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I’m still laughing about Henry Rollins getting turned down for the role of Negan. Like, the guy who actually inspired Negan’s entire look physically showed up in his Negan body and the casting director was like ‘nah.’ 

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Elemental and sylph please ❤

Elemental: What is your favorite element?

- Chemical elements? If so, H20 because water is much needed for survival and because of this joke: Two chemists walk into a bar, the first says I will have some H2O and the second one says I will have some H2O too and the second one dies! Hahaha (get it… H2O2 is hydrogen peroxide and you can’t drink it or you will die) 🤓😶🙃😅

Sylph: What is your favorite kind of weather?

- I like rainy weather. It really calms me and allows me to focus on writing or reading. It’s also fun to get caught in the rain while running or playing a sport.

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If there's another FNAF game, what are your biggest wishes for it?

That really depends on what Scott’s gonna do with it if he does make another (prequel or sequel? Afton family only or are other characters gonna get involved?), but here’s some general desires:

  • Henry. Explain who he is in canon, give him a VA, and cover how he died in canon. Likewise, if my theories are correct, cover the kidnappings (VAing would be an amazing way to do that).
  • Explain which of the Purple Guys Michael Afton is, as no one seems to be in agreement about that.
    • Likewise, by extension, explain who Springtrap is. If it is Michael, fill in the plot holes that raises (Eyes? Weird behavior? Jumping into a spring suit that he knew was a screaming metal death trap?).
    • Also by extension to some extent: Clarify if he’s the Brother and/or Mike Schmidt or not.
  • The Immortal and the Restless Season 2, this time paralleling the current gameplay to make the original parallels clearer. Come on, you know you want it.
    • Also acceptable: Using a different show for parallels. A televised baseball game worked well as an analogy in Summer Wars, for example.
  • Do more with the “endoskeleton with human suit“ concept. It’s such an insane creepy idea, but nothing’s actually… done with it? Ennard just sort of struts around and then bails, but the potential there is amazing.
  • Likewise, bring back Ennard. We know it’s not possessed by the Sister anymore, but what happened to the actual animatronic? It can’t live in the sewer forever.
  • Set Michael Afton free. He doesn’t deserve this shit, and this series is usually really good at making sure everything works out okay in the long run.
  • Backstory on the springlock incidents and Chica’s Party World. Did Afton cause them on purpose, as is implied? What did Spring Chica look like? Why were those people killed?
  • Likewise, was Ennard indeed it’s own animatronic? If so, why was it scrapped for parts? What did it use to look like?
  • Clarification on the experiments in 4. Was hallucinogenic gas indeed used? How did Subject 2 get from the bedroom to Plushtrap hall, seeing as they’re not connected? When was he kidnapped in the first place? Was Afton speaking through the walkie talkie, or just listening through it?



I guarantee your safe passage. Though you’re always welcome to take your chances down there.


this is truly one of the most puzzling and cryptic lines in all of star wars. i saw this episode months and months ago and i’m still thinking about this line. anakin, what is the story behind this piece of wisdom? what could you possibly have discovered in a shady farmer’s barn on tatooine when you were a small child that would stick with you enough to make you say this 10+ years later? why were you investigating barns in the first place? were you a 9-year-old detective? this boy has Seen Some Shit