remember danico? yeah i finally wrote something for them. just a drabble

When Nico gets home he is not surprised by the sight that greets him. Danny is dancing around the living room in blue basketball shorts and a ratty grey t-shirt from his high school basketball team. His chunky black headphones cover his ears. His hair blooms out on each side of the headphones band in a wild dark array of curls; the longer parts flop into his eyes as he bops his head to the music. 

He is also singing. Danny likes to sing, and as a son of Apollo, he’s pretty damn good at it. He is also a snob when it comes to American punk-rock; in that he refuses to acknowledge it. Despite and perhaps because of Nico's endless coaxing to get Danny to listen to it, he just won’t.

Which is why it comes as such a surprise to Nico when he hears the lyrics to one of Fall Out boy’s songs coming out of his boyfriend’s mouth.

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indemigodishnessandallthat answered to your post “pls pls pls oh gosh send in cute and fluffy cecilos prompts pls i…”

omg, okay so Carlos introduces Cecil to his science buddies and Cecil could try to make a good impression and GAH THIS SHIP!!!!

ilu bless u thank u so much!! i got a bit carried away because i have no control, the prompt is amazING and the fluff cant be stopped!!!!

there’s mention of a lil bit of alcohol i guess so here’s a content warning. but hey its a get together party thing


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so you made me ship Danico  im obsessed its adorable

and i know that Shannon (i think shannon) is writing the official thingy for how they meet and in her version they’re older and stuff so i thought i’d write a before thing, like way before, before Nico accepted his sexuality and before Danny gets glasses and before Nico goes to Tartarus and its really quick and not very important and neither of them remember it at all a few years later, so when they meet in Shannon’s fic it’s basically the first time they meet because this was just like a five second thing that came to mind so i hope you like it :)


It was supposed to be simple.

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indemigodishnessandallthat replied to your post: bbanditt: I hate college…

You’re a negative three multiplied by a negative ten, becoming a positive thirty. Wow, those kids must feel so ashamed when around you, since they can’t match your amount of awesome. No wonder you hate college, you don’t want to show off too much.

strongintherealgay  asked:

Cute crush story: My crush is one of my friends. I have many cute stories with us, but one of my favorites is when we shared a queen size bed with our other friend. I slept against the wall, my crush in the middle, and our friend on the end by a fan. I woke up and instantly heard from the end of the bed "Please don't kick me." I look toward our feet and see my crush's head. Somehow in the middle of the night she ended up in that position. It was so funny and the way she acted was adorable!

oh gosh oh gosh you got to sleep in a bed with your crush and i just want to smoosh you for being so cute

but it would have been so embarrassing if you had kicked her like i feel you man

A+ story

someone needs to talk to me about the au where grover was too late and percy became a loner for two years until westover hall

just imagine he ends up chillin in rivers cause its warm and dry and theres no people to tell him to fuck off and thats just what he does in his downtime, and one day hes in a little bubble at the bottom of a lake and he hears the nymphs gossiping, news about a new demigod somewhere up in new england, and camp is sending a quest but the nymphs have heard rumors that a terrible monster is already there. so percy finds his way to westover hall through information from nymphs and nature spirits and hitchhikes and stows away on trains and buses and pickpockets people for money for food, and he spends a lot of time in the water so his clothes are pretty clean, but hes got too many scars and his hair is jagged because he cut it himself, and his expression is harsh and no one wants to cross him, people stay away from this 14 year old kid. And he shows up at westover hall and slips in a side door and joins the dance, and a teacher comes his way so he grabs the nearest girl, a pretty girl, with curly blond hair and fierce gray eyes who blushes when he pulls her into a dance but punches him in the shoulder because apparently stranger danger is still a thing and i need this now but im on frickin mobile and cant write and i cant even add a read more so im sorry if anyone had to scroll through this