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So now JKR is anti-Semitic bc Snape has a big nose and runs around in black? You do realize that plenty of people in the world have big noses without being Jewish, right? The reach on this is just fucking incredible.

Our picture of what a villain is are based on antisemetic stereotypes and have been for at least five hundred years. Learn a book.

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OMG I love your icon so much, Sam looks so fucking good in that pic, like where do you find these incredibly photogenic pictures of Jared it's so fucking amazing, I could stare at it all day bro

Oh my gods. I know right?? 

Jared is photogenic in almost any picture. 

But like, do you prefer Jared in a suit? Because fuck, man. 

Or you know… Without a suit whatsoever…? (I die.)

What about his beanie and sunglasses?

Or what about the ridiculous way he stares at the camera sometimes? 

Jared… Sir… Please keep your lips and tongue under control. Just keep your damn mouth under control. 

Oh and hey! What about the stupid Saxx underwear thing? Because double fuck. 

And here’s an adorable younger!jared for good measure. 

There. I totally just filled everybody’s dashboards up with Jared Padalecki, but somehow… I’m not really sorry?? 

I think I accidentally destroyed and murdered myself too. 

I own none of these pictures or gifs. All the credit goes to the rightful owners. 

Feel free to add more gifs/pictures and maybe tag me please?? (you know… Tumblr’s suck-ass notifs) because this is one of the few things I don’t mind being destroyed by. lmao

Day 5 - Dingboche

I forgot the wonders of a hiking group. People to make you laugh when you’re down and push you to keep going when it’s tough and you fall behind and you’re so tired and have no energy left in your muscles.
Enter Ollie (Nz), Kelsey and Ashley (USA) and there guide Mingmar. We met in the guesthouse and decided to hike together much to the disappointment of their guide.
I would say usually a guide wouldn’t want random trekkers clinging on to his group, but especially when those random trekkers are super sick and may need to get saved at some point.

Today was the day of Mordor. We began trekking through a new zealand-esue landscape, but eventually we made it above the tree line into a barren, cold, beautiful wasteland. Falling rocks, evidence of landslides littering the landscape.

The altitude was kicking in, luckily it was a slow steady incline for most of the day, nothing too drastic. But every ascent left me breathless. Followed by yet another coughing fit and another and another.
The others were fit and healthy AND they had a porter. I looked in jealousy at there tiny backpacks and there long legs speeding off into the distance.
I had to come to terms with the fact that I was the slow one. Not because I kept stopping to take photos (like on the Annapurna) but because my body wouldn’t let me go any faster.
Anyone that knows me, knows this would kill me inside. I’m highly competitive and grew up wanting to prove that I can do anything a boy, or a larger human can do. I am never the slow one.
As I was plodding along, slowly falling further behind, I spotted a sharp incline. ‘Oh shit’ my lungs whimpered.
But just as I felt my mood drop I spotted a familiar face waiting at the bottom of the incline. Ol’ mate bobby hot shakes. You may remember him from such hikes as the Annapurna Circuit.
He’d started the hike 2 days before me but he decided he wanted his old hiking buddy back and he waited around for me (plus he’d needed an extra rest day for acclimatisation)
Elated, I basically ran down and ascended, not so much with ease, but definitely with less pain than first anticipated.

We arrived in town at the same time as a cloud. So much hiking, so much pain and I’d hardly seen any snowy peaks.

It hit 9pm, my eyes were burning with tiredness, my body ached. I climbed into bed expecting to fall straight asleep but the altitude had different ideas.
I tossed and turned, coughing constantly until 5am when I finally managed to fall asleep. The whole time questioning every aspect of my life and travels. Wondering if I am in fact the strong lass I always thought I was. Will I make it up to base camp? I’ve hardly taken any photos on this hike, am I even a good photographer? Should I just quit and go home where mum will look after me and get me healthy?

I woke up at 9am to a blue sky, unexpectedly sweating in bed (we’re well over 4400m here). Not ideal due to the fact I won’t be showering or washing my clothes up here. (Yes boys, I am single ;) )
My filthy hair is matted over my face adding to the incredibly attractive picture I have obviously created. I feel like a truck has ran over my face but I finally have a view of snowy peaks outside my window!

Humans are weird pt 3

A new human had joined the crew on Commander Narrynite’s ship and he was eager to met the human.  Little was known about the newest addition, other than his name was Human Tom. Wanting to be the first to greet him, Narrynite headed towards the human’s living quarters.

He had never been to a human’s quarters before and used the human custom of “knocking” to announce his presence. As the door opened, Narrynite was met with a confusing sight.

“Hello Human Tom, I am Commander Narrynite. I would like to welcome you to our unit.”

A “smile” formed on the human’s face and he said “A pleasure to meet you commander, please, come in.”

Narrynite stepped over the threshold and could not help but stare at the objects covering the walls. “I mean no offence, but why do you have those on your wall?” he said gesturing with his tentacle to the mysterious objects.

Human Tom let out a small “laugh” and said “Those are my paintings. I’m not a very good artist, but I enjoy it as a hobby.”

Paintings? Artist? Hobby?

“Forgive me, but I am unfamiliar with those terms,” Narrynite confessed.

“It’s my fault sir, this is my first time leaving Earth and I forget that other species don’t have the same terms as humans do.”

Human Tom walked over and removed one of the objects from the wall. “This is a painting. Using a brush, I put tinted liquid on the canvas to form a picture.”

“Simply incredible. What does it do?”

“Do?” Human Tom said with a “smile”. “Well,  nothing really. I mean, it makes me feel certain emotions, but it other than that it just hangs on the wall. I paint them in my spare time as a hobby.”

Narrynite was baffled. From his experience, the humans never did or made anything unless it had a clear purpose. Was this human somehow different than the others he had met? Would his abnormality hinder his relationships with the other humans in his unit?

“I see” remarked Narrynite, in what he hoped to be a reassuring tone.

After exchanging a few more words, Narrynite left Human Tom’s room he went to find Human Chris and Human Ann to discuss how to best accommodate Human Tom’s irregularity.

“Human Chris, Human Ann. As you may know, another human has joined our unit and I would like to get your input. Human Tom has an affliction known as a ‘hobby’. He is an ‘artist’ and creates ‘paintings’. Despite this I hope you can still become ‘friends’ with Human Tom.”

Human Chris and Human Ann donned their familiar “smiles” and Human Chris said “Commander, almost every human has a hobby. Many of them include some form of art.”

Human Ann chimed in saying “In fact, I enjoy painting too.” She then proceeded to lift up her pant revealing her prosthetic leg that was covered in whirls of the tinted liquid.

Narrynite was completely astounded. Neither of the humans ever mentioned having a “hobby” and Human Ann had certainly never said anything about “painting”. What else did the humans “paint”? Their buildings? Their machines? Their bodies?
Pictures show Harry Styles dangling in mid-air during new music video shoot
IT’S been 479 days since Britain’s most successful ever boy band One Direction took their final bow. But now the group’s breakout star Harry Styles is preparing for the biggest pop launch of the de…

IT’S been 479 days since Britain’s most successful ever boy band One Direction took their final bow.

But now the group’s breakout star Harry Styles is preparing for the biggest pop launch of the decade with the release of hugely anticipated debut single Sign of the Times.

And these incredible pictures show the 23-year-old intends to make his entrance in the most dramatic of fashions.

Floppy haired heartthrob Harry is winched from a helicopter above remote farmland shoreline in a secret location in Scotland earlier this week.

In fact, everything has been secret about this project…until now.

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Ringo Starr and George Harrison, Friar Park, 1978/1979. Photo: Nancy Lee Andrews.

“Ringo and I went to visit [George] and Olivia at Friar Park in 1979. They were so happy. Olivia cooked a delicious dinner, he played the guitar and we wandered around that huge mansion while he told us its history. He opened a door, I think it was in the kitchen and handed us candles and told us to follow him. I thought, Oh, we’re going to the spooky cellar but the stairs kept going down and down and finally we landed on a flat surface. I looked, and couldn’t believe what I saw… it was a cave complete with stylolites. Walkways through a cavern. There was even a stream running through it! I had my camera with me and we had a hilarious time shooting with and without the flash. I have so many incredible pictures of us in that cave.
After that we settled in his study/music room and he handed me a bowl of rubies… big ones, small ones that were all cabachons. It was days before my birthday and he said to pick what ever I want and have something made. While he and Ringo talked and played the guitar I settled in front of the fireplace and designed a necklace with lots of hanging rubies. One of those nights I’ll never forget.” - Nancy Lee Andrews,, 2008

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station took this incredible picture of the Progress MS-03 spacecraft burning up in Earth’s atmosphere last week. Launched in July, 2016, the spacecraft spent more than seven months docked at the outpost, burning up on January 31.

Progress is not the only spacecraft whose reentry has been visible from the ISS. Multiple flights of the ATV have seen their end of mission events documented from the lab, as well as shuttle reentrys. 

Since visiting spacecraft must launch in the same orbital plane of the ISS, the complex is flying overhead of the launch site during a mission’s ascent. As such, crewmembers have also been able to document the launch of many craft, including Progress MS-02 and Cygnus OA-4.