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name: cat
nickname: cat too  
zodiac sign: taurus
height: 5′2 :/
nationality: portuguese
fave fruit: i luv most
fave season: autumn
fave flower: i love most of them aswell ugh
fave scent: lavender, apple n cinnamon, sunscreen
fave color: atm i like warm tones best
fave animal: n again omfg i cant choose stuff like this but mm deers
average hours of sleep: 7 hours
fave fictional character: hermione?
number of blankets you sleep with: 1
dream trip: around the places in europe i havent been to yet n asia
blog created: 2012 jesus,,

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  • me watching TV or listening to music to study a foreign language: I can't continue with this. I need rigor. I need structure. I need a page with words and directions so I can expand my understanding. I need hard work and pencils and pens. This is how I truly learn.
  • me taking notes from a book and writing down vocabulary lists to study a foreign language: I need experience. I need freedom. I need fun. I need to enjoy this language how its speakers do. A book can't teach me everything. I need to watch media in this language and really expose myself to it. This is how I truly learn.

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If you are hungry for food, you are prepared to hunt high and low for it. If you are hungry for information it is the same.
- Stephen Fry

“bisexuals can’t choose”

You’re right! This is why all bisexuals also:

  • have both a cat and a dog
  • mix pepsi and coke together in the same glass
  • wear pants under their skirts
  • always “dare you to tell the truth” at sleepovers 
  • all have the Bisexual Haircut™
  • subsist entirely on pizza-burgers, ice-cream-cake, turducken, etc.
  • and for that matter, only eat Chocolate-Vanilla-Swirl ice cream
  • sleep with the blankets on exactly half of their bodies
  • can’t go to sporting events because they’ll just cheer for both teams
  • only own sleeveless jackets
  • think the movie was just as good as the book