Most recently was the birthday of our swallows, with which we congratulate her!
We wish her great happiness, kindness and all the best.
Recently, I began to notice a number of different posts and negativity toward Danielle. I’m sure she does not deserve it.
It is so low from people Ugh.

Meanwhile, people close to the beauty of our incredible publish pictures from our lady.


Photograph Of New York Street In Blizzard Resembles Impressionist Painting

Photographer Michael Palazzo has captured what appears to be the most incredible picture of the Jonas Snow Storm which is bringing life to a stop on the East Coast. The photographer took to the streets in the middle of the raging blizzard that has shut down schools, traffic and life in New York in the hopes of catching some incredible shots of the transformed metropolitan area. The stunning image below is of the Flatiron Building standing in a tornado of snow and ice, resembling a classical Christmas painting.

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The Murals of the Westholm Great Hall, 2012.  In stark contrast to many of the derelict Borscht Belt resorts which have received attention from hordes of photographers, scrappers, vandals, and so on, the Westholm Hotel in Stamford, NY has more or less been forgotten over time.  Sadly, this means that the beautiful murals which adorn the great hall have also been forgotten, and are starting to peel away from the wall.  Stamford’s native son, LaMont Warner (1876-1970), painted the incredibly detailed compositions, pictured here shortly before sunrise.  The exact date of the artworks appears to be in dispute; it was likely during the 20s or 30s, but records keeping here seems poor.  Hopefully, sometime soon, someone will drop the $88,100 necessary to buy this lovely building, in order to rehabilitate it - and restore its murals!

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