the signs as types of annoying people

aries: the one who is very indecisive
taurus: the one who never stops taking
gemini: the one who is the teacher pet
cancer: the one with a short temper
leo: the one who is hypocrite
virgo: the one who adults love and put as an example
libra: the one who is bossy
scorpio: the one who is way too sarcastic
sagittarius: the one who is very pessimistic
capricorn: the one who screams a lot
aquarius: the one who thinks they’re always right
pisces: the one who is very emotional

The zodiac signs as vampires.

Aries: Starts a clan with other vampires.

Taurus: Places traps everywhere to catch victims.

Gemini: Can’t decide which person looks tastier to drink, too indecisive.

Cancer: Says sorry to every person they drink while sobbing.

Leo: Uses a straw to drink their victims.

Virgo: Befriends their victims and then turns on them.

Libra: Only drinks people who have not much longer to live.

Scorpio: Is their own boss and brutally drinks their victims.

Sagittarius: Plays with their victims before drinking them.

Capricorn: Lures their victims with fake business plans.

Aquarius: Quite laid back, chills with their victims before drinking them.

Pisces: Can’t stop crying and refuses to drink anyone.

Debating on getting a tattoo…

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Confession: I'm an Aries and the guy I really like is a Virgo. Everyone wants us to be together and he likes me, but he's just so indecisive. We've kissed and held hands and he acts like he really likes me. Help?

If he’s indecisive, make him KNOW 100 percent you’re his and only his. Make him need you.

This is Silver Lining, and her talent is seeing– and helping other ponies look on– the bright side without downplaying the problems at hand / ignoring the ‘dark clouds’.

Of course one trait jumps right out, but allow me to explain. In this case, the heterochromia is not merely indecisive or ‘because it’s cool’, but rather directly symbolic of her talent and overall design. The red/pink-ish eye represents seeing the world through “rose-tinted lenses”, symbolizing her optimism, while the green eye represents her “jaded” cynicism.

“Expect the worst but hope for the best” is her motto. As such, she does her best to offer others hope and emotional support in a way that also validates their struggles, and hopes that this more subdued, realistic approach can help them more than sheer blind optimism alone.

Where a more idealistic pony’s version of “look on the bright side!” might feel hollow, the struggling pony sure they wouldn’t be so cheery if they understood the real gravity of the situation; Silver’s goal is to let them know she DOES understand, and it IS hard, and it’s OKAY to feel defeated and overwhelmed. But here are some ways it could still be worse, and here are some ways it could still get better. Maybe not all at once, maybe not right away. She’s not promising it’ll be easy making it that far and she’s not promising miracles. But things can always get better.

Some are big and obvious, and some are so small thin you have to dig deep just to find them, but there is always some amount of silver lining.


As much as the reasoning behind the heterochromia makes sense, and is actually quite clever, until we see something like that in the show not as an animation error, but as a legitimate physical trait, it shouldn’t be on a canon design. Not to mention that the red blends in with her mane and the green blends in with her coat, they just don’t stand out! I think if she had some glasses with tinted lenses, sort of like the old 3D glasses, it would be a lot better than simply making her eyes two different colors. So maybe a blue? Or a purple?

Her coat is a nice minty color, and her mane contrasts very well against it. I’m not sure I like the white/gray stripes in her mane and tail so I would personally get rid of those, but then again it goes with the silver lining theme, it’s a silver line! It’s clever, if not visible right at the front. I think the styles of both her mane and tail look very nice, and they go together well!

Her cutie mark is simple, but due to the coloring it sort of reads as a wad of gum. I would say to make it a darker gray, but then it would clash with the rest of her palette.

I guess I’m just stumped. I feel like she has a lot of clever aspects to her, but her eyes really just don’t suit a canon pony. Of course nobody is forcing anyone to have a canon pony, but that’s what I’m here for. I definitely like the idea behind her and her theme. She seems like a very sweet pony, her palette just seems to have some issues. I wish I could be of more help! :( 

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So why can't u get along with air signs? I've noticed that for myself too

No idea, they’re too indecisive for me, like, get your shit together people, I don’t have time to sit here all day while you decide what you want for dinner, God. 


Back in time for Episode 19. Etemon is ridiculous. I love him.

Taichi is acting like a complete jerk and being selfish and reckless, which results in Sora being kidnapped by Nanomon. Good job! 

However, this Episode is pretty interesting because now we’re getting some serious character development after a pretty useless arc.

We actually see Taichi in tears. And it’s pretty baffling because you realise that he’s the sort of person who acts without thinking about any consequences and then is paralysed by fear and indecision when things go wrong. In other words, hardly a great leader.

So far, Taichi was a pretty one-dimensional character, a typical anime protagonist who is bold and confident and endlessly optimistic. It’s just much more interesting to make him an actual elementary school kid who has weaknesses and makes mistakes.

I do think when people try to make this whole arc about Taichi’s feelings for Sora, they’re missing the main point. 

Until now, Taichi was hanging on just fine because he didn’t really believe pain or death was a possibility. But then his actions endanger Sora — the person in the group he cares the most about, because she has been his best friend for ages and is his second in command. In other words, Sora being taken by the enemy is pretty much the worse case scenario for Taichi. He’s is kind of self-centered, so if it had been anyone else he might not have taken it so bad. But Sora being in danger destroys him, because it hits so close to home.

As we learn later, Taichi is deeply traumatised because his irresponsibility almost killed his little sister once. To Taichi, Sora’s kidnapping is history repeating himself. It’s Hikari in the hospital all over again.

As a result, he’s drowning in fear and guilt and bad memories, and to make things worse, he’s already screwed up earlier with the SkullGreymon fiasco. So at this point Taichi’s morale and self-esteem are probably at an all time low. The other kids blame him, though they’re too nice to say it openly. Things aren’t looking great for the Chosen Children.

The point is that Taichi is afraid — really, really afraid. And still, he’s worthy of the Crest of Courage.

I think the overall message here is that Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the ability to stand up to fear — and do the right thing despite of fear. That’s why in episode 20, when Taichi says he’s left “something very precious” in the Pyramid, he’s referring to his Courage, as well as Sora. He’s learnt his lesson.

These two episodes set up the story perfectly so that when Taichi is reunited with Hikari the viewers understand that he is actually kind, generous, and cares deeply about his friends — and that’s the basis for his Courage. And, little by little, he becomes the leader everyone needs.

And of course today’s stream ends in a cliffhanger. (Personally, I would have aired episode 20 to end this arc and start tomorrow’s program with Episode 21, where Taichi goes back to the Real World, but this works too.)

Oh, and I think the number of people watching this stream by the end is pretty impressive, if you consider that this is a rerun and that it’s Japan-only. I wonder how many views the announcement for tri. will get?

Ya know how Libras are indecisive? Well my mom is a libra and today we went to the store and she was like

“put this duster back. Actually no I want to keep it. Wait no I think I’ll go get a different one. *spends 20 minutes deciding what duster she wanted*”


OKay I know a lot of people have problems with the Huntchback of Notre Dame movie, but I just watched it for the first time in many many years (I barely remembered anything about it) so it felt like watching it for the first time ever and here are some things I really like about it:

- Quasi’s personality is pretty well developed, he’s got a character of his own and courage, but not only that, all of the years of fear and isolation really show with his insecurities and indecisions through the movie.

- The animation was great. There were well animated dances, split seconds of hesitation, lip bites and all kinds of small details that please me very much!

- Freaking Phoebus, his expressions are so great, he’s not just the good guy, he’s the good guy with wit and snark and he’s SO GENEROUS and sexy and just overall great ok

- Freaking ESMERALDA oh God where do I start. She’s sexy and pretty, oh my god I love her hair, I love her skin color, but MAN I love it when she talks back! She doesn’t care if you’re a soldier or a judge, she’ll speak her mind and stand up for it. She can dance, she can fight, she can be super sneaky even with all Paris’ guards searching for her. 

- Quasi falls in love with Esmeralda and is “friendzoned” by her and DUN DUN DUNNN HE DEALS WITH IT PRETTY WELL. Of course, he’s a little sad at first, but does he care any less about her? No. Does he passive-aggressively try stopping their romance? No (he actually encourages it, he looks so dang happy for them at the end uhhhghnfmnh)!!

I was going to type more stuff about it but I forgot, I’ll add whatever comes to my mind eventually~

But yes I liked it a lot. UvU <3

Wow, okay haha! Here we go! 

1. the meaning behind my url: Ok, I shall explain my URL for everyone’s benefit. In French, unlike in English, there are two ways of addressing someone. The first is the “tu,” which is used to address friends and family. The second is “vous,” and that is a term of respect that is given to teachers, people you don’t know, the elderly etc. In the famous quote, Grantaire says “Permets-tu,” not permettez-vous, meaning that Grantaire saw him as a friend and that is the small ray of hope I see in that scene. 
2. a picture of me: this is my facebook profile pic

3. tattoos i have: none so far unfortunately. I’m just really indecisive
4. last time i cried and why: when my friend died of cancer a month ago.
5. piercings i have: just the basic ear piercing. 
6. favorite band: fall out boy or My Chemical Romance
7. biggest turn off(s): you know, your basic racism, homophobia, but also things like being way too talkative, or being easily jealous. 
8. tattoos i want: an ankh for my love of Ancient Egyptian history, a treble clef, some flowers, I don’t really know. 
9. biggest turn on(s): sense of humor, understanding oppression and such. Being a member of les Amis. 
10. age: 18
11. ideas of a perfect date: going to see Les Mis on broadway. Or overthrowing the government 
12. life goal(s): not living here and being able to freely express myself without fearing judgement
14. piercings i want: my ear cartilage, maybe a lips piercing, idk. 
15. relationship status: single and pretty satisfied with that. 
16. favorite movie: Les Mis? The Way He Looks? I love way too many movies though, so…
17. a fact about my life: It is finals week and I’m dying
18. phobia: really deep water in a lake or the ocean, who knows what’s down there? And the cold water starts rising up from under you, that it just freaky. 
19. middle name: Faye