incubated 16

A mama ZUN is seen here guarding her clutch of Touhou eggs. Each of the eggs will hatch into a group of newborn Touhou 16s. A single egg can contain upwards of twenty Touhou 16s, and a single mother ZUN can produce up to 50 eggs in one sitting.

Fresh out of the eggs, the Touhou 16s are helpless and weak. The mama ZUN guards them carefully, ensuring that they grow and develop properly, and keeps them safe from eager Reitaisai buyers and software pirates until they’re ready to be sent out into the world.

When they emerge from the eggs, the young Touhou 16s are incubated in stacks. The stacks keep them warm, and their data uncorrupted. They will spend up to 3 hours in the stacks before they are independent enough to leave them. During this time, the mama ZUN keeps them well-fed and healthy. Soon they will be ready to be installed on computers across the world.

Mumps and the NHL

BLUES: Various players falling victim to a ‘bacterial infection’. Later tested and confirmed to be the mumps (Early October) 

WILD: Christian Folin: Missed 5 games (October 23rd- Nov 1st)

WILD: Keith Ballard: Missed 8 games (October 23rd- Nov 8th)

DUCKS: Corey Perry: Missed 5 games (Nov 9th-16th)

DUCKS: Francois Beauchemin: Missed 5 games (Nov 9th-20th)

WILD: Marco Scandella: Missed 2 games (Nov 13th-16th)

WILD: Jonas Brodin: Missed 7 games (Nov 13th-28th)

DUCKS: Clayton Stoner: Missed 5 games (Nov 23rd-Dec 3rd)

RANGERS: Tanner Glass: Has missed 3 games so far (Nov 28th-?)

WILD: Ryan Suter: Has missed 1 game so far (Dec 2nd-?)

Mumps has a 16-18 day incubation period. Meaning that if someone catches it, it could be up to 18+ days before they start showing symptoms.