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[SMOL UPDATES] studyblroll!

this is forever a wip!! im always looking for new blogs to add! (if you wanna be in here/have any recommendations just send me a message or ask, friends)

new studyblrs are in bold!!! check them out first, please!!


@academiix - nice studyspo pix. minimalistic theme. elite graphics + icons ~~

@academla - the most amazing #random ramblings as well as masterposts


@alimastudies - NOTESSSS

@aworkinggirlsbujo - how are you a new blog your original content is TEARWORTHY (and there’s so much of it too, so check this blog out!!)

@areistotle - hearts. i cant even explain just click that follow button

@aeristudies - also minimalistic theme. beautiful original posts. some exo here and there. rly sweet and energetic and cute


@artemistudying - love!! her!!

@amoebasisters - omg if ur a scienceblr u will love how cute this blog is

@baejoohyuk - v friendly + energetic + sweet. lots of kpop but also other v nice reblogs + things too

@beanstudy - ahhh their content is goals

@birdkostudies - really calm, refreshing, pastel and spring-themed blog

@biscuitpen - adorable blog (-: easy to navigate + sweet aesthetic!

@bookandcoffeelover - book aesthetic all around

@bookbaristas - tons of beautiful book original posts omg

@bookfully - the love of my life; beautiful note pictures!!

@bookworminabox - v nice book aesthetic

@bulletjournaling101 - if you’re bujo crazy, this is the blog for you

@caffestudy - original posts are to die for

@calligr4phy - if you like those cute little random posts from the blogs u follow, get on this blog. also bullet journal is amazing as heck

@castillos-co - reblogs the most amazing things,,,+ gorgeous selfies

@ciellene - i can’t omg her original posts–

@cinnamonandhappiness - eeee scrolling for days

@coffeesforstudiers - for when you need an inspiration/motivation/productivity boost

@collegerefs - for crazy kids on the pre-college/ college adventure

@csec-studyblr - rly cute original posts

@curious-studies - lot’s of cute original posts!

@designyoself - ahh random ramblings + studyspo

@determinationandcaffeine - self explanatory 


@einstetic - reALLY elite langblr omg

@eiucidate - gay love meet studyblr

@emmastudies - …do i even need a caption for this one

@em-spacestudy - so much content to queue from!!

@equaticns - SELF CARE + blue aesthetic ahhh

@essayinc - get those a-levels honey 

@fall-out-books - BOOKS, HONESTLY

@flaheistudies - …i cant

@fromquantumfluctuations - omg so sweet + i love reading through her orig posts and asks

@gatostudies - omg small bean + handwriting!! <3

@gloomstudy - <33 no explanation necessary

@glorystudiespsych -

@glossie - ahh i love reblogging from this!

@heather-journal - peaceful aesthetic(s)

@hermionegoals - omg the masterposts + advice are so,,,,

@hermione-helpme - reblogs from all over tumblr ahhh

@historyandmemes - for all you humanities nerds who keep being told that ur subject is underrated…think again

@hittingthebooks - i dont even know what to say,,,like her original content is BEAUTIFUL,,, what 2 say???

@hogwartsstudies - harry potter nerd!! check this blog out 

@homework-help-network - run by @rhubarbstudies and i!! a network of students trying to do well in school by helping and communicating with each other.

@illbebachinaminuet - if you like music, (pt 1)

@illeststudy - clean white aesthetic

@intellectus - mmm i like this blog i like this blog

@inspostudying - original posts are killer

@introvertedbookworm24 - for all u fellow book nerds out there



@journalsanctuary - EVERYTHING (about ur bullet journal)

@laminar - ALSO EVERYTHING  (except not about ur bujo)

@lihnguist - studyspo from all over the world hahaha; one of those blogs you can just scroll through for days

@livsdesk - omg

@lorastudies - her lettering omggg + rare yellow aesthetic!

@lucystudiess - original studyspo (the calligraphy. omg.)

@mels-studyblr - scienceblr! BEAUTIFUL  POSTERS AND NOTE HEADERS

@milkstudy - i cant,,,,help crying,,,,over the original posts,,,also milk theme is so calming

@mincrvas - v calm + rainy mood aesthetic original posts; also has a rly nice habit tracker printable!!

@minimaliststudy - ok so i actually love this blog so much? like the content???

@moanastudies - someone managed to combine my two favorite things into one blog


@notestudy - the best the best

@notesworthtea - more like notes worth thousands of dollars

@ohgigue - for poetry as visual art

@organizeandstudy - notes that will literally end your life on the spot


@pastel-highliters - omg i love these two; their original content is so clean and cute and nice

@paperandcaffeine - the aesthetic of all aesthetics

@paperbackstudies - omg ok i cant get over her lettering

@peachychubs - studyblr, memes + kpop!!!

@productivityplant - another person who is everything


@ravnclaw - oh my gosh the handwriting is–

@revisicn - if you want more + new studyspo

@rhubarbstudies - graphics, studyspo and more

@samstudyjam - motivation!!!

@sat-word-of-the-day - omg this is literally the best thing

@scholarstudy - cute lil blog

@skiiistudyyy - really, REALLY cute handwriting and bullet journal!!

@sleepybeanjournals - looking for some new content/blogs? check out her blog, please!!

@southernstudyposts - a southern sweetheart indeed <3</p>

@stress-and-insanity - psychblr!!

@studimae - lettering + bullet journal of the gods


@study-harder - “to live without [this blog] is to cease to live”

@studyaesthetic - dEFINITELY an aesthetic

@studyafternoon - the bullet journal.

@studyblr - url probably worth millions of dollars

@studyblrolo -powerful + inspirational posts but also a studyblr

@studyearlgrey - omg this blog,,, follow them, just follow them

@studyign - check out her yt channel!!!

@studyingbookworm - i’m in love with queue

@studyingcom - calming study blog!! at least imo haha

@studyingdear - her graphics, icons, and original posts are amazing!!! im in love!!


@studylilium - LETTERING

@studylustre - literally so sweet,,, read over her answered asks lol

@studypeaxh - omg clean white aesthetic!!

@studypetals - graphics and bullet journals and washi oh my 

@studyplants - mildliner + note aesthetic

@studying-pterosaur -  content from all over studyblr

@studyquill - her notes omg + yt channel!!

@studyrelief - omg the clean aesthetic

@study-with-joy - my homie edwin’s original posts are so cute omg

@study-with-jules - new studyblr friend!!! tons of great original posts!! (srsly check her blog out)

@studywithzayn - progress, not perfection

@tbhstudying - literally stole my handwriting from her. love u, seo <3</p>

@the-study-buddies - STUDY SQUAD– i’ve always wanted a squad like this, this blog literally makes me so happy

@thisiskillingmetbh - ok im jealous of the original content it looks like she dont try why cant i do that 

@timelesspossibility - pocstudyblr! studyblr + feminism and everything in between.


@undermydarkhat - queue-tiful content

@universi-tea - ahhh graphics and studyspo and college and more

@wingedhoney - ah;;h,, crying over the angelkin aesthetic

@world-of-moana - MOANA.  NO EXPLANATION NEEDED.

@you-had-me-at-e-flat-major - if you like memes, (pt 2)

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You can’t convince me they don’t have Girls Nights.
This was actually just supposed to be a warm-up, but then i got kinda into it, before i then realized it was just for warm up again. So it’s a slight mess!


Miss Lemon is a fan or Raffles, the “gentleman thief”

anonymous asked:

Hey! Possible fic inspiration song recommendation - Dandelions by Ruth B. Makes me feel happy in love feelings and I can easily imagine it's Louis or Harry singing about the other. Like right when they realise they have fallen in love but haven't confessed it yet and they are just hoping the other feels the same. 😊 Enjoy!

This is very spooky because there are dandelions in the Lumberjack Louis I’m co-writing with @taggiecb. And since you asked, here’s a snippet. (what do you mean you didn’t ask?)

“You know you don’t have to cook, like—  for u—  for me. I’m a big boy I can take care of myself.” Louis’ voice comes out way softer that it did just a second ago, or maybe Harry is just imagining that.

“I like cooking! Plus it’s my way of helping out around the house.” It’s his way of paying rent, he doesn’t say.

Louis squints and smells the air, nose scrunching in a way that makes the corner of his eyes crinkle. “What—  what even are you cooking, Harry?”

“It’s a vegetarian recipe I learned in Asia, Sauteed dandelions!”

Louis’ face turns from curious to appalled in a heartbeat. “Veg—  We’re not cows, Styles!” Louis muses, horrified as he takes a closer look above the cooker. “We eat meat around here! Do you know how many calories I burn everyday logging wood?”

“But—  It’s healthy and delicious. It’s like a mix between arugula and kale,” Harry pouts, draining the noodles in the sink, “Jasper would eat it.”

“You mean my horse you’re scared to death of?”

As much as he’s protesting, Louis is still taking a seat at the table, so Harry begins to mix the noodles with the dandelions. The olive oil blended with garlic licks at his nostrils in the most delicious way.

“Yes, the baby dinosaur you have the audacity to call a horse.” Harry jokes. Well he’s mostly joking anyway.

“Hey stop that, he’s my best friend.” The drag of the chair suggests that Louis has risen to his feet, Harry pays it no mind though, he’s also getting used to Louis’ short temper. He just goes to the sink to wash his hands however and throw some cold water on his face. Sighing loudly when he dries it with a towel.

The man clearly misses the peace and quiet he used to have once he got home after a long day and Harry doesn’t even take it personally, nor does he blame him, Harry also usually enjoys a little silent time to unwind after school. But Harry’s hours are way shorter than Louis’ so by the time Louis got home, Harry had time to watch some tv, unload the dishwasher, collect the eggs from the henhouse, take a shower, change in to a plaid shirt (because when in Rome) and almost finish with diner.

“That whole sentence says so much about you, Louis.” Harry teases, getting a kick out of riling Louis up. He decided a glass of white wine would go splendidly with his dish earlier so he put a bottle in the fridge’s door. Now is time to open it. Maybe it’ll help Louis unwind a little. His shoulders look so tense all the time, Harry is itching to smooth the muscle on Louis’ back loose. In a totally normal, uncreepy way. He’s just so wired, it makes Harry feel like he’s on edge too.  

“How can you not like Jasper of all people? He’s the sweetest. Like, he likes people. He— ” If only Louis would get this animated for real life human beings the way he does for his horse.                 

"He looks like he’s about to eat me!” It’s true. Jasper looks like an elephant, despite how cute Louis thinks he is. And as much as he wants to, Harry not that good with animals in the first place, people are more his thing.                 

“Harry, Horses are— ” Louis starts, fumbling for words, but seemingly adamant about his point, “Jasper is a vegetarian, just like you apparently.”         

Louis smirks, like his line is supposed to be a jab.                

“See you can like some vegetarians!” The way they banter feels like a victory. It’s not. It’s a sad exchange at best. But it’s still the longest conversation they had since Harry moved in so he’ll take it.                      

“I can’t believe you’re trying to feed me something people work really hard at getting rid of. It’s considered the most annoying of weeds, you know?”

The just like you is implied.