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WIP meme: drama

Never appears as a standalone word. Dramatic, on the other hand…

The scene laid bare was dramatic. Her fair smooth skin had puckered in a whitish latticework of scars across her torso, dominated by an arrow-straight indentation from below one breast to above the opposite hip.


Theron blinked. “That’s a little dramatic, don’t you think?”

“I think it’s exactly dramatic enough.”

Everything to know about the Nintendo Switch Presentation

Nintendo just finished their Nintendo Switch Presentation, so here’s a quick rundown of what was covered. Pictured above is what is included in the base package.

- Launching March 3, 2017 for $299.99 USD
- Online services free shortly after launch, will become paid in Fall
- Will be region-free
- Battery lasts 2 ½ hours - 6 ½ hours depending on game
- Up to eight Switch systems can be connected for local multiplayer
- NFC reader can read Amiibos
- Button below D-Pad captures screenshots, video capture soon
- Joy-Cons include gyrometers
- L/R buttons on Joy-Cons double as indentations to click into Switch
- Joy-Con will come in Neon Blue and Neon Red and include straps
- Right Joy-Con has IR sensor
- Joy-Cons include “HD rumble”, accuracy to a point where you can feel difference between shaking one ice cube or two in a glass
- 1-2-Switch announced, minigames where players use Joy-Cons to imitate real-life actions (i.e. fast draw w/ Joy-Cons as guns), launch title
- ARMS announced, boxing game where characters have extendable arms; gameplay similar to Wii Sports boxing w/ more mechanics, releasing 2017
- Splatoon 2 announced, new areas, weapons, hair styles, etc, releasing summer 2017
- Super Mario Odyssey announced, “first time since 64 and Galaxy for sandbox worlds”, Mario can now scaffold on ledges, throw cap as projectile, releasing holiday 2017
- Xenoblade 2 announced
- Fire Emblem Warriors announced, Fire Emblem musou developed by Koei Tecmo
- Dragon Quest X and XI, Dragon Quest Heroes I and II releasing on Switch in Japan
- New Shin Megami Tensei title announced
- Project Octopath Traveler announced, new RPG from Square Enix, 2D sprites in 3D environment
- Skyrim port announced
- New No More Heroes title announced
- Fifa port announced
- Disgaea, Bomberman, and I am Setsuna shown in sizzle reel
- Switch will be playable before launch on six seperate sundays in six cities in North America
- The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a launch title
- Mario Kart 8 Deluxe announced, releases April 28


sometimes, i’m ashamed of how i want to indentify. because i am afraid. afraid of what others with say or think, whether or not i’m around. and to be frank, that’s bullshit. because as a fifteen year old, this is the time i should be figuring out who i am. i shouldn’t be terrified of other people’s judgement because truly, they don’t matter in this circumstance. how i identify, matters to me. not to the rest of the world. for a while, i have been indentifying as agender, but that just isn’t right. and nobody else can know that but me. after long battles with myself, about acceptance, about how others will feel, i just feel like i’m female. i’m afraid i’m going to be discluded because i’m identifying as cisgender and i previously indentified otherwise. i’m afraid people will think i was looking for attention, that i was just trying to be “edgy”. but none of that is true, i’m just trying to know who i really am. i am still going to use they/them pronouns, along with she/her, and go by grey. but i feel sometimes, that grey is more like a nickname rather than my actual name. i don’t have a large stigma over my birthname. honestly, i love my birthname. there is a lot of meaning behind it. so, i don’t mind if people refer to me as grace, or as grey. because it’s who i am. grace/grey. obviously, my indentification journey isn’t over but at least for now, i can be comfortable. i hope this ramble is at least a little understandable and i hope now i can be a little less scared each day. thanks.

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i'm having kind of an identity crisis. for my whole life i've identified as 100% puerto rican, but i took one of those ancestry tests and it says that actually 80% of my DNA comes from spain :((( does this mean i'm not latinx anymore? can I not take part in what used to be my culture anymore?

So I’m assuming your family is Puerto Rican, right? If so, you’re still Puerto Rican and still latinx, even with a lot of Spaniard ancestry. I mean, there’s tons of latinxs with some Spaniard heritage. They might be white or white passing or light skinned, so they might have some privileges that they need to be mindful of, but not any less latinx.

Still keep participating in your culture and maybe don’t worry so much about percentages and all that. 


Imagine solving cases with Sherlock and being able to deduce.(GIFS NOT MINE)

(At a crime scene)
Y/N: He must’ve been threatened. All the doors are locked. Windows shut. Who ever killed him must’ve been inside before he locked everything. Waited for him to fall asleep then suffocated him. The murderer must of been huge and married. The victim is at least 200 pounds and to hold that much force down, so the murderer must’ve been at least 20 pounds heavier. The victim has a small indent on his neck, on the left side. It’s a shape similar to a ring. He then had to have shot him to make sure he was dead…(insert long deducing ramble, that goes into vivid detail)
Sherlock: Perfectly sound analysis, but I was hoping you’d go deeper. *sarcastically/ teasing*
Y/N: Sorry Sherlock forgot that you were here, couldn’t hear you over Anderson’s thinking.
Sherlock: *laughs* Ooh, this is getting rather fun, isn’t it?
Y/N: What’s more fun than a murder?
Sherlock: Double homicide
Y/N: *giggles*
Sherlock: *giggles* We can’t giggle, it’s a crime scene.

Afraid that our inner light will be extinguished or our inner darkness exposed, we hide our true identities from each other. In the process, we become separated from our own souls. We end up living divided lives, so far removed from the truth we hold within that we cannot know the “integrity that comes from being what you are.”
—  Parker Palmer

Video: Jenny Hval, “Sabbath”

ANN POWERS: There’s more open discussion of transgender identity than ever before, and in addition, living on the Internet has granted ordinary people an easy and possibly irresistible way to construct multiple selves. Your voice is quite conventionally feminine, though you manipulate it a lot — on first listen, I wouldn’t connect it with trans liberation. Yet your songs viscerally describe bodies that become fluid while experiencing desire. “Sabbath” offers a dreamscape of a boy and a girl switching genders and then both becoming animals — a horse, a wolf. Is this a kind of trans state?

JENNY HVAL: I’m so happy these things are talked about, and I wish we could listen better, even if sexuality is openly discussed in certain parts of the world. I write about sexuality longing to take part in a conversation, to hear other people’s voices. The world is more beautiful when it’s polyphonic.

I haven’t gone through any of the stuff that a transgendered person has gone through, so I wouldn’t claim to know what that is like. But I know that sexuality is a huge part of who we are, and that in-between states are important to everybody. If they weren’t, people wouldn’t have any problems with genders and sexuality.

It’s this kind of universal, but personal, in-between state of transformation I’m dealing with in my music, I think. A transformation is for me a much more interesting way to look at narrative than a “story.” In “Sabbath,” I send a person on a journey through several transformations (imagining further transformations). The reward is desire, a desire that is not about inequality and dichotomy, but about liberation. It’s a fairy tale, perhaps.