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Tagged by: @chacerath  Oops…super late because I just completely forgot about these. I’ve just been too lazy.

Rules: Answer the 10 questions I give you. Tag 10 people and give them new questions to answer as well.

Chacerath’s Questions:

1) What is your late night music jam? The one I listen to the most is BTS-Spring Day

2) What languages do you speak? English, but I would love to learn Korean and Greek…and possibly Japanese.

3) Do you have a favorite book? Ahhh its a tie between the Inheritance Cycle (Eragon) and Harry Potter. I love both series so much.

4) A funny memory? Oh man. Do I have one. Okay so I played soccer for around 15ish years. So when I was in my senior year of high school. my and my best friend ( @smudgesallover ) and the rest of the team were at conditioning on the track. We were in our own little group off to the side doing stretches and whatnot and the coaches and a couple of other players were talking about something and then one of the players goes “It’s always the quiet ones.” And I kid you not me and my best friend both turned our heads and looked at each other at the same time and just burst out laughing.  All the coaches and players looked at us so fast and one of the coaches goes “See!?!?” . Never fails to make us laugh to this day.

5) What’s a song you could listen to everyday? This is a hard one >.< I guess I would say This Love - Shinhwa

6) Who would you travel the world with? My best friend <3 @smudgesallover I’ll tag her blog but she doesn’t use tumblr anymore

7) Favorite quote? “Veni, Vidi, Vici." ( "I came, I saw, I conquered.” ) - Julius Caeser. I mean I know its about war but to me its like…I came and saw something that I want to try/do and I accomplished it. I don’t know if that makes any sense.

8) What is something you want right now? Fried Chicken

9) What’s something that’s important to you? Why? Music. Before it was just Rock Music because my family listened to it and it was a way to express/be confident in who I am. but now its both Rock and Kpop. And with kpop, I started to realize music is just more than language. Its all about the messages it tries to convey. If that makes sense. Words are hard to put together right now. 

10) Why are you so awesome? Am I awesome? :o I don’t know if I really am or not. The only thing I could say im awesome at is taking 1-5 minute naps between classes in my car (thank you college >.>)

My Questions:

1) Favorite Season?

2) Favorite day of the week?

3) Favorite plant?

4) Are there any collections that you have?

5) Favorite video games (console/pc)?

6) Dream Vehicle?

7) Any pets?

8) Favorite snack?

9) Night or day?

10) Is the glass half empty or half full?

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  • ☼ chantry nipple tassels ☼: they knock fox out and tie him up and barend just has to sit on the ship with him
  • go to sleep, james: barend is like hm yes this is my fetish
  • ☼ chantry nipple tassels ☼: frick
  • ☼ chantry nipple tassels ☼: fox probably wants to do like 500 different things and all of them are shitty
  • ☼ chantry nipple tassels ☼: AND THEN I WILL BE KING
  • ☼ chantry nipple tassels ☼: and barend is like please you can't even untie yourself