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I think it doesnt matter how rich u should have something of ure own Be independent and theres no way to make it by living of someone elses money Nothing stops u from living a nice life and using ure parents money and conexions to try to gain ure independence make something of ure own But to spend ure entire life doing nothing else its awfull One thing is to enjoy being rich but also do something about it even if its live to help others but do something If not whats the point of life then?

According to our education and our religion, we ve been taught that the point of life is to prepare for our afterlife, I know working and building something good is part of our preparation to our afterlife, because as much as you do good you will find it when you die, I mean the point of life is doing something good and help others and be honest and a kind person don’t matter if you are indepandant or working in your own, of course you have to use the good ways to do it, this is how our religion teach us life. so if Chelsy uses the money of her parents to do soemthing good it’s ok, she is not obliged to work on her own to do something good, also if she choose to quite her job and party her whole life, it’s ok since she is not hurting anyone.