Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman Interview
Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman Interview for BBC's Sherlock

*S1 Throwback*
(look at these babies omg)

*They show the “married ones” clip*

Martin: “there’s this …you know people have written books about whether Holmes and Watson are gay and what their relationship is so, we sort of allude to that”

Ben: (you can tell he’s been following Martin’s response very closely, he’s physically pulling his head back when Martin finishes) “Mmh.”

*Interviewer changes topic faster than lightning*


We HAVE to point out everything that’s wrong about it. They WANT us to call them out, make the media aware of its issues, plot holes, because that’s EXACTLY what every other queerbaiting show does but is getting away with.
The Final Problem is bad FOR a REASON.
Sherlock has such a wide audience, if WE as a fandom speak up, it’ll reach everyone.
This way we’re actually calling out every other queerbaiting show that is chickening out facing these topics. Sherlock is giving us the oppurtunity and example to address the issues in television and movies today.
And BBC Sherlock isn’t backing away.
They have a fourth episode prepared.
They know what they’re doing.
Johnlock is happening guys. Have faith in the creators.
It’s our job atm to revolt and get the medias attention
Because TFP is the best example of everything a show shouldn’t do to its audience

The podium is ours
The attention is on us
If we can pull this off, we are making television history