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the list of things ive gotta draw is longer than neils old identities but here i am drawing neil in a jong bc fandom mom @coldsaturn said it should be so

shoutout to the zine chat for making me aware of the awful wonderful concept i love my disaster son

Under Amour Has Officially Endorsed Trump

Hello my dears,

I am disappointed to have to inform you all that Under Armour has officially released an endorsement of Donald Trump. I know that several people will be affected by this and no longer wish or be able to support them by wearing their binders or sports wear, so my suggestion to you lovely people is this:


The sweet darlings there make incredible fashion binders for ALL sizes, and have several customization options besides your measurements. If you have a need for something or an idea that they don’t list, email them - they do amazing collaborative work. Giveaways and sales are frequent.

These aren’t scratchy hard-seamed undershirt binders. (Unless you want it to be an undershirt binder, in which case, that’s what they’ll make for you.) These are soft, smooth, sensitive-skin friendly FASHION binders that you can wear as a part of your wardrobe! I wear mine early every time I go out (the only times I don’t are when I’m going to work out or swim) and it is durable, goes with all of my clothes, and has given me my social life back. They use medical grade binding mesh, and it works wonders.

Note that they’re not trans-exclusive, either; if you want a binder for cosplay, that’s cool, too! If you need bathing suit shorts or a skirt, they’ve done that. Dresses, too. Everyone is welcome.

Love to you all,



I wanna know who is in charge of the fob youtube account and why they felt the need to attack me with this 2007 jean jacket patrick stump because I don’t think my heart can take it

dating stuart twombly would include...


  • Meeting somewhere cute and quaint like the local coffee house or the bookstore
  • Him looking up from his phone one day and deciding he wanted to talk to you
  • Eventually falling head over heels in love with him
  • Texting him when he isn’t paying attention to you or when you think he’s not listening
  • Him leaving you on read 
  • “You know I can see you reading these right?”
  • Being the only person that can call him Stewie
  • Soft, tender forehead kisses all the time 

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What Do We Find Attractive?

Reblog this post if you find the ladies of long ago to still be beautiful in our modern 21st century!

In our era where thigh-high splits in skirts and navel-length necklines in dresses dominate the couture of what seems like nearly every female celebrity—not to mention many instances of very heavy makeup—one often has to wonder how our standards of the beauty ideal have changed. A century and more ago, Charles Dana Gibson developed what was considered for that era, the Ideal Woman. She had a sweet and wholesome look, and one of her biggest extravagancies was her pompadour hairdo, commonly referred to afterward as the “Gibson Girl” look.

A woman—if she wanted to retain the title of a true lady—would be dressed most respectably always, and if she dared to show her ankles among the company of men, oh, she was a hussy! When we realize what was considered proper in terms of dress in the Edwardian era (and what could really be inexplicably daring!), one often has to wonder how some vintage photos we look at now seemed in their heyday. By looking at this image below, the question that comes to mind is, Was Camille Clifford considered to appear “loose”? Although her gown was generous in length, the cut of her neckline seems to me to be a bit of an eyebrow-raiser in its day.

If Miss Clifford lived now and appeared on the red carpet, would she even be noticed for this? I’d say not at all! She would look exceptionally modest and would instead likely earn either high accolades of being most stylish (as I would tell her!) or be censured for being old-fashioned! It really is incredible how fashions change.
   When we are bombarded with more and more bold fashions and daring hair colors, one has to wonder if the glamour of long ago can last today.
   If you find such luminaries as Camille Clifford and Evelyn Nesbit (to name just a few; I’ve picture more well-known faces below), let me know by reblogging this post!

~ The Modern Edwardian

Above > Zena Dare

Above > Florence Evelyn Nesbit

Above > Ethel Barrymore

There are a lot of bad ways you could spend an afternoon off, but one of the worst ways would probably be if you had to do a repetitive task for hours and hours while people watched. I wouldn’t say it’s the number one worst way to pass the time: for instance, finding out you had a number of terrible diseases from several different doctors over the span of several hours would be much worse. But if you had to spend your afternoon off collecting pine cones from a public pine tree and carrying the pine cones several metres to a wheelbarrow you would certainly be frustrated. If you couldn’t get the wheelbarrow closer than 3 or 4 metres away because there was a soft, grassy incline, your frustration would almost certainly increase, and while it seems possible you might gain some satisfaction from the knowledge that no members of the public would roll their ankle from stepping on a stray pine cone thanks to your efforts, it can be challenging to maintain that sense of perspective when you remember you could be spending your afternoon off doing something more enjoyable.

It would probably make the whole thing worthwhile if a modelling agency talent scout saw your confident stride while you were walking back and forth from the wheelbarrow to the pine tree and cast you as the chief model in a fashion show. It’d be incredibly cool if the fashion show was tomorrow, in Paris, and they had to take you straight to the airport, and you got to fly first class. Best of all would be if you had a great night’s sleep on the plane and woke up as the plane was descending into Paris Airport and when you walked in the fashion show everyone agreed you had an incredible gift. If that happened, and then you got paid for it as well, that would be amazing. If it led to a successful career as a model that fed into a TV presenting gig and you used your high profile to produce critically acclaimed new television shows it’d just be the cherry on top. If you amassed a fortune and used it for philanthropic ends you’d be about as happy as possible.

On the other hand, it would make the whole thing immeasurably worse if you saw a dishevelled old man walking into a cheap Indian diner right near where you were working and he looked exactly like your father who you haven’t seen for several years. If the old man walked like him, and was wearing cheap clothes to the cheap restaurant by himself because he only ever bought cheap clothes and ate at cheap restaurants and didn’t need other people to be happy - that would NOT feel great. If you stopped what you were doing to see if it was actually him and realised that it wasn’t, you’d feel like a stupid idiot on top of everything else. A stupid, sad idiot. Sometimes feelings you keep locked away inside can be released very quickly and effortlessly by the right combination of stimuli, which is not the recipe for a good time. It’d ruin your afternoon even more. That’s all but guaranteed.

That’s why people have jobs instead of the afternoon off. Due to that risk.