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Solicitous // Cheryl

Summary: With Cheryl grieving her brothers death you’re the only one there for her, no one stands by her side. Her parents adore you but they don’t know the truth of your relationship with Cheryl either. With the danger of a killer roaming Riverdale, Cheryl’s ever more jealous and protective.

Characters: Cheryl Blossom x Andrews!Reader, Archie Andrews (mentioned), Jughead Jones (mentioned), Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper,  Penelope Blossom (mentioned), and Cliff Blossom (mentioned)

Words: 978

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters. I do not own the Comics either.

Warnings: Possible swearing, mention of murder, crying/grieving, implied romantic same sex (female) relationship, and allusion to oral sex

Author: Caitsy

Requested: @gemini-indecisiveness

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When you reached adolescence you promised yourself you wouldn’t label yourself anymore. You had a lot of labels growing up in the footsteps of your brother Archie, you were the only female in the house following your mom’s abandonment. You were stamped with labels that you didn’t care for.

The sexual orientation label was the one you hated the most with the words placing you in the world where it deemed fit. That’s why when Veronica had asked if you were straight, you admired her bluntness, you had shrugged not caring.

The next day at lunch after the tryouts for cheerleading you had placed yourself between Betty and Veronica. Cheryl was busy planning new routines and you wanted more friends that weren’t total bitches.

“You’re gorgeous!” Veronica grinned, “How do you get your hair to shine like that?”

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Top 10 Biases

I was tagged by my dearest friend @assmp3 (I still can’t get over your url, Mir lol even tho it’s not what it looks like) and since I have some free time tonight let’s do it.

Now, I have to say that I actually don’t have 1 bias per group, but more like a bias package so yeah, I can’t even choose what I want for dinner much less one single bias.

1. SHINee is THE bias.

2. I can’t choose, it’s Luna and Vic or no one!

3. Tiffany and Seohyun.

4. Heechul/Kyuhyun/Leeteuk

5. Seulgi/Joy

6. Taeil/Ten/Mark

7. Hani/LE

8. Solar (the exception to my rule)

9. Kyungsoo/Suho/Minseok

10.  Jia/Fei ;;_____;;

I just have a lot of love for my faves. Once you made it into my list of groups I stan I will love you wholeheartedly. ^^

I tag @kirnjongdaemn @flowercrownshinee @moonjjongie @jjongeyed @minhosqueen @jjongfetti @sabakunocasali to do it if you want :)) have a lovely rest of the week y’all! <3

i was tagged by @damnwilds (yo thank you!!)

rules: answer 10 questions then tag 10 people to do this too!!        

  1. what fictional character do you relate to most? oh man there are…so many… but probably gansey in terms of like anxiety and approaching friendships and things like that
  2. favorite song atm: oh man there are so many i’m gonna name like five sorry… disloyal order of water buffaloes by fall out boy is my favorite song forever, but recently i’ve been super into dna by lia marie johnson, clouds by before you exit, i got this by jay park, and blood sweat & tears by bts (also change by rap mon and wale!!) this is not one song i’m a mess
  3. 3 favorite films: this is the hardest tag thing ever i like so many things um um remember the titans, hairspray, and i’m always trash for xmen first class (also the new power rangers movie please go see it)
  4. 3 favorite tv shows: the get down, the flash, and avatar: the last airbender
  5. favorite school subject: math!!!!!! (especially statistics)
  6. what book(s) impacted you most? tfc, trc, les mis, demian, harry potter, percy jackson (i haven’t read them in forever but they were my first obsession ya know)
  7. what was your blog originally about and what is it about now? i pretty much posted whatever i thought was cool or funny at the time but i was super super into percy jackson and then soon after i got into superwholock which is gross. also fall out boy. now my blog is mostly tfc and bangtan with a bit of other stuff thrown in
  8. what is something you’re looking forward to? going to college!!! i can’t wait to get out of this city and go to chicago
  9. favorite food? i love chocolate caramels so much, also most kinds of noodles
  10. 3 things you like about yourself: my fashion sense, my goal-oriented/hardworking nature, my unending love for math (i once rambled about statistics and the things one can do with statistical analysis for like twenty minutes… also i got so excited when i got to sit in on a 50 minute math analysis class like a week ago)

i tag @hesthebiwholived @nekojitachan @converstionsintheam @nwesninski @pterodicktyl @andrewminaryd @greenlxght @mowry-triplet @warensupremo (if u want to)

I was tagged by @freeyourpheelings, so here we go!

  • Nickname: I have a few, actually. One of my friends calls me ‘girly’, a lot of people I’m friendly with irl call me Chels (shortened version of my first name), and in my bio you can see I go by Bia
  • Zodiac: Gemini
  • Height: 5′3
  • Orientation: Aro Ace
  • Favorite fruit: strawberry or grape
  • Favorite season: spring or summer
  • Favorite book: I don’t really have one, but if I had to pick my current favorite, I’d have to say the whole Darkest Powers Trilogy by Kelley Armstrong (let me give you an idea of how often this changes: yesterday, when I was trying to pick a favorite book, it was Paranormalcy by Kristen White)
  • Favorite flower: Peony or orchid
  • Favorite scent: this awesome blueberry cobbler wax melt I bought at a craft show (too bad I only bought one!)
  • Favorite animal: black cat (Which I’m trying to talk my dad into getting me for my birthday)
  • Favorite color: probably dark purple or emerald green. it changes a lot
  • Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: that peach tea drink mix from Walmart (the Kroger one tastes like orange for some reason)
  • Average hours of sleep: 8
  • Number of blankets: one or two, depends on how cold it is
  • Dream Trip: NYC or the catacombs of Paris
  • Blog created: about three years ago, but I wasn’t very active until a few months ago
  • Favorite song: ok, all of my favorites change all the time. Yesterday, my favorite song was No More Mama by Random Encounters, but today it’s Drunken’ Sailor by Irish Rovers (go check out both. you might like them. I dunno)
I’m tagging:








So, that’s that, I guess. I dunno, I don’t have any set-in-stone favorites. And hey, if I didn’t tag you, go ahead and do this anyway! It’s kind of fun!

Girl Group Tag Game

Thank you so much @puppyoongs for tagging me! 😙

List your top 10 favorite girl group songs and tag ten people!

In alphabetical order:

1. 2NE1 - Come Back Home

2. 4minute - 싫어 (Hate)

3. AOA -  굿럭 (Good Luck)

4. BLACKPINK -  불장난 (Playing With Fire)

5. EXID - Up & Down

6. Girls’ Day - Something

7. Girls’ Generation - Lion Heart

8. I.O.I - Whatta Man (Good Man)


10. Red Velvet - Ice Cream Cake

11. SISTAR - Touch My Body

12. THE ARK - 빛 (The Light)


14. WJSN (Cosmic Girls) -  너에게 닿기를 (I Wish)

I promise that there is only 10 in this list…😶 

I tag: @parkjiminer @rosejimin @taesflower @kittaee @summersdaytae @ackward-maknae @kookinthetae @minyoongislaysme @butterchim @mochi-jiminiee 

homoryder  asked:

11 and 85 for the I Love You prompts

85. “It doesn’t bother me.”

“Hey. You okay?” Scott nudges Cade’s shoulder as they walk, heads down, hands shoved into coat pockets as the fog in the night air turns into rain. It’s a rare spot of shore leave on Earth, barely a week, but long enough to feel like normal people again.

Like normal lovers, even.

Cade swallows when he fumbles over the terminology in his head, hand curling around the credit chit in one of his pockets, the cold, hard edge sliding along the ridges of his index finger. He’s not quite sure what they are. Still, going to a family dinner with your not-boyfriend is kind of a dead giveaway, Cade thinks when he spares a sideways glance at Scott.

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