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ILYSM FOR THE GK X YOU IT'S PERFECT It has all my otps and I just realized now that they're members of GK paired with you...mindblow . b l e s s

YouRiko is a given; YouMari is one of my fav closet (or rather, guilty) ships; and I’ve always had a soft spot for Youhane

so… ku ku ku, you’re welcome Anon ( ` ω ´ ) I’m glad to spread the guilty(?) around~

prompt by mynameisbruni: coffee shop!au

It’s strange what sights you see in the hospital at early hours in the morning- the people who are in A&E who’ve done some weird shit because they’re drunk, high, stupid, or a combination of them all, the families out in the corridors worriedly biting their nails, the nurses and doctors who look like they’re fighting to keep awake and withhold their patience when yet another visitor talks to them like they’re shit.

Thankfully, Dean finds refuge in the coffee shop. The place is empty besides a couple that are in the far corner and Dean tries not to pry into their business; there’s pretty much only one reason why they’d be here at this time of the morning and with the hushed whispers and clutched hands across the table, Dean knows it’s not good news.

Dean takes his coffee to the other side of the room, wrapping his hands around it as he waits for it to cool down. He hopes the coffee will keep him awake, all of his excitement is slowly starting to teeter onto exhaustion and he hopes the coffee will do the trick.

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“There are fixed points through time where things must always stay the way they are. This is not one of them. This is an opportunity. A temporal tipping point. Whatever happens today will change future events, create its own timeline, its own reality.”- Eleven in Cold Blood

“Listen, there are moments in every civilizations history, in which the whole path of that civilization is decided, the whole future path. Whatever future humanity might have depends upon the choice made right here and right now.”- Twelve in Kill the Moon

And so here I sit, awake at 2:41 am. Ink is still duck taped to the ceiling, Palette and Fell!Goth are still lost in the void, Dream mourns for his “lost” husbando, Nightmare is being comforted by Cross, Encey is still very much gone, and Fell!Palette and Goth are bonding in the corner. Such a wonderful night.

Except for one thing.