Collection of all the rpg au designs so far :D

Starting from top left: Archer/White Mage Apollo, Paladin Athena, (Runaway Prince) Bard Klavier, (King) Healer Kristoph, Druid Juniper, Necromancer Maya, and Wizard Trucy

You know what I love?

Stabby the Space Roomba. Sure, as a concept and character, Stabby is amazing, but that’s not the part I love the most. At some point, someone made a post about humans bonding with nonhumans, and it kept being escalated, until someone mentioned the possibility of humans deciding a roomba with a knife taped on it is now their commanding officer. And from that day, any time people made a ‘humans are weird’ post, someone incuded stabby. Because we don’t need an actual roomba to care about.

We, as humans, can fall in love with the mere concept of a cleaning robot that stabs people. We have fallen in love with it, and spread the concept, to such a degree that I guarantee you that when interstellar flight is achieved, most ships will have their own stabby, and that when to ships dock together there will be ritual fights. Aliens, if they exist, will ask why in our society these crude AI’s hold such cultural significance. Perhaps it has to do with our friend the cat, which is likewise a carnivore we deified to the point of ludicrousnous in the past?

And we’ll go “No, someone three millenia ago came up with it as a joke and we collectively agreed it was the best joke ever.”


-him smiling so much when you’re around

-people seeing how much he loves you because of this ^

-him holding your hand whenever he has a chance

-him hugging you from behind

-resting his head on your shoulder

-being completely calm when you’re together

-nose kisses

-that accent

-his accent getting super thick when he tells you how much he loves you

-hugs like he’s afraid you’re going to float away (so super tight hugs <3 )

-so much playfulness when you’re alone

-teasing him to make him laugh (like poking, but in a cute way)

-him being super protective, (seriously like when Paul gets too touchy feely and jasper gets protective, Paul growls and then Jasper sort of growls?)

-’i love you’ being said like 1000000 times a day


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fahc jeremy will not pass up the opportunity to mess up a grocery run.

a different person goes every week, but jeremy??? manages to come?? always. the only time he missed a run was because he was passed out in a hospital bed.

so,, geoff has this little family grocery store that he’s gone to since he was a child- rlly good friends with the owners and they love him and the crew so obviously they always go directly there.

its kinda run down, and usually has things knocked off the shelves bc delinquents think its cool to trash a store and try to steal stuff (its not assholes dont do that shit)

so,, jeremy helps out! he cleans up whenever he sees a little mess and sometimes he gets over his head and cleans up a whole aisle bc and i quote ‘michael its what rimmy tim would do’. when he goes with anyone except ryan, they usually help with him and then pull him outside because he cleans like half the store.

ryan and jeremy,, holy shit ryan punched the last person that entered the store with a gun and jeremy hap hap-ed the people harassing the clerks out the door. ryan shops while jeremy cleans and then finishes with him. they leave at 4 and come back at 7:30 it’s fuking ridiculous and the rest of the crew finds it ridiculous (incuding the owners as they constantly express their gratitude despite jeremy really not having to clean).

tldr; jeremy and ryan are cleaning masters despite living in filth at the penthouse

onceuponaprincessworld  asked:

I really love your rec list they are awesome! Could you make a captain swan list with tatoo artist au? Thanks!

Tattoo AU 

(tattoo artist + soulmate tattoo)

  • He is a Flower in her Untamed Garden by @littlebabeswan  She is a Tattered Canvas he Would Love to Mend… Killian’s job as a tattoo artist is all about handling sharp objects, various types of needles that work in tandem with his hand to create beautiful things on delicate skin. Does his profession provide him with enough experience to be able to handle Emma Swan’s thorns?
  • Stains of Ink by @terreisa  Emma Swan is a tattoo artist who believes her life is perfect the way it is and there’s no need for anything more. Killian Jones is a florist whose been dealt several blows in life but is slowly salvaging his life from the wreckage. All it takes is meeting each other to find that, sometimes, it takes another person to complete a happy ending. A modern Captain Swan AU.
  • Sound & Colour by @didiwritethis  Emma Swan passes a particular tattoo studio every day, and is entranced by the artwork in the window. Gathering her courage, she steps in and meets the owner, Killian Jones, who transforms her life.
  • Tattoo AU by @loving-cs-fanfiction  AU where you get a tattoo representing your TL when you meet them. One-Shot.
  • Skin Deep by @captainodonewithyou  There is a soulmate tattoo headcanon popping around on tumblr about soulmates having tattoos of the last words their love will say to them. My friend told me to write it, and I did. Captain Swan angst ahead. (pirate)
  • Across the street (but just out of reach) by MiriRainbowitz 
  • The Time Tattoo by @onceuponabadass  What would you do if you knew when the most important moment in your life was going to happen? For Emma Swan that moment was 23 years 22 days 8 minutes and 15 seconds away… and it was only getting closer. 
  • i’m quite allright with that, love by @tnlph “You can’t tell me what I can and can’t get tattooed,” she yelled at him. one shot
  • Chasing Thursdays by @nowforruin  Elsa has no desire to follow in her politician mother’s footsteps and Emma wants to quit working at Granny’s. They decide to open Frozen and take advantage of the summer tourist season, but Emma doesn’t count on their neighbor, tattoo artist Killian Jones, showing up every single Thursday for more than just ice cream. 
  • Another Tattoo by searchingwardrobes  As Emma traces the tattoo on Killian’s wrist with her thumb, she’s more sure than ever that she can’t tell him her secret. Killian does something unique to assure Emma she doesn’t need to fear the future. Set after 6x02. 
  • taste you by @swallowedsong  pwp. it’s that one tattoo of his. the one that sits low on his hips. the one that peeks out from under his shirt as he lies there all bed-rumpled and sleepy. it makes her want to lick it. 
  • Marked by @i-know-how-you-kiss  They call it a ‘gift,’ but Emma Swan has only ever seen it as a burden and a trap. She’s never been a big fan of having an assigned soulmate, especially one predetermined by a silly little mark, so she’s spent her whole life avoiding finding him, throwing herself into work and dating at whim. It’s worked for her well enough, until the one day it doesn’t, and Emma is forced to come to terms with the fact that try as she might to run away from her destiny, it always finds a way to catch up. 
  • Branded On My Heart by @ardentaislinn  During the year that they were away from Storybrooke, Hook kept his promise to think of Emma everyday. And in those thoughts, he began to realize that he probably had lost his second true love. One drunken evening, he decides to give Emma a tribute like he did for Milah — with a tattoo. Now back in Storybrooke and Emma still not falling for him, he has to hide this ill timed mistake. But one day she sees it… And he has to explain…
  • Dare Over Truth by @sotheylived  Prompt via tumblr from startswithhope who asked for a tattoo artist au with truth or dare. In which Killian never says no to a dare until the one time he does.
  • Forget-me-nots on my Skin (Forevermore) by alphardhy Soulmate!AU in which you see the world in black and white until your soulmate comes into your life, a burst of colour among the dull crowds. And once you touch your soulmate, the whole world comes alive.Killian Jones is an English tattoo artist who moves to New York after his brother’s death. Emma Swan is helping Mary Margaret with her flower shop in The Big City. (She has never been a flower person, but she needs to pay the rent.)
  • True Love Leaves a Mark by @sotheylived  Emma learns that the tattoo she’s had written directly above her heart for more than ten years may have come from something other than a long night of drinking.
  • The Importance of Words by @terreisa The words written on Emma’s arm are supposed to be the last thing her soul mate would ever say to her.  She just didn’t know what would happen to her, or them, that could cause those words to fall from their mouth. Part 2

dating sweet pea would incude: 🐍🌹

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- you thought he was H O T the first time you saw him, you always had a thing for boys with leather jackets

- at first he disliked you since he thought you were like all the other northsiders

- you got closer to him through jughead

- he tried to ignore your flirting, he wasn’t going to let himself get into a mess with a northsider

- “i’ll let you know, i’m not wearing a bra right now.”

- “i’ll also let you know i’d definitely suck you off, so…”

- him being s h o o k

- composing himself and acting all cocky and arrogant again

- “don’t start what you can’t finish, princess.”

- you finishing what you started

- him not being able to get you out of his mind, eventually giving in to his feelings

- you having an unhealthy obsession with his tattoo

- n i c k n a m e s

- him calling you princess

- you making fun of his name

- “what kind of name is that for a gang?!”

- him coming over to your house, climbing through your window

- him just watching you study, listening to you rambling on about your day

- him generally observing you

- he is a softie around you, loves to hold you close to him

- he talks about his feelings to you, even though it is still hard for him sometimes

- studying together even though it’s more you studying and him trying to convince you to make out

- he always convinces you to make out

- “it’s not my fault your boobs are so distracting, babe.”

- soft kisses, rough kisses

- make out sessions on your bed

- making out everywhere else too

- hickeys. lots of hickeys.

- “just making sure none of these northsiders get any ideas, baby.”

- sex. SEX. s e x

- good sex. lots of good sex.

- “how would you feel if i wore your jacket…just your jacket?”

- your parents eventually finding out

- and being supportive

- kind of

- “so, how long have you been climbing through my daughter’s window?”

- “DAD!”

- “you can use the front door from now on. tell tall boy i said hello!”

- “ok, NOW i’m confused, dad.”

Dont care what u think camren is OTP goals af and no one can convince me otherwise...


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p.s and don´t ever think shipping these 2 girls romantically cause that´s clearly delusional BIG TIME and also clearly not the case AT All´. and it is also deeply intrusive unlike every other heterosexual couple that people seem to be ok with shipping because heteronormativity

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Cedric Diggory Imagine - Meeting Cedric Diggory After He Fell For You Would Include

Pairing: Cedric x Reader
Word Count: 752
Request: this needs to be a pt 2 when they meet ❤️❤️ it’s amazing!
Blurb: Cedric Diggory has had this major crush on her, but cannot get the courage to talk to her. One day he accidently gets te courage to talk to her and can’t believe how amazing she is.  
Authors Note: I love this. + I have about 15083 assessments so updates will be slow this and next week. 


Part One-Cedric Diggory Falling For You Would Include

Meeting Cedric Diggory After He Fell For You Would Include:

  • After Cedric had written the Love Letter
  • He decided that maybe it wouldn’t be too bad to actually talk to you
  • He didn’t have to tell you how he felt
  • He could just talk to you
  • And he still tried to find you when you were in the library
  • And he did
  • But he didn’t know how to start a conversation
  • There were plenty of times he went to walk up to you, but then walked straight past you
  • Too scared to say anything
  • He hated himself whenever he didn’t take the opportunity to talk to you
  • There was one day, though, where he had no choice
  • He went to walk up to you
  • And he got close to you
  • But then he realised that one day he was going to talk to you, but today was not that day
  • But then you looked over at him and you made eye contact
  • And you were a nice person, so you smiled
  • And he smiled back
  • It looked like he was coming over to you, and it confused you
  • And Cedric knew that you knew he was going over to you
  • So now he had no choice, but to actually go up to you and talk to you
  • “Hi, Y/N, right?”
  • “Yeah, Cedric?
  • Then Cedric panicked
  • Because he hadn’t actually thought about what he was going to say
  • And he froze
  • And you furrowed your eyebrows
  • Was he alright?
  • “Cedric?”
  • “Uh, sorry, what were you saying?
  • “I wasn’t saying anything, you sort of just froze.”
  • “Oh, sorry.”
  • Cedric started blushing
  • And you thought it was quite cute
  • “Do you want to sit down?”
  • “Will I be interrupting your studying?”
  • “Nah, I need a break anyways.”
  • Cedric nodded his head as he sat down
  • And he tried to make small talk which was nice
  • “What were you doing?”
  • “Potions.”
  • “I hate Potions.”
  • You giggled at this
  • You weren’t sure why, it wasn’t funny 
  • But you just felt a little giggly when you were around him
  • Cedric’s heart fluttered when you giggled
  • Sure he watched you giggle
  • But hearing it up close and personal was amazing to him
  • It was exactly like hearing angels sing
  • And he smiled really big
  • And you were really confused
  • He was acting a bit strange
  • You guys talked until it was dinner time
  • And you walked to the Great Hall together
  • Cedric was really nice
  • And really funny
  • And really easy to get along with
  • You were enjoying his company a lot
  • And you wanted to spend more time with him
  • You weren’t sure what, but there was something drawing you to him
  • The next day you were walking to your next class
  • And you looked over and saw Cedric looking at you
  • You were very happy he didn’t turn away and instead smiled
  • You smiled back and you swore his smile got bigger
  • It was a nice little encounter and it left you happy for the rest of the day
  • Now whenever you passed each other you would smile and say ‘hi’
  • Which was very nice
  • The next time you two spoke to each other was on a Saturday afternoon
  • It was nice and sunny and you were sitting outside reading a book
  • Cedric walked past you and saw you alone
  • “What are you reading?”
  • “Oh, Cedric, hi.”
  • You told him and you spoke for a little bit about it
  • “Do you mind if I sit with you?”
  • Cedric didn’t know where that came from
  • He wanted to ask that, but he didn’t think it would actually come out of his mouth
  • But it did and there was no going back
  • Thankfully you said yes
  • He sat down and you bookmarked your page
  • And once again you guys just spoke
  • Still trying to get to know each other
  • Your friends had teased you about talking with Cedric in the library
  • He was older and they thought it was great
  • You guys kept talking
  • And you may have brought up the fact that you received a love letter a few weeks ago
  • And Cedric got really smiley
  • And a little timid
  • But you noticed nothing
  • You guys continued talking 
  • Saying who you thought it could have been
  • And Cedric couldn’t stop smiling
  • He was happy that you felt extremely flattered by that letter
  • And he couldn’t help but internally scream
  • Maybe one day he would be able to tell you that he was the one who sent you the letter and everything he said in it was true

A little something on clothes! This is just something I’ve learned from studying fashion and clothing for the past 3 years. It’s not perfect but it’s something!

Probably the most important thing that helps you draw clothes is to wear what you want to draw and go in front of a mirror and just look really closely how it folds and how gravity affects the fabric!

Feel free to ask me if you have any questions or want tips for a specific piece of clothing! I’ll do my best to help!!

Rec Week 2017

Fix-It Friday, July 21st

(Shout out to @shetlandowl & @asparrowsfall - saving this when you girls are ready for MCU fix-its haha)

MCU Stevetony is my Stevetony. So Post-CA:Civil War Fix-its are my fave.

A Stony Ficlet by @izazov

  • Summary:  A stony ficlet, inspired by the photos of RDJ that hint at the possible return of the arc reactor in Infinity War. 
  • Comment: They’re done with Civil War and trying to move on. (Soulmate Equation is Not-a-Fix-it but everybody should read it).

Claims of the Crown Forgotten by seventymilestobabylon 

In Case of Emergency by @wordsplat

  • Summary: Steve forgets to change his emergency contact after Civil War
  • Comment: It’s more a ficlet rather than a formal fic but it’s by Wordsplat so you know it’s still good.

In your arms, I’d like to stay by PriyaxRishabh 

  • Summary: [MCU] Avengers back together. Tony keeps a polite distance from Cap, but starts an odd friendship with Bucky: They do things they used to do w Cap and bond over mutual interests Cap never had. Cue jealous Cap in denial that it can be anything but friendly jealousy. He’s just jealous Tony is replacing him with Bucky, right? (wrong). 
  • Comment: #ILiveForJealousSteve

I Was A Fool by aslightstep

  • Summary: Or: the five times Steve and Tony saved each other, and the one time they didn’t.
  • Comment: It’s a breaking up and making up fic. Def a good read. And of course we know about @aslightstep’s Irreparable (WIP).

Last Train Home by erde 

  • Summary: Steve writes letters to Tony that he never sends. By the time he hands them to their rightful owner, Tony has had a brush with death, has retired as a superhero, and now has a small town workshop of his very own. But it’s okay, Steve has gone into retirement too.
  • Comment: I’ll be surprise if you haven’t read this yet. If you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for??? 

Somedays It Don’t Come Easy by TheCityLightShow

  • Summary: Tony wanted to hurl the phone across the room. Opening the drawer of Steve’s desk – and lord was it bad enough he was sat in Steve’s office, little used as it was, to read that infernal letter – he rather wished he had. No hint of them, in this room, in the letter. No hint of even a second of it; except for the little black velvet box tucked away in the drawer. The ring nestles in deep red material, a thick golden band with a blue star inlaid. In a different circumstance, the answer would be shaking, and the ring would be slipped on with gentle fingers-He’s not even sure when he lost it, he just knows that it’s not his, anymore. 
  • Comment: @krusca made this what-if they were secretly dating art to add more angst to Civil War. Thank you @thecitylightshow for saving our hearts.

Wish We Could Be Like That by emeraldine087

  • Summary: Tony decides to help Bucky to deprogram the Winter Soldier using his Binarily Augmented Retro Framing Tech and at first refuses to come to terms with having fallen in love with Steve. But just when Tony finds out that Steve’s in love with him, too, Bucky recovers one crucial memory: that once upon the 1930s, he and Steve had been in love with each other.
  • Comment: This is one of the first fix-its that I read after watching Civil War.

Why by wisia

  • Summary:  Steve asks why, and Tony doesn’t quite know how to answer.
  • Comment: Short but cute Soulmate AU by @wisiaden

You Gamble on Everything, All Except Me by Annie D (scaramouche)

ALL THE WORKS by @the-vorkosigan

  • Comment: Vorkosigan soothes my soul. They wrote different version of Fix-its and you all need to read it. Start with Never Eye To Eye



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Mariana Helbert

h e l l o ! I’m back with one more simmie ^_^ ♥ her name is Mariana Helbert I really like how she turned out ♥  ♥  ♥ if you are intrested in downlouding her , you can downloud her at TS4 gallery! under: “_GallexySimmer_”  ✿ make sure you have “incude Custom Content” on. ♥

cc i used:

hair:(X) skin detail:(X) eyebrows:(X) eyelashes:(X) lipstick:(X) freckles:(X) eyeshadow:(X) crop top:(X) shorts:(X) shoes:(X) nails:(X) eyeliner:(X)

poses by: Flower Chamber


~please don’t reuploud my creations as your own. if you want to use my creations please tag me! ^_^ ♥♥♥ thanks for understanding~

Dating Jordan Parrish would include:

- Smiling and laughing all the time

- Helping him figure out what supernatural creature he is

- Him always looking at you and smiling without you noticing

- Researching together

- Movie nights that end up in making out

- Falling asleep together

- Cuddling

- Sweet nothings

- Surprise coffee dates

- Him kissing your nose

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things is the song I’ve been waiting for, it has everything I’ve ever wanted:

•Taylor being shady

•Taylor not giving a fuck

•Taylor saying everything she wanted to say

•Taylor confirming she sees and hears everything

•Taylor giving shoutout to her real friends (which incudes us)

•Taylor giving shoutout her baby

•Taylor giving shoutout to her mom

•Taylor being sarcastic

•Taylor (evil) laughing in a song

Dating Cherly Blossom Would Incude:

Requested By: @cherylxfemreader

• Red lipstick everywhere 😉
• Getting spoiled 24/7
• Stealing each other’s clothes
• Cuddling by the fire place during could nights
• Staying over at each other’s house
• You sneaking out to sleep with Cherly
• Shopping buddies
• Teasing each other at school
• When mad the whole school knows because Cheryl would be extra bitchy
• Being best friends with Jughead
• Cherly not approving f your friendship
• But she loves you too much
• Being the first to say I ❤ you
• Making Cheryl jealous when she doesn’t give you the attention that you want
• Supporting her during the whole Jason ordeal
• Being her shoulder to cry on
• Losing your virginity to Cheryl

(Request are open)

huntersmoon1  asked:

Head canons for Severus snape as a parent please.

- Severus isn’t all that good with children, in fact he hates the ones he’s forced to teach, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t try… at least, with his own, he tries.

- He’d be firm but fair and when he tells them off he easily slips into Teacher Mode. He’d listen to their excuses with a raised eyebrow and a, “is that so.” - it’s not a question but a statement. He’d come and bend to their level when they’re really young and ask them softly what they did wrong, why they did it, etc. and then he’d hug them and tell them not to do it again but he still loves them, etc.

- He’s almost desperate to give them the childhood he should have had so he avoids arguments with his partner or close friends where he can, he incudes his kid in big decisions, etc. he always, always listens to them.

- Severus definitely sneaks his kid sweets when they’re not supposed to eat them.

- He’s invested heavily in their education and from a young age he teaches them essential skills - writing, reading, first aid, quick spells, life hacks etc. he wouldn’t let his kid go to a Magical School clueless.

- Very accepting, loyal and loving. Protective, firm but fair, sometimes seems Scary but is actually a Big Softie Papa Bear who would do anything for his family.

Harry Potter: @bingewatchingmylifegoby @sky-the-llama @chloeolivialuce @ll-kirra-ll @miyakokurono @cardboard-box-of-stuff @hagridsbeasts @shingeki-no-julchen @firenationandrecreation @gaia4life @dragonesskunoichi