As a b*sexual woman in a relationship with a lesbian, I feel oppressed daily by my m0nosexual partner on the axis of my b*sexuality, so Chloe had better check their systematic power over me! Lol

This is sarcasm if you couldn’t tell

Lateral aggression =/= systematic oppression

Lesbians can cut the b*phobia and bi women can cut the lesbophobia, how about that?

Bloodborne headcanons

1. The ‘affliction’ that Gilbert fell to was Hydrophobia - otherwise known as rabies. It’s incurable. Infected individual has to come to terms with the fact that their life will be short and their end horrific. Symptoms are mostly neurological - main one being fever and paralysis of the throat area - hence the coughing and difficulty with breathing. Psychological symptoms are not only aggression - it’s also confusion, fear, anxiety.

One of the ‘cures’ back in the day was St. Hubert’s Key - a big metal nail/charm that was heated until red and used to “bless” the wound. In extremely rare cases cauterisation took care of the virus, but that was just stupid luck. 

Gilbert had no such luck. He was attacked by a rabid dog and his right hand and thigh are covered with bite marks and burn scars. That’s why he hides himself from the Hunter - his ‘ailment’ carries a powerful stigmata that he doesn’t wish to experience any more. 

2. If Alfred was reborn in a new dream and lived in England, he’d seek a structure to follow - I believe he is virtually unable to exist for his own sake, the Church conditioned their Executioners to be extra faithful and ‘mindless’. Like the Doll, he is a Function before a Person and will reflect whatever expectations are directed at him. 

The most stable structure of Victorian London was the Yard, of course, so he joins the Yard. And since he’s more charming and welcome than a tiramisu at a hen-do, he may be climbing the social ladder like a pro. (Soon he may have a gaggle of his own young constables fanboying over his swag and magnificent muttonchops and oh god, he can charm the knickers off of the Queen, our Chief!).

But then, Jack the Ripper starts to do his thing an Scotland Yard goes into frenzy trying to catch the creep, and Alfred is genuinely interested. Yharnam is locked behind in a dying dream of dead gods, but he remembers Cainhurst and he wants to see what makes this man tick. 

Turns out that it’s not only him that has personal stakes in the case, - Jack is from one of the dead dreams and, mentally unstable due to his exposure to Insight, he wants to get the attention of the Good Hunter God in the only way he knows. It’s just that the Hunter is not interested in having a cult - he is quite content making sure that the Gascoignes are living happily in the Southern France and that Gilbert is happy teaching Botany at Cambridge, and that Arianna is free to go anywhere she pleases… And so bloodshed in his name kinda pisses him off. 

And Alfred is just disappointed, because back in his day there used to be rules and style, and offing hookers in the back alleys is just tasteless. 

The police never catches Jack - which doesn’t mean that he hasn’t been caught. 

Am I or Am I Not?: Taylor & Joey

Taylor’s heart had been pounding all day thinking about what this appointment might mean. Even if it was just a STD what if it was serious or incurable. Even worse…what if she was pregnant? Who is the father? What is she supposed to do? What if she starts showing? What if it’s already too late? Her worries were interrupted when Joey’s arrival.

Federal Judge Destroys Daleiden's Claims Of Wrongdoing By NAF
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When Judge William Orrick slapped a restraining order on David Daleiden’s Center for Medical Progress last week, the ruling was far more devastating to Daleiden than had been previously reported.

In his 42-page ruling, Judge Orrick said this:

Having reviewed the records or transcripts in full and in context, I find that no NAF attendee admitted to engaging in, agreed to engage in, or expressed interest in engaging in potentially illegal sale of fetal tissue for profit. The recordings tend to show an express rejection of Daleiden’s and his associates’ proposals or, at most, discussions of interest in being paid to recoup the costs incurred by clinics to facilitate collection of fetal tissue for scientific research, which NAF argues is legal.

In the text of the ruling, he outlines the sleazy and underhanded tactics employed by Daleiden to try and elicit a damning statement on the part of NAF members, but when none was forthcoming, he instead edited the videos to make it seem as though they said it, just as they did to Planned Parenthood.

As for Daleiden’s allegations of criminal wrongdoing, Judge Orrick had some answers to that as well.

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Please Help This Baby Get a Heart Transplant

My friend Brittany gave birth to her baby, Emery, a few weeks ago. Emery is a little over six weeks old now and is desperate need of a heart transplant. She has Left Ventricular Cardio Vascular Hypertrophy and without a transplant she will not survive. Emery is on medications and will be undergoing procedures to help prolong her life until she can receive a transplant. The expenses of Emery’s hospital bills, the traveling and all other expenses incurred are greatly mounting and this family is already under a great amount of stress. Please help them to ease this financial burden so they can solely concentrate on Emery’s well being. Here is a link to their GoFundMe page. If you cannot afford to donate, please help by sharing this, it could save a baby’s life.

Comienzo a sentirme triste nuevamente, sin razón alguna, me siento sola en esta casa y no hay quien pueda abrazarme, quizás quiero que alguien me de amor y me diga cosas que quiero escuchar,pero no hay nadie, me siento como una tormenta, como un ser incurable, y nadie quiere acercarse a alguien como yo.

Peter does love his velvet doesn’t he?  Although I’m not sure if we should be grateful or disappointed that the BBC budget (presumably) won’t stretch to in-no-way-garish-cloth-of-gold-festooned-with-little-threads-wound-unto-tiny-little-wires-with-little-sort-of-jewel-things-in-them trousers to *really* complete the look.

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You know, for “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, people always want to throw out the “Katara yelled at her brother for being sexist so hard that she split an iceberg!” like that was the last time Sokka was ever sexist.

But it wasn’t.

What people fail to acknowledge is that when she was yelling at him, Sokka was too distracted by the incurring damage to actually listen to anything she was saying. Not that she was saying much. Katara wasn’t explaining why she was just as capable as much as she was just name calling. And she accomplished nothing because Sokka continued to make sexist comments.

But then Sokka met Suki. 

Instead of berating him, Suki simply had confidence in herself and her own abilities. She dared him to fill her shoes and try to do what she could do. Sokka took up that challenge and almost immediately began to realize the error of his ways. Suki also didn’t let her own pride envelope what she was trying to do. When Sokka apologized and was sincere in recognizing his errors, Suki didn’t continue to hold his past bad behavior over him. When Sokka began to succeed, Suki didn’t look for new ways to prove that, as a woman, she was still better than him. She simply acknowledged his ability and progress, which entrenched that progress in Sokka rather than souring it. Suki saw that by simply instructing instead of berating, more progress could be made. In turn, she paved the way for every future interaction Sokka had with a female to be that much more respectful.

Katara accomplished nothing in way of changing Sokka’s attitude by yelling.

Suki changed 15 years of ingrained traditional gender views by teaching.

Let’s be sure we pedestal the right behavior instead of the flashier one.

10 Ways to Defrost Your Vampire Boyfriend

1. With a hairdryer. Pros - you get to style his hair at the same time: goodbye helmet hair! Cons - your hair dryer overheats and blows a fuse. That was a GHD!

2. Good old fashioned blankets. Just go ahead and wrap him up like a burrito.

3. Central heating! Crank the thermostat up to 70, electricity bills be damned. Is he supposed to be steaming like that?

4. Nothing warms you up like a little ball of fluff with a loud purr. The one problem is, kittens get weirdly ticked off if you try and stuff them into a sleeping bag with an ice cold dead guy. That one scratch on your knuckle is gonna need some iodine.

5. Pocket warmers. Undead sperm don’t swim anyway, so don’t be shy about warming up the goodies first. He’ll thank you later.

6. Vampires roasting on an open fire. Just kidding. But seriously, what could be more romantic than snuggling up to your man-shaped block of ice in front of a cozy, log fire? Just watch out for sparks or your evening could literally go up in flames.

7. A warm bath. You probably should avoid putting him into really hot water when he’s all iced up because we’re not sure if you’ll end up with a hot-water-on-a-frosty-windshield kinda deal and no one wants chunks of shattered vampsicle in the tub. With a little bit of TLC, lukewarm water and a gradually raised temperature should do the trick. Not for the impatient types among you, but sometimes in life, it helps to stop and smell the roses. Or, in this case, to check out that deep freeze muscle definition. That boy is cut.

8. Skin to skin contact. We waited ’til number eight because we wanted you to think we’re classy. We’re not. It was a lie. Get yourselves naked and abandon the concept of personal space. You’ll probably get freezer burn on your nipples but it’ll totally be worth it.

9. Lick him all over. Goes great with number eight. Downside - your tongue might stick to his abs like that time you licked a stop sign back in 5th grade. But let’s be real - having your tongue stuck to this guy is the opposite of a problem.

10. Friction. You know when your hands are cold and you rub them together to get warm? You should do that. But, like, with your entire bodies.

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once upon a time there was a very big and important gem, who decided she was so big and important that she was too busy to make her own appointments. instead she taught her pearl how to use a phone and keep a personal planner, and the pearl started booking all the gem’s appointments. not wanting to be outdone, all the other aristocratic gems made their pearls keep appointments too. 

once upon another time there was a very big and important gem, who decided she was too busy and important to attend a meeting. instead she showed her pearl how to negotiate terms in their favour, and the pearl was sent to the meeting on the important gem’s behalf. insulted at the prospect of having to negotiate with a pearl, the other important gem sent her pearl to the meeting also. wouldn’t you know it, suddenly all business ventures were being handled entirely by pearls. 

this meant a lot of good things for the aristocrats. when they incurred losses, for example, it could be blamed on the pearl’s incompetence rather than their own. it also meant they could revel in their growing wealth without ever having to talk to another gem.

it meant a lot of good things for the pearls too. a gem could be shattered, or corrupted, or bubbled, or left behind on an uninhabited planet, and no one would know for hundreds of years so long as the pearls could continue doing business. no one saw the rebellion coming.

It’s always so nice seeing Trevor after not seeing him in forever. Just because i’m surrounded by over sensitive idiots all the time and he listens whenever i need to vent about anything. He’s literally perfect and i love him.

But to those who have known him longest, Rubio’s flustered performance Saturday night fit perfectly with an all-too-familiar strain of his personality, one that his handlers and image-makers have labored for years to keep out of public view. Though generally seen as cool-headed and quick on his feet, Rubio is known to friends, allies, and advisers for a kind of incurable anxiousness — and an occasional propensity to panic in moments of crisis, both real and imagined.

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