“Hey uh…. Just came by to drop these off for ya. Nothin’ special, really. Thought ya might like them or somethin’….”

Sorta late for posting something in Valentines Day but it’s something! You can’t deny flustered Stan is a must. He can’t be suave all the time.


Not only are weeds delicious and useful, they can also help us gauge the properties of soil. Look out for the following when deciding what to plant where.

Witch Thumb: A crooked, thorny vine that grows in sandy soil. Plant drought-hearty curses here, you are not likely to see rain very often. Thumbs reproduce quickly and are often used as soil testers to get an idea of the overview of social composition.

Lich Flowers: Incredibly rare and equally dangerous, lich flowers are small, green plants that creep deep into the ground and develop massive root networks. Growing in serene, unspoiled areas with good soil drainage and high levels of nutrients, they are often the initial bane to corrupt an area. Their influence often cuts their own lives short but opens channels for future repugnant plant life. When an area’s positive energy is used up, the lich flower’s base will die, leaving seeds to return when conditions once again favor ripe for degradation.

Raven Black Mushrooms: Tall and fuzzy, these fungi grow in areas of great necromantic power. Ghasts eat them on sight, so they do not last long in cemeteries. Look for them in caves and hard to reach places that have seen death often.


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“protea king”

this is the flower illustration i made for percy for the MP! Kickstarter!  his flower is the protea king flower, which is named after the prophet/shapeshifter Proteus, son of Poseidon, because like Proteus the protea king flower is incredibly versatile in form and can take many different shapes, sizes, hues, and textures and has over 1400. the protea king flower can symbolize diversity, transformation, courage, and strength.

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But I don't understand how an apprentice would get the -path or -flower name when they become a warrior if they can't take care of apprentices or kits until their already a warrior

See, that’s one of the drawbacks to those suffixes. They’re a bit of a gamble. The leader has to assume that the cat will be having kits or raising apprentices once they’re old enough. It’s not like -claw or -whisker - you’re hoping the cat won’t be barren or suddenly lose interest in teaching youngsters how to be a warrior. 

Luckily, this almost never happens. A cat who’s been lined up for one of these suffixes will have a conversation with the leader about what they want to do when they graduate. It’s common for the apprentice to display the right behaviors as they age (playing with kits all the time, helping younger apprentices learn how to hunt and fight), so, like with other suffixes, it’s obvious to everyone what the cat’s name will be. 

Sun and Moon. Finally watched it.

So, it is finally here and after months of harsh criticism, pros, cons, going over the wall, listening to so many opinions and everyone not really giving the show a chance as yet. I finally sat down, got a decent subbed version and watched it entirely.

So- things I love

So, I love Ash, his design, not my favorite, but he still is adorkable. I can live with that. I love him to much to let his design prevent me from watching something I have been apart of for 15 years.

Being from an island, I love the overall look and animation of the trees and that steel pan score they have as background music. I love it. Overall it has nice composition as well.

I love the details of the animation, the hibiscus flowers make me feel all warm and sappy inside. In real life those flowers are incredibly beautiful.

Next, Lillie.

To be honest, I thought I wasn’t going to like her, I really didn’t but man did she steal my heart. She is a precious gumdrop.

Lana is my angel. I love her and Poplio.

Mallow, man this girl is everything. I love the group dynamic. It is sweet. I love how the girls have such different personalities right of the off set.

I love the comedy, no gags, as yet but I do like it. It made me laugh more than it should have.

Okay, who do I ship?

I ship Mallow and Kiawe. I don’t know why, I find they are near each other alot,

I can see it. I like it. She is cool and calm while he is intense. There is a familiarity to them.

Professor Kukui, cant go wrong, I like him. Principal Oak. Apple doesnt roll far from the tree lol.

I think it would be nice to see Ash bonding with an older male figure, other than Professor oak. I think this is good later on and I love the fact Ash is staying with him. The scene with Ash eating and playing with his Pokemon was very sweet.

Then finally Tapu KoKo. I love this Pokemon, I get a rather mischievous feeling from him and I love how he seeks out Ash. I like the subtle facial expressions on his face as well. Like when Ash had an outburst, you see Tapu Koko react, just for a second.

I hope to see alot from this Pokemon just because of how he is.

Overall it was a good start, I find it to be a bit slow as I still have no idea what the school may entail. What Ash might do now.

I hope it is enjoyable.

Let’s go on the new Journey. Together

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Orbea variegata

This species was formerly included in the genus Stapelia and is often grown under the name Stapelia variegata. Like other stapeliads (Stapelia relatives), it has incredible flowers in the form of a star with elaborate markings. The stapeliads belong to the Milkweed Family (Asclepiadaceae), now included by many authors in the Dogbane Family (Apocynaceae). From South Africa.