Tips for the urban witch #1: herbs and flowers

Hi everyone! 🌿🌱🍃🌸

As a witch living in a studio apartment in a big city, sometimes I miss being surrounded by nature and fields to pick herbs and flowers for my spells. Luckily, there are still lots of very common but powerful plants that can be easily spotted in city parks and even just growing on the side of the streets. 
I went to a local park today and I found so many interesting things!
The herbs I picked are very common in my area (northern Italy) but I’m sure they are also very easy to find all over Europe and in many other parts of the world. 

🌸  Here’s what I found… 🌸

  • Ornithogalum umbellatum (“Star of Bethlehem”): it can be used to help deal with severe trauma and emotional stress, and it helps to recover from grief, accidents and scary experiences. 
  • Lamium purpureum (“Purple Dead Nettle”, “Red Archangel”): this herb is connected to the Archangel Michael. It can help recover strength and happiness in times of challenge, and to overcome obstacles.
  • Veronica Agrestis (“Eyes of the Madonna”): since I was a kid, I’ve always been fascinated with these flowers. In Italian folklore, it is said that these flowers are the eyes of Mary, that stare upon us to protect us and guide us. These tiny, blue flowers are incredibly powerful in protection against harm and injustice. But be careful: never use this flower for hexing or for hurting someone else.
  • Glechoma hederacea (“Ground Ivy”): this flower is very powerful in protection against evil magick and psychic attacks. Using this herb will help you in identifying other witches and will help you reveal who is using negative magick against you.
  • Geranium molle (”Vulgar geranium”): these tiny purple flowers are traditionally used as a painkiller in folk medicine. In magick, they can be used to bring calm and peace and to help let go of painful feelings and experiences. 
  • Prunus serrulata ( “Japanese cherry tree”): in these weeks, lots of pink flowers fall from these beautiful trees, covering the earth beneath them in soft, pink carpets. These trees are very common in city parks because of their scenographic beauty. You can pick the fallen flowers while they’re still fresh. Because of their fleeting beauty, they represent the transience of life and can be used in spells to encourage you, or someone else, to “seize the day” and find the courage to act, especially in love matters.
  • Potentilla reptans (“Cinquefoil”, “Five-finger grass”): I was very surprised to see how common this powerful herb is. It’s commonly used in hoodoo to bring good luck and wealth. The five points of the leaf represent love, money, health, power, and wisdom. It’s ideal for success in business and studies. The flowers may also be used in spells to attract money.

🍃  Preservation 🍃
To preserve the colour and properties of these tiny flowers and delicate herbs, I suggest putting them between paper towels and pressing them using heavy books, or using a flower press.  

🌿  Safety 🌿
Even though most of these plants are edible, if you picked them in a city park or in any urban area I wouldn’t suggest eating them or using them in tea for safety and hygienic reasons.

Happy spellcasting! 

Astrea 💎🌸🌙

In which Harry is an onion....

It’s all about the layers.

Harry might not be able to say what he wants to say in interviews, and that’s ok. But he sure as hell can get it across through his music. After listening to the album I feel like I know him better, that I understand him a little more, and I feel honoured that he’s let me in. That’s all you can ask for from an artist, and it’s a masterpiece. 

There’s layers to the songwriting, where the lyrics seem simple but say a whole lot. There are layers in the production and melodies, giving the music a really lived-in feel that is reassuringly comfortable. And there are clear nods to the past which feels like we are getting a little peek into Harry’s record collection that he’s built up over the years. 

I wasn’t going to do a track by track, but honestly, I couldn’t stop myself from jotting stuff down as I was listening to it, so here goes, here’s my unfiltered brain-dump under the cut:

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Not only are weeds delicious and useful, they can also help us gauge the properties of soil. Look out for the following when deciding what to plant where.

Witch Thumb: A crooked, thorny vine that grows in sandy soil. Plant drought-hearty curses here, you are not likely to see rain very often. Thumbs reproduce quickly and are often used as soil testers to get an idea of the overview of social composition.

Lich Flowers: Incredibly rare and equally dangerous, lich flowers are small, green plants that creep deep into the ground and develop massive root networks. Growing in serene, unspoiled areas with good soil drainage and high levels of nutrients, they are often the initial bane to corrupt an area. Their influence often cuts their own lives short but opens channels for future repugnant plant life. When an area’s positive energy is used up, the lich flower’s base will die, leaving seeds to return when conditions once again favor ripe for degradation.

Raven Black Mushrooms: Tall and fuzzy, these fungi grow in areas of great necromantic power. Ghasts eat them on sight, so they do not last long in cemeteries. Look for them in caves and hard to reach places that have seen death often.

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Since you are into marvel now. do you know other great artists?

Ohhhh you have come to the right place! I’m into marvel since i’m a little kid and even my sideblog is only for marvel. but yeah i need to draw them more. :)

Here are my favourite artists! 

Draws in such a cute style that i could cry at her sweet little tony. Also pokemon au’s and i love them! and look at the icons for every MCU character.

Really i squeal everytime i see new art from cherryteddy. My favourite are the tsum tsum drawings and also lots of stony. so perfect.

Draws really soft tonys that i would really like to hug! Also lots of Stony, too. And look at tiny fae tonee or tony in dresses! damn yes.

What i can i say? Their art is perfect! For real i laugh so hard at their rhodey/tony comics who were part of the expressions challenge. Also the Clint and Natasha drawing about friendship. It’s love.

Such a cute cute cute chibi style. i want to kiss the little tony. but im sure the little steve will do that for me. really makes me smile!

Many comics. And i love every single one of them. Again Stony (im a sucker for that, sue me) and spideypool. also the superfamily comics are breaking my heart. in the best way.

Caz draws so perfect. For real you wont believe it. My fave is the one with the steve bobblehead. Draws so many marvel characters and i’m sure you will love every single one!

Draws Tony a lot. And i love every single piece. Because for real this style looks so much like one of the best comic books i’ve ever read and is still so much kay that i would recognize it everywhere! King Tony and Knight Steve is my fave drawing in the world.

☀  @jian-lengyi
Okay. The little merman Tony is the cutest merman you will ever see. I mean seriously the drawings are so wonderful and awww. I need so much more!

Just one word. perfect. the chibi style is so sweet and adorable. also lots of stony and even better avenger academy stony and with such cute ideas, that it makes me happy on a bad day!

blog from @ericamchan and @superjustice (you should check out both!) the comics are everything. sometimes i laugh myself to tears (the checklist comic with phil) and sometimes they’ll break my heart. worth it!

Always makes me laugh with the avenger academy drawings. lots of tony and loki which is wonderful because they both are trying to be so cool (i mean they are) and so many jokes! Lovely!

again wonderful cute drawings. superfamily and let me tell you the little peter is the cutest you’ll ever see! also a bit of angst and so much love in the drawings. i can’t!

Not sure how someone can draw so perfectly. but if you like bucky and tony you need to follow! seriously the drawings bring so much joy and giggles with them!

Draw also avenger academy and lots of stony which is just wonderful. also very funny and has so many cute ideas. also check out the charms, they are wonderful!

wonderful art with incredible backgrounds. the flower shop au with steve and tony still kills me. i don’t think art can get any better than that!

my favourite chibi drawings to be honest. i just can’t because the tony is so cute that i want to steal him. but since the steve is cute as well, tony can be with his stebe. also CORGI TONY.

Such a cute chibi style. Draws traditional with pencils and i’m a goner for that. the chibis are really sweet and my favourite is sam to be honest. aw. also lots of cute au’s with tony in adorable outfits.

Draws a really soft Tony that you will love! seriously. also the infinity war gauntlet comic follows me in my dreams. can break my heart in like two seconds with the wonderful comics.

one of my absolutely faves. because the style is so unique. i can recognize it everywhere and its one of my fave tonys. also have you seen his eyelashes. amazing. AND when tony wears ginas clothes. best thing ever.

Just amazing. I love the way tony and steve seem always to blush (makes me blush, too!) also amazing drawings gifs and tony is just soo so soft. i’m in love with the art.

So that’s it. Now i just realized i don’t follow them from this blog and i need to change that! But for real they are all amazing! :)
Also if some pronouns are wrong, let me know. then i’m really sorry! love you all.

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Hello. Do you think you could do headcanons for the paladins with a "flowerchild" S/O who is always making them flower crowns and flower necklaces please?

-Sits with them and helps and out with making the crowns and necklaces.

-He will sit and put flowers in your hair while you both sit on the grass and if you have long enough hair he’ll braid the flowers into it.

-You would think he would be amazing at it, especially having made them with his siblings on earth.

-But it’s adorable how he bragged about being great and you had multiple full and nice crowns and necklaces while Lance struggled with his first.

-He put it down to not having practised in a while.

-He is the king of making flower crowns and he will make every effort to go out and make them with you. All the time.

-He helps you hand them out to everyone and he makes sure you all have colour coordinated flower crowns.

-Incredibly good at not breaking the stems on accident and he always helps out if you accidentally mess up.

-Like Lance, he puts flowers in your hair.

-Wears whatever you make him all the time and he asks if you want to make more when they wilt.

-Takes lots of pictures of both of you and has them set as his phone’s background.

-Confused about why you would want to wear dead flowers.

-But he’ll wear them anyway because it makes you happy.

-He tried to make some but that didn’t go particularly well.

-He’ll wear it but he will take it off as soon as any bugs try and get to it.

-Enjoys the look of them but never made any while he was on earth so asks you to teach him.

-He can not understand how you make them so well and even goes to Hunk to ask if he could teach him.

-Makes you a flower crown when he’s more used to it.

-It’s not very good.

-You wear it and love that he was so proud.

-You both have lots of pictures together from that day.

-Pokes fun but doesn’t mean any of it.

-Thinks it’s really cute.

-She’ll pretend to not like it but she’ll love it.

-She’s sat with you and while you’re making a new one a bee flies up to her.

-She screams and breaks it when trying to get away.

-She apologises and you both agree that she doesn’t have to wear the crowns but you have to take some pictures while it’s on.

These are probably super OOC I’m not good at headcanons haha


When I get married and have a house. I want to be a buff Gardner. And have people come see this huge garden with incredible flowers I made at my house. And I’ll be buff. With my iPhone 7 rose gold cause it’s so freaking fly I can’t even right now.

au where tara is a florist and willow is a university professor. tara watches willow passing by the flower shop everyday on her way to work and she wonders why she looks so serious each passing morning and after a while tara tries to stop willow to give her a flower so maybe she can see the other woman smile a bit more frequently and it actually starts happening everyday. and she doesn’t know willow is making her way through that exact street just bc of tara, the cute girl with an incredible amount of different flower dresses, bc it’s not even the shortest path!!!! and she’s actually the one who makes willow’s day better and brigther and. idk it’s just sounds so cute and adorable and sighs

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It's Mothers Day and you're my internet mom so Happy Mothers Day! I would give you chocolate and flowers but I can't so please accept this lovely digital flower and chocolate bar ----->🌹🍫

this is lovely i’m, so fucking QQ. 

thank you SO kindly for this, i fucking love chocolate and flowers are incredibly sweet gestures. thank you!! I hope you had a great mothers day too anon!

  • Minecraft mods: master magic in four different ways with Botania, which uses incredible flowers and alternate dimensions to let you alter or destroy the world; blood magic, which lets you harvest the life force of all sorts of creatures to create powerful weapons and armor; Thaumcraft, which lets you gather arcane knowledge and harvest power from the world around you to become the ultimate Archmage; or Witchery, which teaches you magical herbs and crystals from the ground up letting you curse other players or yourself with madness, vamparism, lycanthropy, or even death!
  • Minecraft windows ten 'addons': creepers are pink now