And for gosh sake; watch your language!”

The Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf is a majestic creature
It stands independent of any pack
It does not need an Alpha to guide its path

The Lone Wolf is not afraid of other wolves
It even visits other packs from time to time
Lingers for a little while, until they move on to another location

And the Lone Wolf is on its own once more

The Lone Wolf does not mind
In fact, it prefers its own company
Where there is found peace and quiet

But the Lone Wolf does not always want to be alone
Even a Lone Wolf desires a pack that won’t leave it behind, even a pack of one or two
Even a Lone Wolf desires the company of a mate, but it will search very long until the right one is found

The other wolves do not know these things
They admire the Lone Wolf who is so brave and independent
They wish they too could be lone wolves

But alas they are too afraid to venture far from the pack

Some of them pretend
They will say “Look at me, I am a Lone Wolf!”
To their friends who only shake their heads

The Lone Wolf does not seek attention for being what it is
The Lone Wolf seeks recognition for what it does
The Lone Wolf also desires praise for a job well done

Sometimes the Lone Wolf is sad
And it will stand in the rain
So the other wolves cannot see its tears

This is the Lone Wolf’s greatest disadvantage
The other wolves are so busy believing in it’s courage
They do not realize that Lone Wolf’s heart can also be broken

And they will never know

The Lone Wolf will stand in the rain
Until the storm passes
And the tears have run dry

It will pick up the pieces of its own broken heart
And put them back together one by one
Perhaps it will even learn to be happy again

That Lone Wolf will again roam the fields and forests
The Alpha of a pack of one
Content with its own company

Under the light of the moon
The Lone Wolf sings
Beneath the blanket of stars
It makes its bed

The summer wind caresses its fur
The grass tickles its whiskers
Sleep, Lone Wolf

Do not be afraid
You are never alone


Of course~ Seeing as your gemsona seems combat oriented, I figured I might as well try to boost it’s existing abilities. Nothing like 4 hands for a double handed sword eh? Might as well have two :3c

The hands connect at the elbows and their palms face the same way, so they are best used to boost regular actions rather than attempt to do 3 different things at the same time. Same goes for the eyes, which are not independent. Thankfully, Aventurine comes packed with natural armor, baffling agility and lightness, and a lot of optimistic willpower to make up for it.


[My Lapis]

If you want a fusion just ask!

🔥 info on hellcats 🐈

Originally posted by xurkitree

[updated 7/18/2017]

so i’ve recently realized how little i still know about element’s species, even though I’ve been her companion for over a month now. i did a really mini interview with her tonight about hellcats, and i hope to update this post from time to time with any new information i learn ^^ when i first applied for element there was 0 info i could find so im hoping this helps! i’m sorry for this starting out so simple but it’ll go into more detail as i learn more

// note: this might not all be true as there could be a problem with my interpretation/communication skills (and also i can’t expect element to know about every single thing haha) so please take everything here with a grain of salt <3 

note #2: obviously the term “hellcats” is very general, and there are a number of subspecies so this won’t apply for the whole species

food / diet 🍴

  • hellcats can be carnivorous, omnivorous, or herbiviorous !!
  • they have a certain fruit/food they obsess over??

behavior 🎭

  • hellcats can live independently or in packs, but the latter is rarer
  • most young are brought up by their mothers or direct family
  • i’ve come to notice that they tend to be very energetic and passionate

physical appearance / attributes 🤳

  • hellcats can have more than 2 eyes ^^ (element has 5 !!)
  • most hellcats’ fur are varying shades of brown or warm colors

(1) Blind Rose AU: pretty much self-explanatory, Rosy is blind. The story goes like this: Eggman captures Rosy, not because of her status relations to Sonic, but because she has a power to detect strange energy belonging to powerful and dangerous objects. She also is - ironically - the seer of all things, which means she can look into the past, but neither the present and the future. Her disability leaves her defenseless so she usually stays quiet and abides orders. Until Sonic rescues her from Dr. Robotnik’s grasp and becomes her friend. Since Eggman needs her, the blue hedgie brings her along everywhere he goes, but trusts her with Tails or Knuckles/anyone of his friends for some periods of time.

Blind Amy Rose is humble, a bit more reserved than the original Rosy, but very kind and gentle. Although, she is good emotional support/reassurance, she is physically weak. She should be around 8 years old?

(2) Florakinetic Amy: I just made her one of the 4 hedgehogs with powers XD like Silver has his telekinesis, Shadow has ergokinesis, while Sonic has opinokinesis(it’s an au of mine). Basically just a random au with random things. She’s 14 and a total green thumb. Generally more mature than her original, she just wants everyone to be happy XD

(3) A version of future Amy that I whipped up. After years of pursuing a guy who doesn’t reciprocate her feelings, she turns away and sets up a new goal to build her independence. She packs up her bags and leaves, bringing an eager Cream along so they’re both a traveling duo. Amy’s in her mid-20’s and still very bubbly here. She has a communicator to call the gang at home from time to time, mostly contacting Vanilla or Sonic. ^u^ They’re both training and exploring at the same time with no particular goal. Amy’s also a journalist here ^^

(4) Betrayal AU: After a rather nasty incident between our blue hero and pink hedgie, her heart is broken and her entire being just collapses. It doesn’t help that she’s been kidnapped by Eggman, who finds it strange that she doesn’t claim that her beloved Sonic will come. They strike a deal which consists of Amy asking Robotnik to erase all of her memories just so she doesn’t have to feel anymore and he turns her into one of his assistants/minions. She’s given a mission to reconcile with her friends (feigning amnesia) and get close to Sonic, then kill him. Or something cliche like that lol. This Amy should be around 14 and a complete shell of who she once was. :(

(5) Another version of future Amy I designed! This time, Sonic is the one that leaves for a long time. In that blank period, Amy decides to wait for him as she matures, focusing on her femininity and reliability as a cherished friend. She starts training with Rouge and Knuckles to boost her flexibility and strength and grows closer to Vanilla and Cream as a family. She’s in her mid-20’s and still waiting. This Rose is delicate, but will actually stab someone with her thorns if they try plucking something. Unlike her adventurous counterpart, she writes stories and works part-time at Vanilla’s bakery (sometimes she models some modest clothing lines but most of the time likes to be by herself).

(6) Runaway Amy: One of her decisions end up in a majority of her beloved friends getting heavily injured and nearly kills Sonic. At the end of the day, Eggman’s plan of evil is foiled but she is left in a heavy amount of guilt. Despite the reassurance from Tails and others, her emotions take hold of her heart and she leaves without a note. Everyone is worried sick and looking for her, but she’s gone. She should be around 16 and riddled with remorse. She’s scared to face her friends and develops a form of anxiety that acts up whenever she sees a blue-colored hedgehog or a familiar face. ;n;

tbh my favorite designs would be blind rose and florakinetic amy XD what about yours? What au do you like most? What version of Amy do you like the most (mine is classic amy)?


“They look so awesome.” Liam said in awe.

“Hey guys, let’s take a photo with the fireworks behind us.” Lydia said, standing up and wiping the dust off of her dress.

“Yeah, and how about we jump up in the air, all High School Musical like?” You suggested.

“That’s good idea Y/N.” Scott replied as he got up to go ask someone to take the photo.

“Okay everyone ready?” The man behind the camera asked.

“Yes.” You all replied in unison.

“Okay. 1, 2, 3!″ The man said, snapping the photo as you all jumped up into the air trying to pose and then landing.

All of you except Stiles, who lost his balance and fell on the floor, causing you to fall on top of him, leaving everyone else to laugh at the two of you sprawled across the ground.


Happy 4th of July to all you Americans out there! Xx

Winter ghosts

declanlunch and i wrote another story and it took a while for it to be done but here it is (we started it in november okay)

  • noah czerny, joseph kavinsky, ronan lynch, (also gwenllian for two seconds)
  • 6946 words
  • warnings for ghost violence, mentions of character death, probably some minor sexual stuff, and zero editing

The situation was increasingly frustrating and Kavinsky was having none of it. When he woke up the morning of July the fifth he thought there were worse things off than ending up one of Henrietta’s ghosts. The company was abysmal, but the living still lived and getting front row seats to Ronan’s reaction to his death might be almost, kind of, worth it.
But grief doesn’t last forever. Especially not when you’re seventeen.

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                                    No matter how lost you are,
                            you’ll always find a home with pack.

                                                                       Independent and Selective
                                                                                    Laura Hale

Boy Culture in Supernatural

So I want to talk about Sam and Dean in relation to something I call “boy culture,” and no I do not mean that movie from 2006. “Boy Culture” is a term I’m borrowing from this book, and I think it’s best exemplified in a number of movies, my favorites being Stand By Me and The Outsiders, as well as The Goonies, The Lost Boys,  The Sandlot, Dead Poet’s Society, and more recently, Super 8. The list goes on.

Boy culture is, essentially, a set of rules, values, and customs commonly used by groups of young boys - and for the sake of this particular discussion, American boys -  from childhood into young adulthood. At its core, it prizes four main values - courage, loyalty, mastery, and independence - that are also largely emphasized by the American standards of masculinity often set for adults. The difference here, the part that makes it ‘boy’ culture and not ‘man’ culture, is the focus on intimate same-sex friendships and a group mentality. Think spit handshakes and the alternate definitions of “blood brothers.” At a young age, boys are allowed a physical and emotional closeness that they aren’t allowed in later life. Interestingly enough, the process of growing out of boy culture generally happens as a boy’s desire for intimate relationships is transferred from the companionship of male friends to the companionship of a romantic partner.

So I think it’s very easy to see the way this applies to how the Winchester boys were raised, certainly. Loyalty to the family, mastery of hunting, courage to face monsters, the independence to care for themselves when necessary. The intimate bond between the two of them being of the utmost importance in their lives. All well and good, but here’s the thing: Sam grew out of it, Dean didn’t.

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