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Zelda and Ganon from my story The Modern History of Zelda, drawn on commission by @dibeediboop.

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I think my desire to lift and disordered eating are seriously related. I hate my body and think I deserve nothing. I’m incredibly picky when buying clothes because I hate how I look in everything. Stealing removes all that pressure. I can get self care products and feel good for once without spending a dime. And I can buy and get as many clothes as I want without ever spending any of my dwindling funds.

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Prompt:  “Don’t you dare pick me up off the counter, I almOST GOT WHAT I WANTED STOP IM NOT SMALL!”

Character: Jacob Frye (Suggested by anon)

Warning: N/A

Note: This prompt embodies me. Me and Mum have to climb on like shelves in shops to get stuff. Short people struggles.

“Almost…got…it” You were standing(with much effort, society appropriate clothing was incredibly taxing, hard to move in, and cumbersome) on the counter in your kitchen in an attempt to grab the small bar of chocolate you’d been able to afford and had placed there for safe keeping some days ago. Unfortunately just as hard as it was to place there it was even harder to get it down. Times like these you wished you’d taken after your mother rather than your father when it came to height. 

“Love, let me help, I can just get it for you.” You turned your head to see Jacob behind you, his arms already reaching towards your waist as if to grab you. 

“Don’t you dare pick me up off the counter!” Despite your protests including your thrashing and grabbing onto a cabinet door, Jacob grabbed you around the waist and lifted you easily from the counter top. You wriggled in his arms hoping he’d by some miracle let you go, “I ALMOST GOT WHAT I WANTED! STOP, I’M NOT SMALL!” You hit him in the shoulder as hard as you could which suffice to say was not very hard considering what the Frye twin dealt with on a day to day basis. 

“Sorry, love! I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re absolutely tiny!” The grin that bared down on you told you he was enjoying this immensely the horrible twat. 

“I hate you.”

“You love me”

You huffed in his arms. Yes you did, but you also liked being able to do some things for yourself. You were an independent short person. You didn’t need no tall person. 

I’ve been watching Hellsing, and wanted to draw some of my favs!

I love this edgy vampire show so very much, and I can’t believe I never took a look at it earlier
Sorry all the clothes are incredibly off model, they were all sketched from memory on a lunch break and I sort of forgot to correct my mistakes when I cleaned it up! ;; 

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Akatsuki genderbent headcanons

(warning, kind of long)

Pein would be the stern librarian type woman. Like, you can sense her aura from miles away. Slender, and not too impressive to look at, but can intellectually demolish you. Hair is about shoulder length, cut to be convenient, not pretty.

Konan would be average Japanese male height, but pleasingly buff. Definitely eye candy. Doesn’t feel like cutting his hair, just pins it up. Seriously, but full of content (lying) smiles.

Kakuzu is busty. Also incredibly uncaring about clothes, will reveal any amount of skin besides her face. Has no doubt dabbled in the sex industry because she had the body and heard it paid well. Takes very good care of her hair and skin.

Hidan does not give. A. Shit. About her body or hair, okay? Still completely devoted to Jashin, but is almost yandere in actions. Somehow is pleasing to look at despite not taking a bath unless she’s participated in a slaughter.

Itachi is gorgeous, and nothing short. Maybe ethereal would also fit. About the same length as canon, but always tied back. Is confessed to by strangers, but always just disappears in a puff of smoke. Lean, but muscle-y.

Kisame is a buff, powerful girl. Tall, but not as tall, maybe by a few inches. Towers over most men still. Has a nice set of abs, and a great butt, her pride and joy, but not much boob. Frightening when approached from behind. Keeps hair cut short, but it’s silky.

Sasori is actually a little shorter. Longer hair, in a bob style cut, and her eyes are darker. Sharper. More dangerous looking. Carries herself in a way that makes her feel superior to you. Nice set of boobs and hips, but wears clothing that hides the exact curve of her ass.

Deidara curvy all the way, with… a bit of chub on her? She composes songs to go along with the sounds of explosions. Exact same hair, just more taken care of. A little taller in height, and always seen with a smirk or grin on her face.

Zetsu is thin, like a flower stem. Pulls off ‘tall but petite but also tough as hell’. Black Zetsu talks more trash, calls everyone ‘bitch’, White Zetsu makes them sleep in beds of flowers under the sun, in the rain. Hair is pretty boyish, if not a little longer in the back.

Tobito’s mask is a little more stylish, a comedy/tragedy theater mask. Behind it is crazy, unkempt hair that would reach mid shoulder blades if brushed out. Has a nice ass, but the shape of her hips is hidden by weapon pouches.