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You know how filipinos come up with nicknames for people and sometimes they just sound so far from the real name (like how kids get called neneng or inday or buboy). Imagine Michael with a nickname like that or and his relatives call him that and Jeremy's like "who?"

my hc is that the ecuadorian half of his family calls him mijo and the filipino half calls him moy

Ang bastos mag-approach nung bantay dun sa comp shop nila Kuya Jeff. Bago lang sya eh. Mas okay pa yung lalaking nagbabantay dun dati. Medyo feeling close nga lang yun pero at least magaling sya mang-approach ng mga customers nila.

Takte kasi time na ako. Bigla ba naman akong hinawakan sa likod. Ewan, parang patulak pa nga yung ginawa nya eh tapos sabi nya pa sakin, “akin na yung bayad mo” amputa???

Nagulat ako mumsh talaga. First time ko yung ganung klaseng treatment sa isang service. Booyah!

Harry Potter AU - Chen (Jongdae)

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  • Beagle line fucking up the wizarding world fam
  • Chen is the definition of Gryffindor trash
  • He is also on the Gryffindor quidditch team(ง ͠ ͠° ل͜ °)ง
  • He is part of the most popular clique at Hogwarts (exo)
  • Him knowing that he has girls wrapped around his fingers
  • Him smirking and winking at everyone that seems to be staring at him<( ̄︶ ̄)>
  • Too many people going to Professor Pomfrey for nosebleeds (better build a second hospital wing am i right ^^)
  • He would just laugh his motherfucking ass off after Professor Pomfrey tells him that he broke his record for the “Most People sent to the Hospital Wing for Being Cheeky”༼♥ل͜♥༽

  • You were one of Professor Sprout’s favorite students and during the winter you had to see if the whomping willow was in good condition       \(;´□`)/
  • But Chen, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun had different plans
  • THEY WERE HIGH OFF THAT GOOD SHIT OR SOMETHING and they decided that the whomping willow needed a Christmas makeover     (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
  • Chanyeol and Baekhyun were a bit level headed so they were only throwing wreaths at the tree (like wtf surprisingly they’re not doing anything stupid)
  • but Chen decided that he wanted to get closer to put “shiny ass motherfucking ornaments” on the tree because it deserved some love
  • HIS DUMB ASS WAS ABOUT TO DO IT but ur fine ass casted a spell on him so that he couldn’t move any closer to the tree
  • By the time you got there Chanyeol and Baekhyun had left to their dorms and you were checking to see if the tree was ok
  • “HEY HoW CoMe YoU’rE NoT MaKiNg SuRe I’m AlRiGhT?” (literally something from Zayn’s new album…no hate tho…he cool)
  • “Cuz ur dumbass is safe now…fucking idiot”
  • In his weird haze, he decided to do something very unfamiliar to you
  • He put one of the ornaments in your hair because “pretty things need something shiny on them so that I can find it easily” (shit fam that was smooth af)
  • You becoming a mess
  • Him just grinning like an idiot and asking you to help him back to the Gryffindor dorms  (^~^)
  • You would help him get to his room
  • He would just plop on his bed and pass out
  • You would just sadly stare at him for a while realizing that he might forget about your little encounter because of the hazy state that he was in
  • Days pass before Chen remembers what happened that day
  • He would stop his pranks to find you
  • But all he would remember would be the little shiny round object in someone’s hair
  • He would be all frustrated and shit
  • He wouldn’t even laugh with Chanbaek
  • He would be an emo lil mess
  • He would look shabbier
  • No more winks and smirks at his fans
  • Not as many people visiting the Hospital Wing((´д`))
  • He would just be really sad because he would be really proud of what he said to you but he couldn’t remember who you were
  • Even Dumbledore would start to notice that not a lot of pranks were going on
  • Dumbledore starts to get worried because the beagle line holds a special place in his loving heart
  • and so he would call Chen in to see him
  • Chen would start to explain how you were the one for him because he could feel it (some Disney shit going on here)
  • He would say how a lot of people might have taken advantage of the situation because he was rich wizard and like what can I say he is CHEN but he would start crying when he mentioned the part where you kept your distance and treated him like a human being and didn’t paw at him          (̥ ̥এ́ ̼ এ̥̀)̥̥
  • Dumbledore would use Legilimency to get into Chen’s head so that he could see who he was crying over
  • And when Chen saw who she/he/they he kinda cringed/laughed/cried
  • You were the one who tried to start the “Ban Chen’s face b/c I’m tired of making potions to stop nosebleeds” ((sadly…you’re petition never took off))
  • Ever since that day when you tried to ban his face, he was extra flirty near you
  • Chen couldn’t believe how stupid he was and thanked Dumbledore
  • Before he left…he asked Dumbledore if fireworks would get him kicked out of Hogwarts
  • But all Dumbledore did was wink✩’꒳’✩
  • After a few weeks, you realized that you were having Chen withdrawals b/c you’ve been trying to avoid his annoying(cute) ass
  • but you felt as if Chen didn’t deserve to be stuck with a boring person such as yourself
  • And so you sadly make your way to your next class
  • While you were avoiding Chen, he had been working on a way to ask you out for weeks
  • It was one of those evenings  where everything was peaceful and quiet
  • You were out in the middle of a meadow near the lake
  • And out of nowhere
  • A fucking bag is put over your damn head and two strong people are dragging you somewhere (if this happens in rl please start screaming and yelling and start punching)
  • You start to panic but soon the bag was taken off (by Sehun and Xiumin like damn who wouldn’t want to see their faces)
  • You start demanding an explanation but all they did was point to the sky
  • You look up
  • Chen appears out of nowhere and starts yelling at you
  • Then out of nowhere bright fireworks brightened up the dark sky and it spelled out “Y/N will you go out with me?”
  • You were stunned so you just stared at him
  • Chen mistook your expression as disgust
  • “Oh…I mean if you’re not interested….you can tell me…” (sad lil pupper ಥ_ಥ)
  • “You are so fucking stupid….”
  • “Oh I’m sorry…I’ll just leave”
  • “Who would say no to you?” (yeet fam like who dafuq wouldn’t say yes like fite me hoe)
  • Dumbledore starts clapping on his balcony (proud father( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` )
  • You guys ride off into the sunset but then you guys come back b/c of curfew
  • Chen likes how you keep him in check
  • You whack him if he gets cheeky or if he doesn’t study
  • You guys have loads of fun (•́⌄•́๑)✧

Chen is such a cheeky lil cutie and he was requested twice ༼♥ل͜♥༽

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Malink Month is coming!

It starts Wednesday, June 1st & ends on Thursday, June 30th! That’s just over four weeks of themes! If you want to participate, simply draw, write, or express yourself however you please with the respective theme!

Don’t feel like you’ll be required to do every single one. If you miss a day or more, don’t sweat! Malink Month is solely for fun, to celebrate & spread all that Malink love! You can post late, post ahead, skip a day, combine themes, or simply watch & enjoy! Please interpret the themes however you please!

The only rule I really want to put forward is don’t bash other pairings! This is about bringing ourselves up, not bringing others down.

Week One (Childhood)

Day One - First Impressions
Day Two - Epona’s Song
Day Three - Playtime at the Ranch
Day Four - Sneaking Out at Night
Day Five - Lon Lon Milk
Day Six - Talon’s Proposal
Day Seven - Seven Years Absence

Week Two (Adulthood)

Day Eight - All Grown Up
Day Nine - Saving the Ranch
Day Ten - Tending Battle Wounds
Day Eleven - Dance
Day Twelve -  First Kiss
Day Thirteen - Navi’s Reaction
Day Fourteen - Till We Meet Again

Week Three (Gone & Back Again)

Day Fifteen - His Sword, Her Bow [Romani Theme]
Day Sixteen - Warm and Fuzzy [Cremia Theme]
Day Seventeen - Homesick
Day Eighteen - Coming Home
Day Nineteen - Farmer Link
Day Twenty - Rained In
Day Twenty-One - Meeting the Kokiri

Week Four (Family)

Day Twenty-Two - Wedding Day
Day Twenty-Three - Honeymoon
Day Twenty-Four - Papa Link, Mama Malon
Day Twenty-Five - Breakfast In Bed
Day Twenty-Six - Sunrise, Sunset
Day Twenty-Seven - Last Kiss

Week Five (AU)

Day Twenty-Eight - Hero Malon, Farmer Link AU 
Day Twenty-Nine - Gerudo!Malon AU
Day Thirty - Modern AU

Thank you so much to all the people who contributed ideas for themes!!!

This is a 2:58AM thought.

I am the type of person who always put limit on things. Hindi ko binibigay lahat, lagi akong nagtitira for the next time. For example, kakausapin kita pero hindi ko sayo sasabihin lahat ng gusto kong sabihin para sa next na pag-uusap natin, may masasabi pa ko. Another example is magb-blog ako ngayon pero hindi ko ilalagay lahat ng feels ko para sa next na blog ko, may mailalagay pa ko. And maybe that’s because I always think that there is always a next time. And besides, I don’t care din naman if this shit will satisfy you, if my words will satisfy you, if our conversation will somehow satisfy you. Basta may ginawa ako, yun na yun, wala akong pake kung matuwa ka sakin or hindi. Anyway, I never cared about anything naman pala kasi talaga. I am the type of person who is very much not interesado about anything. I know this might be so rude pero wala eh, ewan ko ba basta wala talaga akong pake. Wala akong pake sayo, wala akong pake sa mundo, wala akong pake kung wala ka ring pake sakin. Basta, wala akong pake kasi sobra talaga akong hindi interesado sa mga nangyayari sa mundo, ang iniisip ko lang palagi sarili ko kasi nakokornihan ako sa mga tao. Ganyan na ganyan ako dati. And then I met this person who turned me into something I never expected I will be. Hindi ko ugali yung pagbibigay ng best ko kasi tinatamad nga ako pero pagdating sakanya, damn, I really want to give everything I could give, I want to give the best I have in me. Sobra talaga akong interesado sakanya. Gusto kong malaman lahat ng bagay na pwede kong malaman about sakanya. Kahit kailan, hinding hindi ako mauubusan ng sasabihin sakanya. Sya yung tipo ng tao na kahit i-spend ko yung buong lifetime ko na kausap lang sya, alam kong kulang at kulang parin yun kasi sa huli, alam kong meron at meron pa rin akong mga bagay na gustong sabihin sakanya. Pagdating sakanya, gusto ko nalang gawin lahat ng pwede kong gawin na I know will make her satisfied and happy. Gusto ko nalang sabihin lahat ng bagay na pwede kong sabihin na alam kong ikakatuwa nya. Gusto ko nalang sabihin sakanya lahat ng salitang gustong gusto nyang sabihin sakanya. Gusto ko nalang sabihin lahat ng salitang makakapag-comfort sakanya. Wala akong pakealam kung maubusan ako, basta ang mahalaga nalang sakin is yung ma-satisfy ko sya at matuwa sya sakin. Gusto ko makita nya sakin yung worth nya. Gusto ko ipa-feel sakanya kung ano yung value nya as a person. I want her to see herself the way I see her. Gusto ko lahat ng pag-uusap namin maging memorable. Gusto ko pagdating samin, lahat good memories. Gusto ko ibigay sakanya lahat ng kaya kong ibigay, Gusto ko ibigay sakanya lahat ng deserve nyang ma-receive bilang tao, bilang babae, at bilang sya, She really deserves the best. Pag nag-aaway kami, gusto ko magkaayos agad kasi ayokong maalala nya ko someday as a person na kayang tiisin sya kasi hindi ako ganon pagdating sakanya. Pag nagj-joke ako okay lang kahit korni na basta mapatawa lang sya. Nag-bakla baklaan na nga ko lahat lahat kasi alam kong ganon yung mga trip nya. Nakapag-take na rin ako ng mga online disney personality quizzes kasi alam kong curious sya kung sinong disney prince ako at kung sang disney movie ako nanggaling kahit na sa sarili ko tangina tawang tawa nalang talaga ko kasi hindi ko na alam kung normal pa ba yung mga pinag-gagagawa kong yun.

Sobrang ibang iba ako pagdating sakanya. Nakakapanibago man pero gustong gusto ko talaga yung sarili ko when it comes to her. Feeling ko ang bait bait ko. Feeling ko ang tino tino ko kahit papano. She made me do things I’ve never done before like this tumblr shit. I’m not that vocal, lalo namang hindi ako madrama before pero basta, gusto ko nalang talaga ipagsigawan sa buong mundo yung mga bagay na naf-feel ko sakanya. I want the whole world to know how blessed I am kasi nakakilala ako ng taong katulad nya. She brought out the best of me. And maybe that’s the reason kung bakit sya pinakilala ni God sakin: To know myself more. For me to know na kaya ko, kaya ko maging matino, kaya kong maging hindi gago even just for a while. Hindi ako sigurado pero kung ano man yung rason kung bat ko sya nakilala, gusto ko lang ipaalam na sobra talaga akong thankful sa Panginoon kasi sa dinami rami ng lalaki sa mundo, ako pa yung pinili nyang makilala sya. Sa dinami rami ng tao sa mundo, yung landas pa naming dalawa yung pinag-meet nya. Every time na makakakita ako ng photos nya, hindi ko mapigilang hindi mapaisip: “Lord, bakit ako? bakit sya? bakit kami pa?”. Every night bago matulog, lagi akong nagp-pray at wala akong ibang sinabi kay Lord kundi “I only want the best for her po”. Wala na akong pakealam kung sakin ba sya mapunta kasi alam ko rin namang lugi sya sakin eh, sasakit lang ulo nya kaya ayun, bahala na, gusto ko nalang talaga yung best para sakanya. Ang tagal na tagal na at sobra talagang nakakaloko kasi sakin, wala paring nagbago. Pag nagb-backread ako sa conversation namin, kung ano yung naramdaman ko nung una ko syang nakausap, ganon at ganon parin yung naf-feel ko. Ilang beses ko nang sinabi sakanya to pero hanggang ngayon, sya parin talaga yung pinangarap kong ipakilala sa parents ko. Sya parin yung babaeng gusto kong idahilan sa mga friends ko kung bat di ako pwede manchix today kasi mab-beast mode si inday ahaha. Sya parin yung babaeng gustong gusto kong inisin tsaka galitin kasi ang cute cute talaga haha. Alam kong ang tagal narin, more than two years na nga since nung nakilala ko sya pero hanggang ngayon, natotorpe parin ako sakanya. Hindi ko na nga talaga alam kung ano gagawin ko sa feelings ko sakanya eh. Ang hirap kasi alam kong pagdating sakanya, hinding hindi ako mauubos pero wala, gusto ko na talaga magpaka-ubos. Ayoko na mag-blog pero this is the only way para maging okay. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, suko na talaga ako. Gusto ko na mawala lahat ng to. Gusto ko na mag-start ng panibago. Gusto ko pa pero ayoko na talaga, at sigurado na ko dun. Pinaka-birthday gift ko talaga sa sarili ko eh yung maging okay na ko. Malapit na, at sana, sana lang talaga mapagbigyan ko sarili ko. Hinding hindi mawawala sakin yung feelings ko para sa taong ‘to pero muli, gusto ko pa, gustong gusto pa pero ayoko na. at sigurado na ko dun.


And here is my masterpost about my December Prompts! Because it was a lot of work and I’m proud I’ve made it :D Thanks again to all of you for your likes, reblogs,  comments, messages, support and everything. It really helped me! And welcome new followers. I hope you’ll like it here!

Day 01 : First Snow
Day 02 : Baby it’s cold outside
Day 03 : Ice Skating
Day 04 : Cookies
Day 05 : Playing in the Snow
Day 06 : Warm Fire
Day 07 : Starry Night
Day 08 : Family Dinner
Day 09 : Hot Cocoa
Day 10 : Mittens and Scarves
Day 11 : Mistletoe
Day 12 : Peppermint
Day 13 : Tree
Day 14 : Lights
Day 15 : Gingerbread
Day 16 : Snowed In
Day 17 : Sick
Day 18 : Holiday Market
Day 19 : Ugly Sweaters
Day 20 : Coffee Shop
Day 21 : Volunteer Work
Day 22 : Caroling
Day 23 : Tradition
Day 24 : Festival
Day 25 : Gifts
Day 26 : Candles
Day 27 : Toys
Day 28 : Miracle
Day 29 : Sacrifice
Day 30 : Ring/Proposing
Day 31 : Midnight/Resolutions