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Agreed on Riley/Lucas friendship. I feel like their story escalated quickly, which is very classic Disney fairy tale-ish (Sleeping Beauty and the like ;) I do like the part when Riley tells Maya in STEM that maybe it's better for them to see boys as their friends right now and I think that's what Riley's slowly learning. That was the same sentiment with taking wanting to take it slow with Lucas. I feel like Lucas' indecision really captures a young boy's attitude about relationships :)

Actually, what Riley says is that maybe things were better when they only saw their guys friends as just friends. As in BEFORE. Which is interesting, since STEM is pre-Texas in “timeline” order and the only known/confirmed “romance” at the time was Riley liking Lucas. So why’d she say “we” and “them”? Is Lucas not the only boy Riley’s seeing as possibly more than a friend now? Does she even realize what she said? And since when has she EVER seen Lucas as a friend and nothing more? Oh yeah…never. She pegged him as a love interest from pretty much the moment she met him…

And…well…Riley didn’t want to “take it slow” with Lucas until they held hands and basically didn’t loosen up or enjoy it at all. Before that, she was an eager beaver, raring to go as soon as Lucas gave the word. Like she is WAY less resistant to the peer pressure in New World than Lucas is. She sorta follows his lead, but she’s not exactly *resisting* slapping those bf/gf labels on until after the date. At least not to the degree that he does at first. I mean, damn, he was PISSED when Darby and Farkle picked him up…like it’s clear that Riley wants to blame the discomfort of their second date solely on the pressure, but I mean, they weren’t really speaking for MONTHS before that even happened. And no amount of “pressure” takes away your desire/ability to loosen up on the way home and enjoy holding hands with a person you’ve ostensibly liked for a *year*. That’s not real. That’s not a Thing. Like, YES, okay you shouldn’t date someone just because of pressure and that’s a good lesson (which Cory learned with Wendy…), but Lucas and Riley are 13-15 years old and they’ve ostensibly liked each other for a YEAR by New World. No amount of pressure should make it impossible for them to loosen up and enjoy FINALLY holding hands once they were away from the audience outside Topanga’s. Quite frankly, I think that uncomfortable hand holding was a No Sparks moment and they just didn’t recognize it for what it was. They should have at least FELT SOMETHING, there should’ve been a “lightbulb” moment…but all they felt was awkwardness and discomfort…I mean…

But yeah, I think his indecisiveness very natural (I kinda didn’t before, but now I do). More on that when I start getting the Monster Meta up tonight. 😊

My lungs are on fire and my heart is engulfed in flames, charred beyond recognition unable to love again; I’ve succumbed to the darkness, my walls higher than ever and the silence is comforting because my demons have adopted your voice drowning me in all the false promises and venomous words you told me and I’m left choking, forever wondering which ones were as empty as my heart is right now.
You told me I would find a better you and maybe that’s true, but I don’t want to love the version of you who isn’t so indecisive and doesn’t get jealous at the most insignificant things and one who doesn’t have panic attacks when she’s scared and who isn’t always paranoid I’m going to abandon her because you see I don’t want to love a better you, I want to love you
I want to call but I know you’ll be alright without me, it’s me who won’t be alright without you.
I just wanted you to love me.
—  I don’t wanna love anybody but you

Hey guys! Sorry for kind of neglecting the blog lately but I will try to make it up to you with some exciting new changes that I’ve been planning for some time now. The first one is my blog’s official Instagram which after much indecision is finally up and running. As for the more exciting news, they’ll come out pretty soon. In the meantime, follow @ohsoromanov on IG for updates. Thank you all for supporting OSR and have a great day!


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To be perfectly honest, I like Sesshomaru with Kagome better. I feel like the two would have had better chemistry. What do you think?

Mmm, I don’t ship anything in ‘Inuyasha’ (even though it’s a romatinc comedy action anime), hence I’ve never really been interested in any of the romantic relationships between the characters in this series, but I have to say the scene in the last episode where Kagome came back to Inuyasha’s world and they eventually met each other after a long time, was really emotional!!

That being said, I can understand that you liked Sesshomaru and Kagome better. Inuyasha is a bit indecisive when it comes to women haha^^;

Btw, I laughed so hard when Kagome called Sesshomaru “brother-in-law” in the last episode(≧▽≦)