Corpse Flowers All Over are Blooming At Once and it Feels Ominous
What could this mean?!

The rare tropical plant takes nearly a decade to form its first bloom and, when it does, the odor it releases is comparable to rotting flesh. The blooms also only last for a day or two.

So, it’s incredibly strange that corpse flowers from Missouri to Florida are suddenly blooming all at the same time.


THE CABLE GUY - trailer

Spain, 2016, 16 min erotic short by Noel Alejandro

Produced and shot in Barcelona, the film has 16 minutes of incredibly hot sex, flowering from the most deep desires. The silence, tension and the stunning close ups are printmarks of the director’s effervescent work.

I played the game Flower today.

It’s made by the same people who made Journey, and as a narrative, Journey is probably a slightly tighter, better paced, and more streamlined experience, but you play a character in Journey. You don’t play a character in Flower. You are literally petals and wind and color and life and sound and peace, and nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing in the world will ever compare to Flower’s incredible, soaring sense of being weightless, boundless, bodiless, beautiful, and free.

It is a dream come true.