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Wrote a ficlet for the Symbiote Ford AU that I proposed a little while ago because I have no self-control. Warning for body horror and parasitism (well, mutualism, technically, but that’s not the term people usually block).

At first, Ford doesn’t recognise the room he wakes up in. 

He flares his fronds, testing the space around him without having to get out of the very soft and comfortable bed he’s found himself in, but there’s nothing but the low-level chatter of small minds. Insects, or maybe rodents, busy in the walls and the corners. No other sapient thoughts. He’s alone.

Wait. Fronds? He doesn’t have - 

A throb of pain pulses through Ford’s head, starting at the base of his skull, and his memories fracture. He remembers the oracle, Jheselbraum, remembers her taking him in.

He remembers the vat.

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List 3 facts about your favorite sims couple! Send this to 10 simblrs who have some of the most adorable couples. ✿

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Well, I guess a certain pair can be called a couple now…

1. Julian just finished university where he studied journalism and international communication. He saved money for years to be able to travel around the world before he settled down in working life (though he had hoped to get a job that involved travelling as well).

2. Having heard a lot of do’s and don’t’s when making first contact with indigenous population, Julian was rather insecure and confused at first; especially about Mira. He didn’t want her to come to grief through him, and he didn’t want to take advantage of her in any way.

3. I image this moment to become Julian’s favourite memory of Mira:

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Feelings Tag

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RULES: It’s not just our Brooding Sims who have the option to ‘Talk About Feelings’; we can also talk about our feelings, about them, too!

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Look deep into yourself and ponder on the thoughts which motivate you to play the game we all love. Then tag at LEAST 5 people on your friends list to help them explore their feelings too. TALKING IS GOOD OKAY!!!

1. The boss of EA is in front of you asking for one statement about The Sims before he goes away and makes TS5. What do you say to him?

Two things: 1. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken. 2. Stop fucking up!!!
People loved the open world game in the SIms 3 - they took it away in Sims 4. People loved CAS and being able to recolor things easily in game. The Sims 4 lost that! It took ages for them to give us toddlers and pets, the game still doesn’t have seasons, and it’s also stupidly overpriced, while offering less. 

None of this makes any sense! So, if Sims 5 follows the same pattern, we might as well play with paper dolls at home.

2. Do your Sims know of you as their Sim God or are you the invisible deity to them?

They don’t know me. If they knew me, they’d chase me down the block cursing.

3. How do you see yourself connected to your Sims? Do those of you who say you love them, really mean this? How deep is your game?

I am connected to my sims, mostly because the game is such a great way to make my stories come to life. And I’ve definitely had dreams about my sims, as if they were real people, and I do try to give them the kinds of stories they deserve. I don’t know if my game is deep - it all depends on the saves and the stories that go with them. 

4. What’s your Sims Secret? Is there something going on in your game that none of your screenshots will ever tell us? WHO IS LOCKED IN YOUR BASEMENT???? What are those secret Sims doing behind closed doors?

I guess there are a few. Like, Trent (Supernatural Fan) ends up going on slapping sprees across the city if I don’t immediately get rid of the Lunacy moodlet. Or The Roommies save, where Marwick definitely tried to flirt with Hina quite a few times, and with some of the others too… Not sure what else comes to mind. And everyone is constantly asking everyone out, even if they’re supposed to hate each other, which is weird. 

5. Can we learn anything from our Sims to take away into our real lives? And/Or can you give us an example of how The Sims has influenced you outside of gaming. 

1. Cheating gets you caught. 2. Sometimes the unlikeliest couples last together the longest. 3. Sometimes opposites attract the most. 4. Everyone has a story that wants to be told.

Seriously, after making up stories for my simmies, I constantly find myself thinking up scenarios for random people I see around me.

  • ☼ chantry nipple tassels ☼: they knock fox out and tie him up and barend just has to sit on the ship with him
  • go to sleep, james: barend is like hm yes this is my fetish
  • ☼ chantry nipple tassels ☼: frick
  • ☼ chantry nipple tassels ☼: fox probably wants to do like 500 different things and all of them are shitty
  • ☼ chantry nipple tassels ☼: AND THEN I WILL BE KING
  • ☼ chantry nipple tassels ☼: and barend is like please you can't even untie yourself