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Happy almost-end of July, almost-beginning of July!

As an Asian American writer, I was really struck by this piece on the new generation of Asian American writers: super subversive. 

A list of LGBTQ friendly MFA Programs!! 

This honestly amazing (old) summer tune.

This incredible piece on what it’s like to be black and walking down the street in America.

 Dana F

ALBUM REVIEW: Shura - Nothing’s Real

London-based artist Shura released her debut album, Nothing’s Real, on July 8. She is relatively new on my radar. I originally came across her music on Tumblr, and began taking interest. Her unique voice and instrumental choices really appeal to me.

When I listen to Shura, I feel like I should be watching an 80s movie about teenagers in love. “What Happened To Us?” is a classic break up song that nearly everyone can relate to in some shape or form. “White Light” lasts for 10 minutes but it’s worth investing the time to listen because it showcases a perfect blend of lyrics and instrumental breaks. “Make It Up” and “Indecision” make me want to dance for hours.

“What’s It Gonna Be?” is by far my favorite song on this album. The bass guitar and vocals create an incredibly catchy tune that can get stuck in your head for hours. In the music video for “What’s It Gonna Be?,” Shura develops a crush on a girl with whom she goes to school with. I think it’s incredibly important for artists to be honest and genuine with their fans. Shura has openly expressed that she identifies as a lesbian. When I was younger, I looked up to bands that were unapologetic about their sexuality. Tegan and Sara Quin were huge role models for me as a young, queer person. I hope Shura can help others in the way that Tegan and Sara helped me.  

I was thrilled when Tegan and Sara announced Shura would be joining them for a portion of their North American tour this fall. After listening to Nothing’s Real, I can’t wait to sing and dance along when I see her in September. If you have a chance, take some time to check this album out – you won’t regret it.

-Karyn Binde

I was tagged by @ycrke, i’m glad u found my EMOTIONAL BREAKDOWN entertaining 😂😂😂😂

Countries I’ve lived in: australia, the country that is legitimately thinking about whether or not we need a government, great
Favourite fandom: i’m only in one rn and that’s the Thomblr™️
Languages you speak: only english fluently, but i’m learning japanese :)
Favourite film of 2015: fuck i can’t even remember 2015. i looked up the movies on google and the only one i’ve seen is age of ultron and i mean that was okay
Last article you read: um i think it was the pitchfork article about zyta’s breakthrough gif lmaoooo
Shuffle your music library and put your first 3 songs here:
we used to vacation - cold war kids (incredible tune)
burn the witch - radiohead (i don’t need to review this one)
only ones who know - arctic monkeys (an absolute fave)
Last thing you bought online: my two richard siken poetry anthologies, crush and war of the foxes, both amazing, 10/10
Any phobias or fears: not rlly
How would your friends describe you?: a few days ago my friend asha and i were hanging out and she stared at me and she was like “you’re better than taylor swift. i like you more than taylor swift” and that’s a fucking accomplishment okay because she loves taylor like i love radiohead. so better than your fave lmaoooo 
How would your enemies describe you?: one kid who i don’t like thinks i’m a major bitch and that i’m way too loud but honestly he can go fuck himself :)))
Who would you take a bullet for?: any of my four sisters
If you had money to spare, what would you buy first: copics. i own six but they’re so expensive and lovely so i’d definitely buy them first.

okay i’ll actually tag people i’ll tag @clear-and-innocent because she’s a bully and @ihateradiohead because that url kills me every damn day (also i love u)