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Fragments - Part 4

Word Count: 3122

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Canon typical violence, panic attack-ish 

A/N: Feedback and constructive criticism always appreciated. Unedited. Mistakes are all mine. *Made some adjustments to the timeline from part 3 cuz I changed some backstory. Had to edit to fix it. Changed their ages from getting together at age 26 to age 22.* 

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“Dean I can’t find Y/N. She’s not in her room and I’ve looked every – Oh.” Sam’s panic faded to a smile when he opened the door to Dean’s room and found the two of you together. Dean stirred and half opened his eyes, looking toward Sam in the open doorway. “Sorry, I just…I thought she might’ve bailed.”

“It’s ok.” Dean spoke softly, trying not to wake you. “We were talking. She fell asleep so I let her crash here. Didn’t see the point in waking her up to go next door.”

“Yeah.” Sam smirked knowingly. “More like you missed her and didn’t wanna let her go.” Dean shot Sam a glare and Sam held his hands up in surrender. “I’m not judging you, man. I’m just saying don’t push her too hard or too fast. There’s breakfast in the kitchen whenever you guys are ready.” Dean gave a small nod and Sam backed out of the room, closing the door gently.  

Dean absently ran his fingers through your hair, closing his eyes again and letting out a content sigh.

You woke up slowly, slightly confused. You didn’t remember falling asleep and you were up against something solid and warm. The last thing you remembered was Dean filling you in about your life and that was when you realized you must’ve fallen asleep on Dean and shot up like you’d been electrocuted. “I’m sorry. I didn’t – I – I’ll go.” You moved quickly, maneuvering out of Dean’s grip and out of the bed when he grabbed you and stopped you from going any further.

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Warm Me Up pt. 11

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The day after the shooting, everyone was tense and quiet. The sky was clouded, it was cold, and it was windy. Nico hadn’t let him go since they left his room. The rumors of who had been the fatality circulated online. A few people had gone unheard from. Then one was confirmed.

Charles Beckendorf, a junior, someone Will had met during his orientation session. Will and Nico walked toward the café where someone was setting up a memorial shrine for Beckendorf next to an entrance with a roof over it to protect it from rain. They saw as a girl walked toward it, her pretty blue eyes wide and filled with tears, slowly as though she were in a trance.

As she neared the shrine, Nico’s hand gripped Will’s. A shriek pierced the air and Nico immediately hid himself in Will’s jacket, holding onto him tightly. Will held him protectively as he shivered. “Did you know him?” he asked.

“He was my RA,” Nico answered. “He was my orientation leader.” He looked up at him with his wide eyes, so dark brown and intense, filled with fear and uncertainty. Eyes that made Will forget where he was.

“Come on,” he said, starting for the café.

They heard someone call Nico’s name, and stopped. Annabeth went up to them, her eyes red and puffy. “Hey. You guys okay?” They nodded. She sniffed and hesitated. “Um… Percy was there. It was in the gymnasium.” She pushed her hair out of her face, wiping at her eyes as she did. “He’s… really distraught right now. Could you try to talk to him, Nico?”

“I don’t know how much help I can be,” he answered. He glanced over her shoulder and Will followed his gaze. Percy was sitting on a step, his head bent down, his hands in his hair. He was trembling, shaking his head. The girl’s sobs were the only thing heard aside from the wind. “I’ll see… what I can do,” he said, frowning. He glanced at Will and Will nodded, letting him go.

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We Can Work This Thing Out (pt 2)

Ok so I have decided I am going to upload this every Tuesday and Friday. That way it’s relatively regular but gives me time to write it between. Technically it’s Friday now seeing as I am uploading at 00:51 haha. This chapter is much longer than the first, so enjoy! - Elizabeth xox

Chapter One: The Room
Chapter Two: First Introductions
Chapter Three: The Date
Chapter Four: The Strip Tease

5 years ago

“Look, Nat. I really don’t need or want you for that matter to set me up with anyone.” You protest as she practically pushes you up the stairs to her apartment.

“It’s not a set up! It’s a party! You know me and Tony but that’s it. We want you to meet all the other.” She explains, still prodding you to keep you moving up the stairs. Tony had been your best friend for as long as you can remember and he had introduced you to Nat, who you had instantly hit it off with. Like she said though, you had yet to meet the others. Obviously you’d heard about them from what Nat and Tony had said, and they were ya know…famous. Never any face to face contact though.

When you finally reach the top of the stairs and are facing her door you head a roar of laughter from inside and baulk.

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